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Volume 4





 A Divine Plan


"I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told".

 (Habakkuk 1:5)



This quotation from the prophet Habakkuk reveals much about how God works. He doesn't operate the way people expect.

 Before Habakkuk wrote those words, he lamented: "How long, O Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen? Or cry out to you, 'Violence!' but you do not save? Why do you make me look at injustice? Why do you tolerate wrong? Destruction and violence is before me; there is strife, and conflict abounds. Therefore the law is paralysed, and justice never prevails. The wicked hem in the righteous, so that justice is perverted."

 Indeed, why does God seemingly ignore such pleas for help?

 The answer is: He doesn't! He sees all that transpires. In fact, He has an important purpose for all the injustice that He permits. He allows it; He does not cause it; Satan, the adversary, does that. The purpose of these traumas is to show us about ourselves; it shows us our weaknesses and demonstrates what is in our hearts. We demonstrate to Him and to ourselves whether we really want to obey Him, come what may.

 God's desire is that everyone should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). Each person must come to see how wrong their life has been; how wrong their conduct has been; how much their selfish ways are wrong. They have to come to see how right God's ways are, and then turn from their wrong ways to God's right ways. If evils were not permitted, mankind would never see how wrong his ways are without God.

 One reason injustices and evils occur, is to show those who perpetrate them how wrong they were to do such things. They then have a choice – either to turn from their wrong ways and submit to God's just ways, or to reject His call to repentance and stubbornly carry on perpetrating the same (and often, worse) evils. If they choose the latter course, and resist all God's attempts to encourage their repentance, they wilfully reject God and will end up being consumed by Him in 'hell' fire at the final judgement (Revelation 21:8; 22:14,15; Hebrews 9:27; Matthew 25:35-46; 13:49,50).

 For this purpose, the Almighty has ultimate control over all that transpires. He permits good and evil. He desires good and hates evil. He encourages good, and discourages evil. But He knows that for good to prevail, He has to permit man latitude to commit evil.

 Free moral agency is a prerequisite for the development of divine character in us. God wants us to become like Him – always desirous of doing good, always hating evil. That learning process requires time.

 In 1991, we were suffering injustice because of the sins of others. I was 41 at the time. In Psalm 41, we read:

 Blessed is he who has regard for the weak; the Lord delivers him in times of trouble. The Lord will protect him and preserve his life [in comprehending the true meaning of these verses, one must realise the spiritual implications which over-ride the physical]; He will bless him in the land and not surrender him to the desire of his foes (Ps 41:1,2).

 My enemies say of me in malice, 'When will he die and his name perish?' Whenever one comes to see me, he speaks falsely, while his heart gathers slander; then he goes out and spreads it abroad. All my enemies whisper together against me; they imagine the worst for me... Even my close friend, whom I trusted, he who shared my bread, has lifted up his heel against me (vs 5-9).

 We experienced similar injustice and false accusation to that which David alluded in Psalm 41. It is certain that all those who live godly in Christ will suffer persecution (2 Timothy 3:12).

 Certainty is numerically depicted in the Bible by the number two. Twice 41 is 82 (no marks for getting that right). Psalm 82 declares:

 God presides in the great assembly; He gives judgement among the 'gods' [the rulers]: How long will you defend the unjust and show partiality to the wicked? Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked" (Ps 82:1-4).

 Looking back now [in 1994] over the events which jettisoned us from the church into which God had called us, it is obvious the words of these scriptures were flagrantly ignored by those in power. We were not being defended. We were being attacked and victimised. The wicked were 'getting away' with their evil schemes.

 We can all be much wiser with hindsight. What now stands out most of all for me are the words, "God presides in the great assembly". That may seem a ridiculous statement to make if we are seeing only with our physical eyes. With the 'eye' of faith, however, a totally different picture emerges.

 A pattern has become visible in all that transpired. I can now see how God guided and directed through all the turmoil. He surely did preside! It is a pattern that is highlighted by numeric pointers. Each letter I had to write was one part of an overall plan, a divinely ordained jigsaw puzzle designed by the One who has the destiny of each person in His hands.

 From 2nd December 1988 to 3rd September 1991, a span of 33 months, I had written 55 letters to try to find equity from the government of the WCG.

 The first 11 letters totalled 49 pages. 49 is 7 x 7.

 By the end of January 1991, I had written to the church hierarchy 33 letters, totalling 155 pages. I briefly explained the significance of these numbers in chapter 30. Eleven denotes inspired writings; seven portrays God's perfection; five is symbolic of God's preparation.

 The following 22 letters totalled 97 pages. Psalm 97 begins "The Lord reigns." That is something the Worldwide administration seemed abysmally unaware of in reality!

 Verse 5 declares: "The mountains melt like wax before the Lord." A mountain in prophecy symbolises a government, or nation, or people. The mountain of the WCG was refusing to acknowledge the messengers God sent to it. In due course, in God's good time, this monolith that dared to resist the hand of God shall melt just as surely as the wax from a candle! [Looking back now many years later, it is clear to see its meltdown over subsequent years!]

 "Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne" (v 2). They should have been the foundation, too, for the church. Instead the hierarchy set themselves BEFORE righteousness and justice! The WCG committed idolatry in the name of God and will reap the due recompense. "All who worship images are put to shame" (v 7).

 Let those who love the Lord hate evil, for He guards the lives of His faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked (v 10).

 This is a written promise. The Psalms are one of the eleven books of the Hebrew Bible classified as writings (as distinct from the five books of the Law and the six books of the Prophets – Hebrew classification). God will fulfil His Word! Judgement will fall upon those who oppose the correction of God. It may not come immediately.

 For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay (Habakkuk 1:3).

 Paul repeated the same sure judgement in writing to the Thessalonians:

 While people are saying, 'Peace and safety', destruction will come on them suddenly, as labour pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape (1 Thes 5:3).

 What God most wanted to do through all that transpired was see those who had behaved wrongly, repent. He gave them opportunity after opportunity. Letter followed letter. Admonition came upon admonition. But they preferred their refuge of lies, and hid from their own guilt (Isaiah 28:15).

 To those who side-step truth and shirk their responsibilities, God says:

 I will make justice the measuring-line and righteousness the plumbline; hail will sweep away your refuge, the lie, and water will overflow your hiding-place... when the overwhelming scourge sweeps by, you will be beaten down by it. As often as it comes it will carry you away; morning by morning, by day and by night, it will sweep through (Is 28:17-19).

 The understanding of this message will bring sheer terror (v 19).

The words of the Lord are immutable. They will come to pass; they will stand. What most people fail to appreciate is the way God works. He doesn't come with fanfare. He doesn't come with blinding light. He first speaks with a small voice; the voice of conscience. Only when we have persistently denied that voice does He come with fury and with His trumpet blast.

 The way God works is strange to most. He comes "to do His work, His strange work, and perform His task, His alien task" (Is 28:21).

 In a publication entitled God's Great Genius, I explain some of the most remarkable numeric phenomena which lie 'hidden beneath' the text of the Bible. Unknown to most, God is the Great Mathematician who has given us His stamp of identification in what He has designed.

 For example, the words of the first verse of Genesis, in the Hebrew in which they were originally written, have a numeric value of 2701. (Each letter of the Hebrew and Greek alphabets conveys a numeric value, much like the Roman numeric system.) 2701 just 'happens' to be 37 multiplied by its reverse 73!

 That may seem inconsequential to some people. However, it is not. We find the number 37 cropping up in many other places in the wording of biblical texts. The words "God", "the heavens", and "the earth" amount to 777, which is derived from 3 x 7 x 37. The remaining words in that first verse have a numeric value ('gematria') of 1924, which is 52 (4 x 13) x 37. Add the digits in 777 and 1924 and one also arrives at 37! Also, the gematria of "God" and "the heavens" total 481, which is 13 x 37. "The earth" is 296, which is 8 x 37.

 The largest and smallest values of the words used in the first verses of Genesis are 913 and 86, which total 999. 999 is 3 x 3 x 3 x 37!

 The Word of God, the Logos, who is responsible for this intricacy, is also called the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End (Rev 22:13). It is fitting that the gematria of Logos (373) is the same whether we read it from beginning to end, or from end to beginning. He knows the end from the beginning (Is 46:10). He rightly declares "I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me" (v 9).

 Our God is the centre of the universe. He is the One who is the centrality of the Gospel – as Christ, the Messiah. This number, 37, pictures Him numerically in His written word. It is a symbol of Himself.

The gematria of the words used in the Greek to describe our Saviour, all reduce to the numbers eight and 37:

    Theotes (Gk for Godhead)          592 = 8 x 37 x 2.

    Jesus (Ihsous)                          888 = 8 x 37 x 3.

    Christ (Cristos)                      1,480 = 8 x 37 x 5.

    Son of Man                             2,960 = 8 x 37 x 10. 

 Not only is 37 highly significant, but many other numbers also are used by God to emphasise various meanings. Seven is perhaps the most dominant number; it depicts His perfection. Thirteen, by contrast, pictures Satan, rebellion, sin, corruption and apostasy. Six is used to illustrate evils in association with mankind. These are all more fully explained in God's Great Genius.

In reviewing the correspondence with the WCG over that initial 33 months, I had sent them 55 communications, totalling 253 pages. They had replied with 20 letters, numbering 24 (4 x 6) pages. It is interesting and significant how often the numbers three (finality), six (evil), ten (man), and thirteen (corruption and Satan) crop up in this connection.

 These were the number of letters I had written to:

♦              Frank Brown  –  3

♦              Les McCullough  –  3

♦              Harry Sullivan  –  6

♦              Francis Bergin  –  18 (3 x 6)

♦              Joseph Tkach  –  13.

The first 10 letters they sent me amounted to 13 pages.

 My letter number 13 was the first letter to the Regional Director, Les McCullough. He was the one who ought to have corrected the problems that had arisen. (He was in command according to their power structure.) He failed to do so. The number of pages comprising those 13 letters were 52 (4 x 13).

 By the 26th letter (2 x 13), the total number of pages I had written were now 130 (10 x 13). The 26th letter also happened to be written on the 26th (2 x 13) day of the 12th (2 x 6) month.

 By the time Francis Bergin washed his hands of the situation, I had written him 12 letters (12 depicts government). My 13th letter followed. By that time, Francis Bergin had made his decision to comply with Satan in this affair, and not with God.

 Some may say that all this is ridiculous conjecture; that I am attaching too much significance to numerics; that what transpired was merely chance. Fine. You are entitled to your views. I won't seek to dissuade you.

 For those who are willing to believe, I would like to relate more.

 23 is a number which biblically denotes hypocrisy. It is Satan's influence (13) on man (10). Letter number 23 was to the human head of the church. It brought the number of pages written to 111. 111 is 37 x 3. Letter 46 (2 x 23) was to the same individual. It was the 12th letter to him, showing him what was wrong in the governmental structure of the church.

 The total number of pages I had written by 3rd September 1991 amounted to 253. This is curious. Not only is it the sum of 10 x 10 (100) and 17 x 9 (153), the number of fish Jesus at one time miraculously produced (see John 21:11), but it is also the sum of 37 x 6 (222) and 31 (El, Hebrew). It is also 23 x 11.

 These facts have only come to my notice since I was told to write this book. I don't believe they are mere coincidences. God does preside in the great assembly! You can believe what you like, but one thing is certain as far as I am concerned. There is far more behind what we were commissioned to do than our minds alone. There are too many curiosities like these for them to be mere coincidences. They confirm the fact that we were guided to do what we had to do, much of which I would not personally have chosen to do myself.

 "He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives the One who sent Me. Anyone who receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet's reward" (Matt 10:40,41).



Walking Freely

"They have greatly oppressed me from my youth, but they have not gained the victory over me.

Ploughmen have ploughed my back and made their furrows long. But the Lord is righteous;

He has cut me free from the cords of the wicked".

(Ps 129:2-4)


In the spring of 1991, while we were embroiled in conflict with the administration of the Worldwide Church of God, I was given a most intense dream one night. It was vivid and highly detailed. What was most surprising was that all the details were still fresh in my mind many days later. Normally, dreams fade very quickly upon waking.

I dreamed that I was in a train station. I had with me the thick file of correspondence between myself and the church. The train was in the station but was beginning to pull out. I was determined to get on the train.

Somehow I knew that the only way I would be able to get on board was if I was to leave behind my file of correspondence. I would have to make a mad dash to make it! I quickly hid my file in a cupboard very close by on the platform, and raced off after the train which was gaining speed every second.

The person driving the train was Paul Suckling, the man who initially had set himself up as the one with authority to tell church members what they ought to believe. He was in command. He was leaning out of the driver's window watching me. He saw me turn away from the train and go to deposit my file somewhere. When he saw I had left the train, he thought I had given up trying to get on board. He pulled his head in the cab and got on with driving.

This is most depictive. The train symbolised the church. Paul Suckling, although he was not the Regional Director, was effectively the driving force in the church administration here. Many of the evils, and much of the corruption and oppression in the church in the UK were attributable to his evil leadership.

He was driving that train. After I deposited my file somewhere safe on that platform – intending in my mind, to come back and collect it later – I raced off after that train. At the very last minute as the train was pulling away from the platform, I opened the guard's door in the last carriage, and jumped on board. Paul Suckling did not see that. He didn’t think I had got on board.

I was sad to leave my documentation behind, but that faded into insignificance a short while later.

The next part of the dream was of apple orchards, laden with lovely pink blossom. I was no longer on that train. I was walking through lovely orchards, with tree after tree literally covered with beautiful blossom. This was symbolic of the new area into which God was taking us, which held the promise of much fruit to come! [The blossom represents the potential spiritual fruit in people’s lives and the MM lit which God inspired over the following 29 years.]

I related in chapter 25, how God spoke to us to inform us we had been 'framed' by the man who wanted to dominate the church. On another occasion, I awoke with another 'word of knowledge'. "The church will be ashamed of the way they have treated us." Those were the words which were 'ringing' in my mind as we had to continue our lonely vigil.

The church administration thought they could conquer us and retain power by isolating and ignoring us. They could have done so had it not been for one factor which they overlooked. That element was the Supernatural. They didn't think that God would be behind us. They certainly didn't consider He would take an active part in defending us. They assumed they would get away with their unchallengeable rule, as they seemed to have done on many occasions before.

However, God was working out His purposes through the struggle. Now He was opening up a new avenue to us, which initially was to lead us away from the direct conflict in which we had been involved. He was about to take us into new pastures, where we would develop and grow before having to return to nourish others whom we had left behind some years before.

It’s like the story of Joseph in the Bible. In Genesis 37 we read about Joseph's dreams which infuriated his brothers. In a fit of jealousy and rage, they sold him to Midianite traders who took him to Egypt. There, in an unfamiliar land, over the ensuing years, Joseph learned and developed until the time when God was ready to teach his older brothers a lesson.

When the time had fully come, God allowed a famine to occur, which drove his former family to Egypt in search of food. There, unbeknown to them, they came into direct contact with Joseph, who by this time had become most influential. He was guiding the affairs of the greatest nation on earth during that difficult period. His brothers bowed down to him as ruler over Egypt. The dream which God gave him at the tender age of 17 was fulfilled (Genesis 41-45).

What God predicts surely comes to pass. He never wastes one word!

Joseph may not ordinarily be considered a prophet, but he received prophetic communications from God. In Numbers 12:6, God explains how He communicates to those He selects as prophets. "When a prophet of the Lord is among you, I reveal Myself to him in visions, I speak to him in dreams."

We were now entering a new phase in what God had in mind for us. Of course, we had no idea what lay immediately ahead. However, God does nothing without revealing it to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).

One day in the autumn of 1991, Helena was given a vision. She saw a manly figure, a very solid looking individual. She knew it was not meant to represent one person in particular. That was conveyed 'intuitively'. In this vision she saw this manly figure turn into a monster.

It is impossible to explain how God conveys pertinent thoughts, but the significance He wants us to grasp is conveyed also along with the vision. Just as Joseph knew that the sheaves in his dream symbolised himself and his brothers, so Helena knew this manly figure represented the church we had been a part of, which had developed into a harsh, unyielding, brutal monster, devoid of feeling. She knew the Church in the Bible is represented as a feminine figure. (Revelation 12:1; Ephesians 5:24.) The church we had been thrust out of was far from feminine, and far from loving!

Now God was leading us away from that harsh dominance of men into a more loveable, compassionate environment guided by the Holy Spirit. That 'masculine' harshness came about from a rigid adherence to ritual. Works of the flesh substituted God’s Spirit. What God wanted to lead us into was a more 'feminine' endearing side of Christianity; a 'softer' side which permits the loving manifestations of the Holy Spirit to be evidenced.

He was about to gently lead us through the charismatic churches and give us the 'charismata' of His Holy Spirit for our own benefit, too. Before this was to occur, however, there were a few more incidents which He wanted us to experience first with those who were content with their 'masculine' – now monstrous – form of 'worship'.

During October 1991, the WCG was holding a week-long series of meetings in Bournemouth. Nearby, in Christchurch, a recent offshoot of that church was also holding their meetings, separate from the 'mother' body. This new group, the Philadelphia Church of God, is led from Oklahoma in the USA by Gerald Flurry. He is as dictatorial and domineering as the Worldwide leadership, if not more so!

We went to see for ourselves what this group was going to do, and which direction they wanted to go, now that they had separated. We soon found that they were equally trapped by the ritualism of their past, and set in their ways in a man-dominated system of 'worship', devoid of true spirituality.

We wanted to attend one meeting of the Worldwide being held in Bournemouth to see for ourselves what the human leader, Joseph Tkach, had to say. His message was being transmitted by satellite link from the USA and would be received in the Bournemouth Conference Centre, where the church was holding its meetings.

We knew that, now we were excommunicated members, we would be prevented entry if we were recognised. The best way to get into the meeting was to use the element of surprise. We arranged for a friend who was officially in the church to save us some seats beforehand and meet us at the door. We walked briskly to the meeting hall, met our accomplice, and entered quickly through the doors in the melee of people. Before we had been noticed, we were in our seats, sitting quietly.

Scarcely five minutes had passed before former friends spotted us. It was interesting to see the contrasting responses. Some were friendly and waved, giving us a smile. Others were noticeably disturbed and hostile. The ones who were most hostile were those who had positions of authority in the church. Tony Lodge, a 'minister' in the WCG, went to have a word with David Magowan who was in overall authority. Magowan came over to us to ask us to leave.

We were certainly not made to feel welcome! We were not asked why we were there. The fact that we wanted to hear what the Pastor General of the church had to say was of no concern to them. They ought to have been flattered! Instead they got quite flustered when I refused to leave.

I was summoned to an upstairs room where I was interrogated by the two 'ministers'. Tony Lodge and David Magowan had no interest in hearing my reasons for wanting to be there, nor on whose authority I had come. Their only objective was to try to get rid of me.

In the course of the conversation, which was recognisably cold, I explained that I had Highest Church Authority to be there. They quizzed me further about that. I said if they were not sure whose authority I had, they had better go and phone up the Pastor General himself and find out whether he approved of me being there. Not convinced that I had his authority because they had not been notified, I told them the decision to attend was very recent. It was very recent! We had only booked accommodation a couple of days' before, and we had only decided to attend that meeting the day before.

Still not convinced, I repeated that I had Highest Church Authority and that they had no right to throw me out! I told them I had been disfellowshipped by a false minister and told them a few more choice nuggets, which they could not swallow. Then they used their brains and realised I meant I had Jesus Christ's authority to be there and that I had told them so in no uncertain terms.

They thought that was highly amusing and simply said that I must leave. Obviously they thought little of Jesus Christ! He is a figment of the imagination as far as they are concerned!

When I realised that it was pointless taking the conversation any further, I said I would go and tell the others (all our family were present, together with Stella Smith and Paul, a friend who was staying with us). I went back to my seat and did as I said. I told Paul that they wanted rid of us, since he was sitting next to me, but that I had no intention of complying with their illicit wishes. I was sitting about five or six seats in from the aisle.

A couple of minutes later, seeing I had not left, David Magowan, who had just told me to leave came down the aisle to the end of the row of seats and beckoned to me to come and talk to him again. I gestured to him to go away. At that gesture, his manner totally changed! He flipped. His face flushed. Fury rose up in him at being snubbed. His adrenalin must have shot right up! He came clambering over those sitting behind us, treading on feet and bags to get to me. Breathing threats down my neck, I thought he was about to lynch me!

Again he told me to leave. Calmly but bluntly, I told him we had every right to be there, and we intended to stay. We were not causing any disturbance. He had done that! All we wanted to do was watch the satellite transmission that was soon due. We had not come to cause a stir. We simply wanted to be informed and meet with our friends.

It must have been the first time he had anyone dare to challenge his authority! He threatened to call the police if we did not immediately leave. I told him to go ahead. I would be delighted to see the police. Maybe they would like to watch the 'show' too? He went storming off down to the front of the hall and reported the 'disturbance' we 'dissidents' had caused to his superior, Les McCullough.

I consulted with Paul about the likelihood of the police wanting to get involved, and he assured me from previous experience he had had in political affrays that it was unlikely the police would even come out. With that, I felt reassured that we would not create too much trouble and would not alienate our friends still in the church. The thought of being ejected by the police, however, did not bother me, if such was necessary.

It was not. The police were not called. However, I received another stern warning not to come back again, and that if I did, the police would be called then! Although we knew they were empty threats, I had no desire to return. They had certainly made us all feel most unwelcome!

The satellite transmission came. It was an eye-opener! Not because what was said was sensational. Far from it, what was said was most unsensational. However, we could see now from a different perspective. The 'front' portrayed by the leaders of the church was utterly hypocritical.

Before his entry onto the stage to speak before a packed audience in Pasadena, the camera focused on Joseph Tkach and his son making final preparations offstage as though they were film stars. Joseph Tkach's entry to the platform to speak was greeted with a standing ovation, as though he were some conquering hero having just defeated Goliath! The ovation went on for what seemed an inordinately long time. Instead of telling the people not to make such a fuss of him, he encouraged the worship. He stretched out his arms with the palms of his hands uppermost and gestured for them to continue! I could hardly believe what I was seeing! The man encouraged the adulation! He lapped it up.

What then followed was a spiritually lifeless message. It was not lifeless physically, nor was it brief. He quoted enough of the Bible, as if he knew what he was talking about, but his delivery seemed to lack conviction. There was something empty about the message. There was no Spirit in it!

Jesus said the performance of the flesh profits nothing. It is the Spirit which quickens (makes alive)! (John 6:63.) God was about to lead us to some charismatic Christians who had learned how to minister to others in the power of His Spirit.

A few weeks later, I was introduced to a women's group by a friend. This group of women had formed a spiritual fellowship and they ministered to one another, either in person, or if that was not possible, by way of cassette tapes. It did not take us long before we discovered they were spiritually alive.

The friend who introduced me to them gave me a tape on which was the testimony of Eileen Pattison who had been at death's door due to lymphatic cancer. Previously, she had not been religiously inclined. She had not been a Christian or a churchgoer. But she had come to her wit's end. She was about to die. Her condition had worsened to the point that no medical treatment could help. The only avenue open to her was to seek a healer.

She had heard of a man who was a minister and who prayed for people's healing. He was not a spiritual healer. He simply believed in the power of God to heal and prayed in faith for God to intervene. He claimed that promise of healing that has been made available to us because Jesus paid the penalty for us when He died on the cross nearly two thousand years ago.

She had nowhere else to turn. She turned to this man, who in turn, looked to God. She was miraculously healed – totally – all the cancer completely left!

The experience changed her life. She came to know the reality of God and of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. She gave her life to Him. He had bought it anyway. But now she knew it, and actively lived knowing that He loved her. She sought to show Him her gratitude by telling others about her wonderful experience.

I listened to her messages and realised that the truth about healing which she expounded was the truth we had once known in the WCG in the late 1960's. Somehow, it had been eroded, little by little. Most members were no longer sure they could ask God for healing and expect it in that church! Faith had been destroyed. Doubts and misgivings had replaced confidence and reliance upon God to truly heal!

Now that I heard this correct teaching again, I realised just how much my mind had been affected by the subtle false intellectual concepts that had been gradually, imperceptibly introduced into the WCG, in this area of faith and healing.

It is not until we wake up that we realise we have been asleep. It was not until I was woken up in this area of teaching that I even realised what I had lost! I quickly made up for that lost time and lost truth.

We made contact with one group after another of charismatic Christians. We did not join their churches, but we learned from them. We found ourselves welcome in their meetings – something totally alien in the harsh environment of the Worldwide, many of whom, like the Pharisees, only recognise and greet 'their own'.

True to the words of the Psalm, we had been greatly oppressed from our youth, but they did not gain the victory over us. The righteous God cut us free from the cords of the wicked (Ps 129:2,4). Now we were free to benefit from the spirituality of others, and learn across denominational boundaries.



Receiving Instruction About Church Government

"For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept;

line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little".

(Isaiah 28:10 KJV)


For me, the autumn of 1991 marked a new beginning.

Step by step, God was giving me new understandings and new truth. He had restored to my mind the truth we had let slip about healing. Although we had continued to believe in divine healing while in the Worldwide, our faith had been undermined by the inroads of subtle wrong teaching. Our faith needed strengthening. Through the new Christian contacts we made, God strengthened that faith. He restored our confidence in Him.

No longer was my belief mere mental assent to the truth of God's desire to heal us. It was now real faith that God does heal and perform miracles for the sick who totally look to Him. It was faith that I could rely on. It is the faith of Jesus.

Many Christians think they have faith when actually they don't. They are deceived. What they have is mental assent. They mentally agree with the philosophy that God heals, but when they come to a test, they find that their 'faith' dissolves. They find doubt present, and their faith becomes useless. They are not really sure whether God wants to heal them. They have questions, and those unanswered questions prevent them receiving the healing which they desire.

They don't have abiding confidence in God to deliver them. The devil has stolen away their faith.

In the Worldwide, there were very few healings; they were so few and far between. Many people in that church who had serious – even fatal – sicknesses suffered greatly because of the poor teaching in the area of faith and healing. Members of that church today are generally confused about the right approach to take in sickness, and whether God really wants to heal them when they are desperately sick.

Jesus said, "According to your faith, be it unto you" (Matt 9:29, KJV). They received according to their faith. Tragically, their faith was often poor; for some, non-existent. Many people died of cancer and other terminal illnesses, with very little comfort.

I was so glad now in retrospect that I had been ejected from that church. Now I was free to learn and grow, unhindered by the restrictive denominational teachings behind their walls. My faith no longer needed to be limited to the level of those who were placed over us.

That is seldom understood by Christians. They rarely see that the limitations of their spiritual growth are determined by the ministry who teach and lead them. If one has a very spiritually alive minister, you are fortunate. However, if the ministry who teach you are decadent, corrupt or spiritually inert, your spiritual growth will be equally disaffected. "Do not be misled. Bad company corrupts good character" (1 Cor 15:33).

You will not see how you are being held back by those who lead you, but it is a fact. You will be blind to what you lack. And if your leaders are blind, then your leaders and you will fall into the ditch that Satan will surely dig for you. This has been a problem for nations, people and Christians throughout history. The disastrous effects of bad leaders or corrupt ministers is the same. Isaiah stated clearly: "O My people, your guides lead you astray, they turn you from the path" (Is 3:12).

I did not recognise how much church leadership can suppress and hinder one's spiritual development while I was a member of the WCG. But October 1991 marked the beginning of an eye-opening experience for me.

As I thought about the way we had been treated by those ministers who had behaved in a most un-Christ-like way towards us, my eyes were opened. I began to see the real intent of certain statements Jesus made. My eyes read certain scriptures in a totally new light. I began to understand about church government in a way I had never done before.

Jesus said to His disciples: "You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. [It shall] not [be] so with you" (Matthew 20:25,26).

God led me step by step to see where much spiritual attrition begins in churches. It is the most critical area affecting all major Christian groups and denominations. It is the matter of church government.

This understanding was not given via a lightning bolt from heaven. God leads us gently, little by little, here a line, there a line, precept upon precept (Is 28:10). He can't lead us suddenly to the final destination, in one giant leap. We simply are not capable of assimilating overnight all He wants to give us.

I have explained in chapter 32, that all the government in the Church is essentially human government. It cannot rightly claim divine prerogatives over its subjects, nor ascribe authoritarian prerogatives to itself, in governing people. It is not a governing body with the right to dictate to its 'subjects'. Jesus said such a form of government was to be a thing of the past as far as the Church was concerned.

The only area in which Christians can claim divine authoritarian prerogatives is against the spiritual enemy – Satan and demons. In that arena, because of the deliverance Christ has bought for us on the cross, ANY Christian who truly believes – not merely church leaders or ministers – has authority to cast out demons, heal the sick and even raise the dead on occasion (Luke 9:1-2; 10:18-20; Matthew 8:8).

In an administrative capacity with other Christians, church leaders do not have authoritarian prerogatives like God. They have a responsibility to administer the affairs of the church in justice and love. They must administer such affairs in the best interests of those whom they serve. They are not to manipulate, coerce, force, dictate, control, or impose their wishes on those whom they are meant to help and serve.

I began to have my eyes opened to the dangers of control in the Church. Like a jigsaw puzzle, God was revealing piece by piece what He desired for the Church. In those autumn months I wrote down the thoughts He was giving me. They were later published in a booklet entitled God's Church – Whose Authority? I quote from a section of that book, here:

If Church leaders exert control over the membership it is not necessarily the Spirit of God leading the Church, but those leaders, and their ideas may lead in the opposite direction to that which Christ would have His people go.

Churches with an autocratic form of government are going in entirely the opposite direction to that which Christ intended. He commanded His disciples most emphatically NOT to continue the same evil system of rulership, but to be totally different (Luke 22:24-27; Matt 20:25- 26).

Ministers should not assume they have a God-given right to tell the membership what to do in a dictatorial way. They do not, otherwise the account in Luke 22:26 would not have been recorded. The minister is to serve the flock, to feed it, to help it, to nurture it, to care for it with the love that only God can impart (John 21:15-17). He is in the position of a servant, waiter or butler. No butler would dare tell those whom he is serving what to do!

If ministers in any way feel superior to the membership, they have strayed a long way from God's Word! Philippians chapter 2, verse 3, admonishes us all to esteem others better than ourselves, and Christ told us to love one another AS ourselves (Matt 19:19). Lording it over others is the antithesis of Christ's intention. In fact, the only authority vested in the ministry is the authority to help others – to cast out demons, heal the sick, and preach the gospel to the world (Luke 9:1)... (Pp 27-28.)

It’s a pity the Worldwide ministers didn’t have that power to heal or cast out demons as Jesus said! They lacked power because they lacked the Spirit of God. Paul warned: from such people turn away (2 Tim 3:5).



Restoring Truth

"See, I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before Me.

Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to His temple..."

(Malachi 3:1)


The ‘new’ revelations about church government were vital pieces of truth to us in 1992. They were foundational and essential for the literature God had in mind for me to write. Had we not been through the agonising experiences of being falsely accused and vilified by the WCG, we would not have been receptive to this input from God. The book God’s Church: Whose Authority? was born in that suffering.

One truth led to another. God took us through other experiences which led to Apostasy In God’s Church! being written, and the many other titles which now form the MM library of Restored Truth. I make no apologies about the fact that it constitutes the Last Restoration before the end of this age. That is what a correspondent in Africa was told in a dream one night. Nicholas told me about it; he wrote in October 2004:

I dreamed that I was somewhere like a supermarket. [Represents how preachers are merchandising God's gospel truth – people shop around to get what they want – corrupt!] It seems like I was working there.

Suddenly I saw you with Helena. [We will be revealed to the world suddenly, through publicity as God raises 50 people from the dead.] Then I heard a voice telling me, "This is the man I have chosen to restore all things to the Church." [These are the days of Elijah – the prophesied restoration at the End!] (From Revelations From God About MM, p 4.)

Others have received similar revelations from God confirming what God is doing with MM. In more recent publications [this comment added in 2018] such as the Mighty Miracles Of God volumes, which document the exploits of the Work of the end-time Elijah, there are numerous statements from 7 angels who oversee the Work. Some of these have stated quite bluntly that it is the final restored truth which believers should accept. For example:

3rd December 2015. 19:06. From Rhoda: "NO ONE WILL ESCAPE WHO DISOBEYS MALCOLM'S WORDS THROUGH MM LITS." 7 angels have said.

6th Dec 2015. 10:15. From Rhoda: "WHOEVER WILL DISOBEY MM TRUTH WILL FACE ETERNAL DEATH." 7 angels have said to me now.

[From 1994.] It’s high time for REFORM! But does the Church want it? No! So there will be a great falling away as many reject God’s restored truths.

Paul warned the Thessalonians: "Let no one deceive you by any means: for [Jesus Christ will not come] except the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition; who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he sits in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God" (2 Thes 2:3,4, NKJV).

The devil's deceptions are extremely subtle. They catch everyone off guard. No human being is a match for the cleverness of this arch-deceiver.

I have related in preceding chapters the subtle ways in which the devil caused some men in ministerial capacities to think they had the right to assume godly prerogatives. As 'God', they sit in the temple of God, presiding over their subjects, making judgements and decisions as though they were God Himself! By so doing, they blaspheme. It is all extremely subtle.

In Revelation another individual is mentioned who "was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority for 42 months. He opened his mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander His name and His dwelling place and those who live in heaven. He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation" (Rev 13:5-7). He is called prophetically the "Beast", and he heads the final dominating power of the 'free' world. This is the last resurrection of the Roman Empire and is also identified in Revelation 13:1-4 by the same name – the "Beast".

The fate of this individual is to be destroyed by fire (Rev 20:10).

Some will say that this man doomed to destruction – the "Beast" – is the same one described by Paul in his letter to the Thessalonians. Correct. However, there is more to it. Charles B Williams in his translation of the New Testament points out that the Greek for "there come a falling away first" involves a single verb but with double sense and two objects.

Many prophecies of the Bible are dual. They have a type/antitype fulfilment. It is no different in this instance. The man of sin is in the temple of God. The temple of God is not limited to one location. It is composed of all those individuals in whom the Spirit of God dwells (2 Corinthians 6:16).

Thus, a "man of sin" will fulfil this evil role in any place where God's temple exists on earth. Wherever God's people are, the devil is there trying to deceive, distort, and damage. The devil's influence has permeated the whole earth (2 Cor 4:4; Rev 12:9). No part of the earth is exempt from his evil influence or his deceptions. He is more subtle in the churches. He has to be, in order to effectively lead Christians astray. But he is inexorably present in the air waves doing his dastardly work.

The man of sin will be 'driving the train'. He will take over from Jesus Christ, where he can. He will assume authority for himself over others in the Church. He will be substituting his leadership for that of the Holy Spirit. It is very subtle and hard to detect – impossible without God's discernment.

In the WCG, the ministers who led the church had assumed this prerogative of spiritual leadership over the members. The lay membership was taught to submit to the authority of the ministry. Members were expected to be subservient to the minister's 'superior authority'. He was regarded as being in a direct line of authority from Jesus Christ, through the head man (the Pastor General), on down through a series of appointments labelled evangelists, pastors and elders.

Thus, the church had a hierarchic structure of ministerial authority which is entirely unbiblical. It appeared to be biblical, but it had subtly deviated from the godly ideal. Paul mentions apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers in Ephesians 4:11. However, this list is not intended to be an outline of hierarchic structure. It is based upon the importance of the function of the 'office'. For its function, the apostle's job is listed first. But that does not make the man who fulfils that role intrinsically any more important, superior, or better than others.

In the Worldwide, however, the men labelled 'evangelists' were above the pastors, who were in turn above the elders. Thus, they had developed a system of hierarchic ranking. Evangelists were highly looked up to and more important than the pastors. His title was a label which was assigned him to indicate his standing in the 'pecking order' within the human organisation.

This was not what Paul intended when he wrote to the Ephesians. Paul was listing in order of importance of function the several 'offices' in the Church. Humanly, the person is no more important, or above, another. All are humanly equal. All are brothers (Matthew 23:8). With the Spirit indwelling, each is humble and able to esteem others in the way God does.

In the Worldwide, the founder of the church was regarded as the spiritual head, teacher and leader, as do many other churches. This is in direct contravention of what Jesus instructed. He said, "You must not seek for others to call you 'Teacher', for you have but one who is 'Teacher', and you are all brothers. And you must not call anyone on earth 'father', for the Heavenly One is your Father. And you must not be called 'leaders', for you have only one Leader, and that is Christ" (Matthew 23:8-10).

The human leader of the organisation was regarded as Teacher, spiritual Father, and Leader. What he said, went. As a result, he was revered instead of Jesus Christ. He effectively took the place of Christ as our Mediator. To assume such a position is blasphemy. That is the iniquity of the man of sin of which Paul warned.

Many church organisations do not see that they have fallen into an identical trap of the devil. When human government in the Church displaces that of the spiritual government of God, it has usurped the rights of God alone.

That is why Paul warned: "Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard!" (Acts 20:30,31.)  Christians do not have to be drawn out of what they perceive to be the Church in order to fall away. Satan merely has to cause them to worship men, and their worship of Christ becomes vain (Matt 15:9).

Gradually, God was revealing these understandings piece by piece. Hidden secrets were being revealed. (Notice Psalm 25:14.)   




Laying A Foundation For Deliverance

"In the desert prepare the way for the Lord,

make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God". (Isaiah 40:3)

"...make His paths straight". (Matt 3:3)


Two very significant things occurred for me in 1992.

The first happened at a non-denominational Christian convention. A visiting prophet from America, who didn't know me from Adam, prophesied to me that God was about to open a dramatic door to me within seven days. The date of that prophecy was 24th June 1992. That door steadily opened before me, as prophesied, and Midnight Ministries was born.

At the time, I had no idea where God was leading me. I certainly did not interpret the 'door' to mean a ministry opening up to me! That was the last thing on my mind, even though I had been writing some articles to redress incorrect philosophy being promoted in some Christian quarters.

The second occurrence was a clear dream Helena was given which confirmed what God was beginning to do through us. She saw me in the central square of Aylesbury town, digging and concreting foundations around the clock tower! I was still actively involved in building at the time, and at first I wondered if the dream had a literal significance. That thought was soon dismissed as it was obvious no building work would take place in such a prestigious and prominent location. Moreover, there was a military tank in that same square in the town where I was working. That was not literal. The dream had to be an allegory. It was not long before it began to dawn on us what God meant.

The prophet who told me God was opening a door to me also quipped when I approached him, "Shake the hand that shakes the world!" I seriously doubt whether he intended meaning that my hand would have a part in shaking the world of Christendom! But God may have had other ideas! God has certainly prophesied that a great shaking will come at the time of the end. All nations will shake through the climactic events which are to occur (Haggai 2:6,7). Also there will be several prophets doing and saying things which will shake Christian traditions to their roots. My voice or 'pen' will be only one which God will use.

1992 was certainly a year of laying foundations. I wrote several booklets [see footnote] and articles, and continued to do so in 1993 and beyond. These writings formed a basis on which the spiritual superstructure of the Body of Christ can, in turn, be effectively restructured.

There is much which Christianity has not salvaged and restored from its traditional past. When the first century Church disappeared from view, so too did a lot of its heritage. Later it emerged from the Dark Ages having lost its correct Hebrew roots (Romans 11:17-24). It emerged a 'Gentile' Church with many Babylonish customs. It is from those that she is exhorted to come out (Revelation 18:4). They are not Christian. They are not pleasing to God.

Much restoration has to take place.

Piece by piece, through human instruments, God has been restoring what was lost. Through the Protestant Reformation and the untiring work of Martin Luther, John and Charles Wesley, Edward Irving and many other reformers, lost truths became restored. But, until this day some fundamental truths of Christian teaching still remain shrouded in mystery or suspicion. A more radical move is yet to occur, even in this late hour. It is a move which will bring out the best in those who are true to God, but which will bring out the worst in those who are sitting on the fence. It will provoke persecution.

Many Christians today are expecting revival. And revival is coming. It is almost upon us. But this revival will not occur in the way most expect. It is going to be a revival of holiness. The Church needs purification. The established Church has not yet, for the most part, relinquished its Babylonish pagan customs. As a result, those who are coming out to serve God in spirit and in truth still need release from such strongholds.

God will lead and show the way. In due course, the greater wholeness and purity of the true Church will lead to a greater harvest. God will be able to do more, as His Church yields to Him more fully. It is to this man that God looks, to the truly humble (Is 66:2). The one who humbly and truly objectively looks to God's Word in reverent fear and obedience will be blessed.

That will be a major facet of this end-time revival – an obedient return to our roots in the Word of God. God is raising up voices and teachers in several quarters, to make people aware of the validity of the foundation which Jesus gave us in the New Testament but which has become hidden from most. We need a return to the true roots of Christianity – Israelite roots! Too many Christians have forgotten Jesus' words: "Do not think I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have not come to do away with them, but to fill them up to the full. I have not come to require less, but to require more. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, nor the least stroke of the pen will by any means disappear from the law until I have accomplished everything" (Matthew 5:17,18, paraphrased).

Is it any wonder God cannot open the floodgates of heaven and release an outpouring of His Spirit which can generate revival while the Church is unreceptive to receive such an outpouring? When she is more receptive to the Truth of God's Word, then she will be a fit receptacle to receive those whom God will call.

Helena received a vivid dream about this, in which she saw torrential rain falling in waves from heaven. She was aware that the rain pictured the Holy Spirit of God. In the dream it was as if she was literally PULLING the rain out of the sky! Her participation – her desire and willingness to draw the rain down from God seemed to be an essential factor in the outpouring. Our participation is so necessary if we want to benefit from what God wants to give!

If we are awaiting and praying for revival, we ought to consider who is holding it back. It is not God who limits us, but we who limit God. Have we prepared the way sufficiently? There is much to be done.

Isaiah emphasised the need for our efforts: "Pass through, pass through the gates! Prepare the way for the people. Build up, build up the highway! Raise a banner for the nations" (Is 62:10). God gives us opportunities which we must use. He opens the doors; we then have to walk through them to prepare the way. The intent of this preparation is revealed a few sentences later: "They will be called the Holy People" (v 12). God's object amongst His people is to expose sin, encourage repentance, and create a holy people like Him.

God expresses His disappointment that He has stretched out His hand to His people, but they have been so stubborn that they would not accept His Word. They, for the most part, have been unwilling to move forward. "You have neither heard nor understood; from of old, your ear has not been open. Well do I know how treacherous you are; you were called a rebel from birth" (Is 48:8). He is not talking to a foreign people but to the ones who declare they seek Him! "You who take oaths in the name of the Lord and invoke the God of Israel, but not in truth or righteousness – you who call yourselves citizens of the holy city [prophetically, the ekklesia] and rely on the God of Israel" (vs 1,2).

What is God's bone of contention with this fickle people? "They have rejected the law of the Lord Almighty and spurned the word of the HOLY One of Israel" (Is 5:24).

The foundation that enables a holy structure to be built upon it is the one that shall remain. All others will be uprooted (Matt 15:13). That foundation is based upon all God's Law. We are making the old crooked ways straight!



I wrote a series of 22 Why? booklets explaining important spiritual aspects of life based upon biblical revelation.They answer perplexing questions many people have, such as why believe in God, why God made human life, why there is so much suffering in this world, and why miracles occur. We may live in a natural world, but our make-up is far from just 'natural'. Mankind possesses a supernatural component and consequently he will never be truly satisfied until he understands his supernatural destiny. Some other titles produced in 1992 were God’s Church – Whose Authority?, Apostasy in God’s Church!, The Missing Dimension in Christian Living, The Controversy Concerning Law and Grace, Our Sabbath Rest, Who Is The End-Time Elijah?, Giving and Receiving, Faith – Raising Our Level of Expectation, The Mystery of the Invisible, God’s Great Genius, Understanding The Mind of God – A Message To Worldwiders.



Dreams From God

"When a prophet of the Lord is among you, I reveal Myself to him in visions,

I speak to him in dreams". (Numbers 12:6)


On 3rd September 1992, I was awoken in the early hours by a dream. I saw a large, sprawling old mansion. It was set in spacious surroundings. It looked a prestigious establishment, but it was old – possibly Victorian – and was past its best. It was badly in need of refurbishment and renovation.

The interpretation of the dream was given to me spontaneously. I knew this to represent the church organisation we had been thrown out of.

In the dream I was approached by FB, who asked me to provide a quotation for changing the face of the old mansion.

Dreams are curious phenomena; in them, one often knows instinctively certain things even though one has not seen them in the dream – things which one cannot otherwise discern. In this dream FB did not approach me personally, but somehow I knew that he had done so.

The quotation he requested from me was to change the frontage of the old mansion to make it appear more up-to-date. He suggested giving it a face-lift by cladding it with stone. It was merely an exterior modification, purely cosmetic. (This revealed his unwillingness to radically reform on the inside, and the equal hardness of heart in other WCG ministers. They merely wanted to make their rotten organisation look presentable to others. They took some of what I wrote in MM publications and used it to make themselves look good on the outside.)

I didn't think too much of the request and casually provided a quote of £700 to do the complete exterior and make it look like new.

I realised later that I had grossly underestimated the cost of the work, but I thought little of it because I didn't expect them to take me up on it. I was horrified when they came back to me and accepted my quotation!

There were weeds and all sorts of rubbish in the crevices on the walls that had to be cleared out before the cladding could take place. That would add considerably to the time and cost, and I had made no allowance for it in my costing. It was a much bigger task than I anticipated. I didn't really want the job.

Immediately I responded, giving them a revised verbal estimate of double the original price, and yet they were still keen on having the job done! But I did not want to do it.

There was one other complication too. The stone that was necessary to clad the walls properly and make them look truly authentic was very high quality and was not readily available. This was another reason why I was reluctant to get involved. They wanted me to press ahead anyway with inferior quality material. When the big rectangular blocks of stone cladding were not available, they seemed perfectly happy to do the job with inferior 'random rubble' walling. They seemed desperate to do it, and do it soon, although they tried not to show it. However, I was not happy about doing the job with inferior materials, and I eventually turned the prospect down completely.

Interestingly, the place where I was when I told them the revised price would be double, was a garden with a stream gently flowing through it. I was quite happy working in the more peaceful environment of the garden. I did not want to get involved in the more stressful job they were insistent on.

The dream I had that morning was the most detailed I had received up to that time, other than the one I have related in chapter 35. In fact, prior to 1991, I rarely dreamed at all. Since then, not only I, but Helena and all three of our children have had significant dreams from God. From 1997, they were so numerous, we recorded them assiduously in a Dream Diary.

I relate some here.

¯   On 6th September 1997, Helena had a short but poignant dream. She saw a huge area of thick mud. Animals were stuck in it and could not get out. They were continually sinking into this viscous mud, helpless to deliver themselves. Next to them was a huge pit or hole.

¯   Two days later, our son Richard had a dream in which he saw a family we knew well in 'our' former church. The Lodges came into our living room and on the table were all our booklets spread out for them to see. There were literally 'loads of them', he related, many more booklets than we had then. These people were not at all pleased! They were unreceptive and bigoted.

Mrs Lodge picked up one of the publications and started reading it. She read half of one sentence, then half of another sentence and started criticising it because it didn't make sense. "It's all a load of rubbish! Stupid!" she said. She purposely read it to make it sound like rubbish. Her husband, Tony Lodge, a minister in the church, dutifully agreed with her.

The dream illustrated the hostile, prejudicial WCG mindset.

Another good friend of ours in the church was with them. Because he did not want to be ostracised by the minister or anyone else in the church, he declined to openly agree with us. He sided with this family. He wanted to stay in the church.

¯   In another dream or vision, on 2nd October 1997, Helena saw a face with a wired up mouth. The same day she was also given another vision of the same thing, but in a different form. She saw a face with blackness covering the mouth, like a black cloth over the lower part of the face.

These dreams all depict and illustrate the way church ministers and members are trapped by church dogma and muzzled. Cult mentality is behind the lack of response. They can’t be open; they won’t admit to wrongdoing or what tarnishes their self image. Fear is behind the silence.

There is a saying that a picture speaks a thousand words. I don't think the meaning of these dreams needs to be elaborated upon very much!

¯   On the same day Helena received the previous two visions, I was given a frightening dream, although I was not personally frightened by it (that is hard to explain). I was given a dream of total darkness; thick impenetrable blackness. It was terrifying and made one feel totally helpless. It depicted spiritual death; the spiritual death of those who wilfully reject truth – in this case, for the sake of organisational expediency.

¯   Five days later, I had another dream of a minister I knew well in the church, Robin Jones. I had phoned him (in the dream), but he was unable to talk. His mouth was wired up too. In the dream he could not say anything to me on the phone; he was so restricted by organisational loyalty.

¯   In another vision, Helena saw the Regional Director of the church, Les McCullough, speaking. Blackness or darkness was coming out of his mouth. Then he disappeared. The vision symbolised him spouting evil rhetoric – for which God will judge him – and then going into oblivion – to hell!

¯   On 21st October 1997 Helena was given another vision of a face gagged, fighting to get free. It was full of cracks like a mosaic. She was trying to put it right. This was the real face of the church, ideologically broken and in a mess. They were prisoners to falsity. (See Isaiah 42:22.)

¯   In a dream, I was depicted in a confrontation with the church ministers. I was correcting them, but there was no response. The second part of the dream portrayed many ministers of the church being very hostile towards us.

¯   On 25th October 1997, Helena was given a vision of a ship ready to be blown up and people trying to get off [the WCG]. The same day, she received another vision of a totally different scene. She saw a reward at the end of a race. She knew it to be a spiritual 'race' toward victory. [The task we have.]

All these visions and dreams have immense spiritual implications. They were given us as warnings – not merely for our benefit – but for the benefit of those who have cast us aside and despised us. If those who have not acted lawfully before God do not repent they will find themselves cast out into spiritual darkness, cut off from the light of God: completely lost – in hell!

During this time, I was writing booklets which I sent to those in the church for whom I had addresses. We had about 500 addresses of church members. We had made many acquaintances over the years, as had a couple of other families we knew who had left the church. Together we had quite a large mailing list. We were falsely accused by church ministers of obtaining these by devious means. That was entirely untrue. We had most of them ourselves because we had made many friends.

We soon learned who were our real friends!

I had hoped that there would be some measure of open-mindedness to the truth of God which I was writing in those articles. One of the first articles I wrote was on humility, another on law and grace – harmless articles on subjects about which the church was well versed in earlier years. However, the response we received when we sent them freely to our former friends and acquaintances was not just astonishing; it was horrific!

Some people returned the articles defaced or ruined in some way – even ripped, or shredded; some with lines drawn through each page! The occasional sardonic comment was written, like: "Please write your material on thinner paper. It takes too long to burn."

The untempered hostility and venom was appalling! I was incredulous. This was supposed to be a church of God, but they were evidencing the traits of the devil, not God!

We had many envelopes returned complete with their unappreciated and unread contents, with the simple orders scrawled coldly on the outside: "UNSOLICITED LITERATURE!" "RETURN TO SENDER!" "SEND NO MORE!" One had the vulgar epithet "SPIRITUAL PORNOGRAPHY!!" plastered over the envelope.

I could not believe the evil I was forced to witness from a 'church' that dared to use the name of God.

We learned later that the ministers who were 'feeding' the church members were the ones chiefly responsible for fuelling this venom and hatred against us. They had told the members lies about us because we had been dismissed from the church. It was announced in other church services that I was a troublemaker, and that I was disturbing the church by distributing 'offensive' literature. The members, on the whole, were encouraged to either destroy the literature, hand it in to their ministers, or send it back to us asking us to send them no more. It was a very rare pastor indeed, who did not stoop so low!

The response reflected the fact that the members placed so much trust in their pastors that they did whatever they were told from the pulpit. I knew members placed a lot of trust in them, but I did not think the mind control was so great. It had to be experienced to be believed! These were some of the evil fruits of psychological cloning of minds in the WCG. It was profoundly evil.

Those who responded so offensively, thought they were doing the right thing. I tried to enter into correspondence with some who were so against us, but it proved a waste of effort and time. They believed all they were told by the ministry and dismissed anything we said as either lies or of little consequence. It was impossible to find any objectivity, even from those who seemed to be well meaning, so strong was the control of the hierarchy! Members were totally brainwashed!

This could have been very discouraging, if I had not been made with a determined 'interior'. Here we were, falsely accused, thrown out of the company of our former friends, victimised, vilified and blamed for the division which was now rife – division which was started by false ministers!

On October 22nd, Helena was supernaturally given seven words: "THERE CAN BE NO VICTORY WITHOUT BATTLES!"

This was a 'word of knowledge', or 'message of knowledge'. You read about such a spiritual impartation in Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, chapter 12 verse 8. It is listed among the spiritual gifts God grants through His Spirit to believers, given for specific purposes. It is direct, supernatural guidance via a spoken word from God that can be either audible, semi-audible, or received by strong thought, impression or vision.

Jesus must have received numerous words of knowledge continually during His earthly ministry, so He knew precisely what to do in every situation. He said He only did what the Father told Him (Jn 7:28). He did precisely what pleased the Father (v 29).

We knew what God meant by the 'word' He spoke to Helena. If we wanted to win for the sake of the people of God, we had to fight! There was no laying down arms now! No fighter goes to the front expecting an easy time. He is prepared to lay down his life, if need be, to achieve victory. There can be no half measures or half-heartedness in those God calls to do His work.

We received a few other dreams at the same time which conveyed the realism that we were in an intense struggle, and we had to put out effort in the physical plane. God would then do the rest in the spiritual plane.

Our friend, Barbara Jackson, received a dream at that time. She dreamed she was struggling to pull up a plant which had extremely tenacious roots. She struggled and strained. It seemed it was impossible to uproot the plant!

That plant's roots represented the roots of the system of wrong government and ideology that had been put down in the church decades previously. The false concept of implicitly following and obeying men in ministerial capacities was the core of that tenacious root system. That has to be uprooted! It is satanic. And it WILL BE UPROOTED! Jesus predicted: "Every plant that My heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots" (Matthew 15:13).

Miss Jackson found it impossible to pull the plant up, though she mustered all her strength. All she managed to do was pull a few leaves off! Far more than human effort is required to uproot a satanic system!

It would be impossible to relate all the dreams and words of knowledge which God gave us during this time of battle and struggle with the forces of evil. We had many other dreams or short visions which had either general meaning or focused on specific troublemakers in the church ministry. Through the revelations, God gave us guidance and reassurance that He was with us constantly, despite the fact that we did at times feel so alone.

Jesus promised His disciples before He left them physically, "Surely, I will be with you always, to the very end of the age" (Matthew 28:20). He faithfully stands with those who fear Him, love Him and obey Him today (Hebrews 13:5). 



Receiving Prophetic Words

"... I am the Lord, who has made all things... who foils the signs of false prophets...

who overthrows the learning of the wise...

who carries out the words of His servants and fulfils the predictions of His messengers".

(Isaiah 44:24-26)


God loves people with a love which few understand. It is all-consuming.

The majority of people in our 'free' society have a misguided view of God. Many see Him as irrelevant; most fail to see Him as the God of limitless love that He is. One reason is that they cannot equate that truth with the presence of so much evil and mayhem in this world.

But the God of love and mercy made Himself known to the Old Testament prophets just as much as He has to New Testament saints. He is revealed as the God who has mercy and compassion on those who turn to Him. The reason so much violence and evil are prevalent in the world today is that the vast majority do not seek God or His ways that would bring the peace and happiness all desire. People tend to go their own ways, because they find them more appealing (Proverbs 14:12), just as Adam and Eve found the forbidden fruit more enticing in the Edenic Garden.

Despite human rebellion, God is always waiting 'in the wings' to succour and help those who have had enough of their own ways, who want to turn to Him. "O Israel, I will not forget you. I have swept away your offences like a cloud [He anticipates the event as if it had already occurred], your sins like the morning mist. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you" (Is 44:21,22).

"Come now, let us reason together," says the Lord. "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool" (Is 1:18). "In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it" (Is 30:15). "The Lord longs to be gracious to you; He rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him!" (v 18.)

This is the God whom so few know, and who has been so grossly misrepresented, even by some 'religious' people. The majority believe the God of the Old Testament to be a harsh, vindictive Being, who cannot wait to punish His children for waywardness. (If that were so, He certainly is slow to act!) The truth is entirely the opposite. The problems faced by the world are of our own making, and go right back to the first mistake our forebears made in Eden. Had we been there, we would have done the same thing!

Hear, O heavens! Listen, O earth! For the Lord has spoken: 'I reared children and brought them up, but they have rebelled against Me. The ox knows his master, the donkey his owner's manger, but Israel does not know, My people do not understand.' Ah, sinful nation, a people loaded with guilt, a brood of evildoers, children given to corruption. They have forsaken the Lord; they have spurned the Holy One of Israel and turned their backs on Him (Is 1:2-4).

This lament on the true spiritual state of God's people is not reflected in God's response. He only yearns to see His children return to Him, repentant for their rebellion. They suffer for their own mistakes (v 5). God only wants to protect and deliver them, but they will have none of it.

Humanity does not differ in its fundamental psychology from one age to another. Human nature and proclivities are still the same now nearly 3,000 years later. All that has changed is the cosmetic dressing or representation.

People today still call evil good, and good evil. They still put darkness for light and light for darkness; and put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter (Is 5:20). Their own 'wisdom' causes them to do so. They do not see that their own wisdom is but foolishness. But they are not fooling God!

The games people play today can be very subtle. The devil deludes them with discreet ploys. He deceives them and takes them out of the right way. This occurs even in the Church. The Church is the primary target of Satan, so it is not surprising that apostasy and corruption are within.

It is to such people, out of God's motive of love, that He sends His prophets. The prophets are there to correct, to guide, to lead, to show the way when people need to be redirected. There would be no need for prophets if everyone were going straight ahead, as God would like.

For us, 1993 heralded a new move of God in several ways. In January, we received a spate of strong prophetic warnings which we had to pass on to those to whom God told us.

¯   One of the first which we received was this. It was for a person who had contact with us, but whose heart was not with us at all:

"I have lots of doors which I am opening to you but at the moment you are striding right past them at your wish. You are trying to find your own doors, which obviously won't appear. And even if you did manage to make one for yourself, it wouldn't lead to fruit of any worth.

"I need your submission to Me," God says, "and not just for the nice things that I want to give you, because I need worshipping – not merely My power, My glory, and My strength.

"Truly wake yourself up and take My lead, because I have many things in store for you which I want to give you, but none of them can I bring to pass unless you are submitting to Me and My total will.

"If you don't agree with any of the prophecies and corrections I give you, then you ought to rise up to the level of My strength, power, and glory, and make another creation the same and better than Mine, and then the truth will be shown who exactly is God.

"And because you're not listening to Me, I'm giving much more of My power to Malcolm and Helena, who I am now commissioning to perform many thousands of miracles. And quite a proportion of these miracles will be raising people from the dead.

"I have told Malcolm and Helena personally that they are going to raise a small boy from the dead... through My power, glory and strength.

"The devil is the biggest fool going, and I hope you are not going to go with him!"           Words given approx 7.30 pm Wed 20/1/93

Many religious people, who consider themselves Christians, are playing 'clever' games with God. They are not prepared to submit their lives fully to Him. They want some of what He has to offer, but they don't want other aspects. They pick and choose. You cannot play with the things of God. It doesn’t work. If you continue on down such a self-willed road, in the end you will find you will lose everything.

¯   On 22nd Jan 1993 we had an equally strong 'word' to convey to another person. Like us, this man was familiar with the teachings of the WCG, but had joined a breakaway church which continued to maintain the same idolatry:

Don't be surprised that I, Jesus Christ, speak to My servants directly. I have commissioned a servant of Mine to write to you. The reason I am doing this is because I need you to follow Me, submitting to Me instead of to the cleverness of My enemy the devil.

This letter would still be the same if I spoke these words through a human or through an angel, because every word in it, I want said to you.

I have been watching over your life very carefully and I know all the future ahead of you. I have everything mapped out for you.

I need to tell you that Herbert Armstrong has done some things that I wanted doing in the past, but most of what he did was done with his own might. He wasn't submitting his life to Me so that I could use him in a mighty way.

To make this more real to you, one of the many occasions I tried to guide him was a time when he was driving somewhere. And while going this somewhere, he wasn't going the way I instructed him to go. Because he didn't listen to Me, I had to commission an angel to brutally turn the wheel of his car so that he would go the way I wanted him to go.

There are some who worship the man and adore him more than they adore Me. Such people will say that this incident proves that this was a man of God because I had to force him to make a decision which I wanted made.

A person is not of Me just because I was manifest in his life once or twice. A person is of Me if he submits to Me, and when he submits to Me you will see fruits in his life. Now, fruits aren't what many people think they are. It is wrong to think that right doctrines constitute those fruits. That is blaspheming My Holy Name.

Now, I'm going to tell you what are My fruits. These signs shall follow those that believe – miracles, healings, raising the dead and casting out demons. All of these flow through love, the most important fruit of all. The devil cannot manifest himself in love, because he is not love, but he does know all the right doctrines that are in My Word. That is why in certain times of your life you have made My doctrines more important than Me. Don't condemn or come against anyone if they are truly showing My fruits, because when My fruits are manifest in somebody they are submitting to Me and taking My lead.

If I tell somebody to do something, then they should do it! It is foolish for you to tell somebody to go against My instructions to that person. If you truly feel something is wrong, then come and talk to Me about it and I will tell you what I want doing with this person. But before this happens you will need to submit yourself totally to Me, because I cannot manifest Myself in somebody who does not really want Me and doesn't make Me more important than My doctrines.

Before you go condemning people about certain wrong doctrines that I have allowed them to have, rise up to their level of faith and more, and allow miracles to flow through your life. And when you get to this point, then you would understand that in no uncertain terms you are blaspheming Me and My Name if you think I am not with them.

Now, I know everything that has gone on and will go on in your life, and wherever you may have spoken or written to someone concerning these wrong views. I want you to humbly write and tell them where you were wrong and tell them that you have repented.

If you do all these things – which will be very difficult – and take the lead of My Spirit, then you will be able to see some mighty fruits manifesting in your own life similar to the ones which I have done through one of My children...

I enclose one of My books which I have inspired him to write, for your benefit and encouragement and I truly want you to repent before Me, Jesus Christ, your only Saviour.

We sent to this individual a copy of someone else's book. It wasn’t one we had written.

¯   Two days later, we received another strong prophetic word. This came in the form of a vivid dream and a confirming direct 'word'. One who had come to meet with us at weekends was given the dream. Richard was told beforehand that this person would receive a dream that night. Sure enough, the dream was vivid and very meaningful.

It concerned another church group whom we knew and had had some contact with. They were fine people, but were trapped with a very limiting philosophy. The Congregation of Yahweh felt the need to use Hebrew names for God in their worship, and held quite rigidly to this tenet of doctrine in their private and group worship.

They could not see it as a limiting factor in their outreach or in their appreciation of God. Yet, when any human facet of our worship becomes indispensable to us, we make an idol out of it. Even a form of worship can become idolatrous. We pay more heed to the form of worship than to the One whom we ought to be focusing on without man-made hindrances. This restrictive philosophy can be very subtle, so it goes largely undetected.

Satan is very clever at blinding people – even Christians. He is the one who has created all the denominational walls that surround different groups of believers and which separate them from others. God wants to demolish those barriers, not so we can all become part of a super-organisation, but so we can share with one another and learn from one another. False religion separates; true religion unites – if it is not opposed. But most oppose pure truth.

In this dream, a group of people were gathered in a graveyard around a hole in the ground, which they were digging.

When they finished digging the grave, a light coloured coffin appeared. They placed God in the coffin and closed the lid. Then the coffin was lowered into the ground and buried.

The group remained around the burial spot praying to God and seeking Him earnestly. He was alive in the coffin and heard their cries but was unable to answer them because they had confined Him within the coffin they had made.

Things were no longer going well with this group because God had said, "This far and no further."

God spoke to the group and said, "Does the cow order the grass to grow, where it may eat thereof? Does the whale control the seas and order the plankton whereof it may eat? Does the clay command the potter to form it into its required shape?"

Then God said to them, "I have loved you and nurtured you and now you are in swaddling clothes, but I have one thing against you. You have constrained Me within the bounds of two names. I have told you through My prophet in the written word. I have told you that I have billions of names and billions of praise words to glorify Me and to honour My name."

Then God explained that He could no longer work with the group because He was being constrained by these two names.

God then said to the congregation, "My children are throughout the world: Tibet, Morocco, Alaska (meaning the Eskimo people); each man praises Me in his own way and in his own tongue, and it is to My glory. Learn from these and I will bless you."

Beware exclusivism that is bred inside human organisations that call themselves churches! God is not exclusive. He does not want us to form exclusive 'clubs' that separate people from one another and which can easily lead to competition, rivalry and strife.

¯   On 26th February 1993, God spoke to us specifically about the spiritual state of the ministry of the WCG. What He told us would shock most members – if they knew! Of the ministers employed by the WCG:

50% are Freemasons

70% are false ministers

23% are lukewarm

7% are true.

God did not mean that 50% of them are literally Freemasons, but that their behaviour is swayed by the same demonic influences.

¯   A few days later, we received another 'word' this time as a vision. In this vision, God was sitting at a large table on which were seven large rectangular box-shaped car batteries. Stacked side by side, you could not tell from external appearance alone which were good and which were bad.

God hit them and they were thrown all over the table. Thus scattered, it was possible to see whether they were good or bad.

Then God stacked them all in a row. He wired them up onto test meters. While they were close together the weak ones took power from the strong. However, when separated, the lifeless batteries lost power instantly while those with life in them retained their viability. After this, God joined them all together again and they all seemed to have the same strength.

God poured water over all the batteries. The good ones soaked it up, while it simply ran off the bad ones. Then God took a drill and said: "They think they are going to be destroyed with the end of this drill. They don't know this, but I'm not actually going to do that."

When He moved the drill towards them as if He would destroy them, the bad ones changed shape so they wouldn't get hurt. The good ones, however, stood up and were confident before the drill in God's hands.

In this vision, God said He is going to separate the bad ones from the good in the WCG (that separation has been happening through some of the subsequent trials), but this will not be the case in all denominations and in all circumstances. Most will be separated at the final judgement in the future.

At the end of this vision, a little angel came and wheeled all the batteries away on a little trolley.

Interpretation Of The Vision

The batteries represent Christians and ministers. How much power they give off represents their spiritual lives. The water represents the Holy Spirit and how much Christians are willing to absorb it. The drill illustrated and tested how willing people are to give their lives completely to God.

The batteries being close together represented circumstances in the WCG at that time in 1993. Separation represents trial and persecution.

The little angel with the trolley adds a touch of God's humour and puts things in perspective in relation to His greatness.


These were a few of the words God spoke to us to give to other children of His. In all instances they didn’t heed.



‘Angels Of Light’

"For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ.

And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness".

(2 Corinthians 11:13,14)


There were times in the lives of the biblical prophets when God had them do some extraordinary things. You read about Ezekiel's experiences in this regard in the early chapters of his account.

He was told to go to his countrymen of Israel and tell them the words of warning God had given him. He was being sent to a rebellious and hostile nation, who didn't want to know about God or His ways (Ezekiel 2:3,4). In order to get their attention, God had him enact some bizarre symbolism.

It was not an easy job. God told him, "Do not be afraid, though briers and thorns are all around you and you live among scorpions. Do not be afraid of what they say or terrified by them, though they are a rebellious house" (Ezek 2:6). Regardless of how they respond, one day they would know that a prophet of God was among them (v 5).

He prophesied for 22 years, perhaps symbolic of the fact that his written prophecies would carry great import for future generations. Biblically, 11 and its multiples frequently denote significant writings.

God had us do some similarly strange things, too. Richard was told to visit a local BMW garage and inform them that if they didn’t take notice of God their business would finish. The whole story is recounted in Inspired By The Spirit, Volume 6, under Blessing Or Curse?

-240When God moves His prophets to do or say controversial things, it brings the opposition out of the 'woodwork'. That was certainly true in the 'BMW saga'. The Church of England hierarchy took great exception to what we had said, but which they had only heard about through the 'grapevine'.

The Bucks Herald reported Bishop Yates at Lambeth Palace, speaking on behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury, as saying: "This is an irresponsible
use of a religious position. Mr. Heap should mind his own business."

I wrote to Bishop Yates following his derisory and irresponsible comments to the newspaper but I received no reply, so I can only assume that his comments were reported correctly. It ought to be obvious that it was Lambeth Palace's representative who exhibited "an irresponsible use of a religious position." Bishop Yates would be well advised to follow his own advice and mind his own business!

God told us to do what we did. The bishop is not a prophet of God, nor did he come to us first to discover what God had told us, so he was out of order to comment until he was in possession of the facts.

We also received opposition from the Rural Dean of Aylesbury, who was not at all happy about us doing what we did. He made no contact with us before commenting and publicly disagreeing with God's instructions to us.

It was interesting how God dealt with this situation. A friend of ours was moved to go to worship at a different church in the town that weekend. God led him to the very church at which the Rural Dean conducted services! He did not know this beforehand. It was not until the meeting started that he realised.

He met him afterwards and had an amicable chat, in which he told him he was associated with our ministry, Midnight Ministries. He invited the vicar to meet with us at our home, so we could explain the situation more clearly. The Dean waited for me to contact him and left his phone number.

When I telephoned him and invited him to our home for a chat, he declined to come, but instead asked us to go and see him in his home. It was as though he was wishing to assert his 'authority' by wanting us to come and report to him like naughty schoolboys.

Four of us did so and we talked for about an hour. The drift of the conversation revealed that he was not happy about God’s words we had received, and he disbelieved that they were realistically from God. He did not recognise that we were an authentic prophetic ministry. In parting, I simply said that when the resurrections occur, he will know that we are what we say. Ezekiel gave a similar proof (Ezek 33:33).

People resent prophets of God. They sometimes have to use strong language. Their task is to speak out (Isaiah 58:1). No-one likes to receive correction. That is understandable. But if the correction is heeded, people can benefit and be blessed by God.

The words of the prophets create a line. It is a line which those who want to follow God are prepared to cross, but a line over which those who do not sincerely seek after Him will not go.

False ministers – ministers of Satan – will only argue, reason, object, criticise and oppose, when God speaks through His prophets. They will use every ploy in the book to reason around what they ought to accept. They are not prepared to humble themselves to do what God says and recognise the words of the prophets. Oh, they will go so far, but they will not fully obey God. Their religion is basically an outward show, performed, like the scribes and Pharisees, for selfish gain.

The established churches are not going to like the words of the prophets of God in the next few years. They will persecute God's true servants and oppose the next move of God in the nation.

It has happened before. The early Church was persecuted for implicitly obeying God. It will happen again. History has a habit of repeating itself.


When I wrote and distributed some harmless spiritual articles to members of our former church, the tools of Satan soon manifested themselves. The hostility and venom which erupted against us was undiluted. It came from the ministers who wanted control over the members' minds. They resented our input. They did not have the spiritual discernment to see whether our written material was biblically sound before they condemned it, and us. They merely said negative and untrue things about us before their congregations in order to deter the membership from reading what they labelled "dissident literature".

There was nothing dissident about it in relation to the Word of God. They merely considered it dissident because we had been slung out of their church organisation, and had been given a bad name by those who held the reins of power within it. Now that I was writing material for publication, it was also labelled "dissident" material. The clever evil insinuation which this epithet conveyed to the minds of ignorant members, prejudiced them against anything we might write or say.

Those church leaders revealed their motives through their words and actions. They were not sincerely objective. They were politically moved, out of selfish motivation. God was not in their lives.

A friend in the church sent me a tape of a sermon delivered by Stuart Powell, a minister of the WCG, in which he likened me and the publications I had produced to viruses. He told the members of his congregation that I was a "dangerous beast", like a virus, and that if those in his flock were to read my writings they were in danger of being infected by this serious 'viral disease' I was supposed to have got.

In subtly but vilely attacking me, he did not realise he was condemning the very God who moved my pen for His purposes. I wrote to this minister who had vilified me, as I wrote to all our former associates who had slandered my name, but he did not have an open mind. He would not listen. His mind was cult orientated. He only cared to know what the leaders of the organisation said who paid him his wages. He did not care to hear the truth. He only cared for those in positions of power. That was all that was seriously on his mind. He paid lip service to caring about us, but it was a sham. He did not objectively listen to what I had to say, and he certainly did not want to seek justice or equity.

We discovered that was the case for ALL of those in ministerial capacities in the WCG. 'Political' expediency also rules the day in a good number of other church organisations.

Those who submit to that satanic rule are hirelings. "The hired hand is not the Shepherd who owns the sheep. So when he sees a wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away" (Jn 10:12,13). The majority would rather comply with the wishes of those who control their wages, than follow the paths of equity! They fail to really protect the sheep. They fail to even see the spiritual enemy when he comes. He comes from within, disguised as a sheep. Yet he is a wolf.

Satan has so cleverly camouflaged his servants. They appear as ministers of God, acting in the interests of the flock, but the truth is entirely the opposite. They appear to want God, but they are deluded. When a prophet of God challenges them, they are confronted by a line which they must cross if they want to follow God. By rejecting his words, they reject God, not merely the man so used.

Satan, by cleverly confusing the issue of where the Church is, has managed to strongly influence members' minds. They look to the minister because he is in power. He is paid by the organisation to 'feed' the flock. He looks like he could not be the one to lead people astray, yet too often that is the case (not in every case!). Paul warned of those who would draw away disciples after themselves (Acts 20:30). This drawing away is not always physically drawing members away from a particular 'church', but drawing away their minds from Christ towards those ministers. That is where the deception and seduction occurs. These men appear as angels of light, but in spiritual terms they are savage wolves (Acts 20:29). This is a reality which must be seriously considered by Christians in all churches.

Paul spent three years warning about this danger (v 31). He knew many would fall prey to it. Many are fooled today, also. How often have you heard misguided souls insist that lone believers must “be under the umbrella of a minister or church” and “not go it alone”?! They forget about the wolves!

If you wonder how you can tell; spiritual discernment is the only way. Only God can grant it. He reveals things to His true prophets.

What most people fail to realise is that many people will come to Christ, calling Him 'Lord', but whose hearts are far from Him in reality. They want to get what they can from Him, but they don't really want to give. In the final judgement, when Jesus separates the 'sheep' from the 'goats' (Matthew 25:31-46), many will lose out on eternal life because they will not have truly served Him (Matthew 7:22,23).

Many men 'of the cloth' are not God's servants! They will end up being rejected on that final day, although God will use them to preach, to teach, to bring souls into the Kingdom, to do Jesus' Work. So you must beware! You can know them by their fruits (Matthew 7:15-23).  




God’s Commission Transferred

"He made my mouth like a sharpened sword, in the shadow of His hand He hid me;

He made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in His quiver.

He said to me, ‘You are My servant...’ ”

(Isaiah 49:2-3)


In chapter 27, I related our meeting with the top brass of the UK WCG on 3rd January 1991. On that day Jesus came to them, but not in a dramatic vision or thunderous display like on Sinai to Israel. He came in a much more discreet manner. They didn't know He was there, much less that He had come to judge them!

He gave them an opportunity of enacting what is right. They refused. They preferred injustice to justice, and inequality to equality. It didn't suit them to seek righteousness and truth. They wanted power and control. Jesus let them have it because that's what they chose.

Our reasons for being members of that church were because we sought truth and that church did at one time champion that cause. But on that January day we saw that truth was no longer on their agenda.

We went away from that meeting deeply disappointed.

We didn't realise at the time that the Holy Spirit left them and came with us. On that day, the anointing that had been on the WCG – for receiving revelation and understanding of aspects of biblical truth – was being taken away from them and transferred to us. Only hindsight showed it to be so.

In the thirties, God had moved Herbert W Armstrong to begin a work. God was going to use him to spread some lesser known biblical truths, and broadcast them to many. Principal among these was the truth of the Sabbath. Most of Christendom is deceived about the fourth commandment and thinks that it is either irrelevant or that Sunday-keeping fulfils it. It doesn't. In his Autobiography, Armstrong describes how God challenged him on this issue and proved to him the validity of Sabbath observance under the New Covenant. God was going to use him, and the organisation he headed, to spread it abroad.

There were signs of God's working with him for that purpose.

For example, in January 1934, Herbert Armstrong (HWA) began to broadcast on radio to spread this truth, with other pieces of biblical knowledge and understanding. His organisation was then called the Radio Church of God.

Nineteen years later, in January 1953, his programme, The World Tomorrow, went into Europe on Radio Luxembourg.

There is significance in the timing. Every 19 years (approx) the sun and moon complete a cycle known as the metonic cycle. Those heavenly bodies come into alignment. The sun symbolises God, the source of spiritual light. The moon depicts the Church and its reflection of His enlightening truth. So, God illustrated what He was doing with HWA through this phenomenon of timing. He was giving him some truth to reflect to the world and to the Church.

Nineteen years later brought us to 1972, the year I graduated from their College. By that time, the Worldwide Church of God, as HWA's organisation was renamed, had an outreach that was global. Their Plain Truth magazine had reached a massive circulation of 7 million (I'm not sure of the year it reached a zenith). Only Reader’s Digest had a larger circulation in the world. HWA was also globetrotting to visit world leaders and making a big splash for himself in some high circles.

The World Tomorrow radio programme had increased its spread and was on hundreds of radio stations around the world, reaching an audience of many millions. Then The World Tomorrow went onto TV and was broadcast equally widely, before the whole operation began to wane in the seventies and eighties.

One major reason for demise was internal corruption. God gave HWA a chance to be used, and he was used up to a point. But he chose to spread truth only on an intellectual level. He rejected deeper spirituality, the things of the Spirit. He cloned people to believe that he and he alone was God’s instrument upon earth. This idolatry led to manifold abuses within the organisation he founded. God was going to bring this monolith down. It had served its purpose and passed its 'sell-by' date.

Nineteen years on from January 1972 brings us to January 1991. Little did I know that our meeting in Elstree House on 3rd January 1991 was an appointment with Destiny, both for us and for the WCG! But, now, with the benefit of hindsight, we can see that God removed His Spirit and Work from the WCG at that time and transferred the anointing to us (Zechariah 4:6). Revelation of truth was a major sign.

God's purpose is the furtherance of His little-known truths.

Although we were still, at that time, fighting for recompense and equity with the WCG, hoping they would reverse their wrong decisions, God had other things in mind. From that time He began to systematically reveal to us further truth – spiritual things we had never known or experienced in the Worldwide. This revelation of truth has continued. God placed an anointing upon me, enabling me to put it all in writing. The result is MM literature – a complete doctrinal foundation for the Church in all its sectors, explaining and expounding Bible truth – as various dreams from God portrayed.

Back in the early nineties, however, Helena and I were still trying to get our names cleared of the slander that false ministers had thrown at us. We vigorously campaigned for the reversal of their defamation of our character before the entire WCG. If the WCG junta were to be accepted by God, they had to reverse their maltreatment and put right the damage their abuse had done. They consistently refused!

On 22nd October and 28th October 1992, I wrote two letters to Les McCullough, the UK WCG Regional Director, exhorting him to be objective and enact justice. He had let false ministers spiritually abuse us and had done precious little about it! He hoped I would just drift off into the sunset, but I’m not that sort of person. God was stirring me up, and the more they failed to do what was right, the more stirred up I got.

A short while later a friend presented me with this account:

"Prophecy received by Susanna, 1st November 1992, for Malcolm and Midnight Ministries.

"After being led by the Spirit to pray for Malcolm, Susanna still felt a burden for more to be done. She asked for a scripture to show her what God had in mind, and was given Exodus chapter 5. Having read that, she asked why that was relevant and received the following answer, which she wrote down.

"MALCOLM’S WARNING! (Nothing else came to mind with this statement, just that. Susanna was not aware of the letters to Mr McCullough a few days before. What follows is relevant to that warning.)

"If they do not let the people go and allow them to come into My hands there will be terrible consequences for them to pay, for them and their families. (This, Susanna felt, was addressed to the people in positions of responsibilities.)

"The people who refuse to leave because of fear and misunderstandings will suffer greatly just as the Israelites did under Pharaoh. The suffering will not be My doing. They have put themselves in Satan’s hands, and his aim is on target to destroy. But I will do mighty miracles for those who turn to Me, and I will show those hardhearted ministers who I really AM.

"They have given them no food, but have expected them to yield fruit. They have bullied them to yield fruit and have squeezed the people spiritually dry.

"Moses’ stick represents the words of the people [Malcolm and Midnight Ministries] trying to free My people, and the magicians’ stick represents their (the WCG hierarchy’s) words. My words will devour their words even though they may try hard to copy and imitate My words.

"Warn the people that Satan is ready to destroy them and he will devour them like an eagle that swoops down to catch a small animal in its mouth. (Susanna saw a picture of the bird which was not necessarily an eagle, but could have been a vulture or similar bird of prey.)

"Be sure to let them know that I have compassion on them and I am waiting and willing to save not destroy. If only they would turn to Me and be spared this fire of Satan.

"Susanna then felt a lifting of the burden and could rest.”

That spiritual experience occurred on 1st November 1992. But the warning to which God was referring had not been written! It didn't go until 11th November. God inspired it. It is recorded in its entirety in God Speaks To The WCG, chapter 4.

Once again, the response from the WCG hierarchy was zilch!

McCullough was demonstrating that he was as much a false minister as Paul Suckling and Harry Sullivan. WCG HQ in Elstree House was a nest of vipers!

In all my correspondence with WCG personnel who held power, I was hopeful of a positive spiritual response from them so that equity could prevail. But God knew what was in their hearts, and everything that transpired was His means of exposing their evil motives and hard hearts. We learned much truth concerning Satan's instruments within the Church, how they operate, and the damage they cause. I relate more in Apostasy In God’s Church! and Testing The Spirits.

The synagogue of Satan is in all church groups, hidden below the surface. God revealed that to me one morning. I can’t remember the date, but it was probably in 1991. That truth, about the presence of Satan in all church organisations (Rev 2:9 and 3:9) was a bombshell! We could not understand it before we had suffered at the hands of those satanic elements. But now it made acute sense!



Paul’s Anointing

"...contend for the faith that was once entrusted to the saints".

(Jude 3)


Just to backtrack a while. I need to share another interesting feature. [This piece written in 2018.]

In 1988 the prophet Henry Gruver was translated – transmuted supernaturally by God – from the USA to Rome, Italy, along with six other individuals whom God selected from other countries and also translated to Rome. God put them in the underground dungeon where the apostle Paul had been executed. This information came out recently when Henry Gruver appeared on Sid Roth’s prog “It’s Supernatural” last week [April 2018].

They were commissioned by God to intercede against some fierce demonic powers, huge demonic monstrous beings.

When the apostle Paul died, the anointing of God that was on Paul’s life was ‘lost’ in the sense that it stayed there in that dungeon, ‘locked in’ by those supernatural beings. Henry Gruver and the others with him were assigned the task in spiritual warfare to shift those powerful demons, releasing the anointing. They did so.

This is a fascinating discovery, because it explains why the Church descended into apostasy so quickly, and was not able to emerge from that darkness despite numerous waves of holy Spirit activity that generated pulses of renewal and restoration; and how it has remained in widespread deception ever since, particularly with regard to Sunday-keeping and substitute festivals. Even the Protestant Reformation was not able to shift those demonic blockages and restore the full biblical Truth.

Late in the first century, Jude, the brother of Jesus, exhorted believers to contend EARNESTLY for the faith once delivered to the saints (Jude 3) because it was rapidly being eroded. John likewise, in his three canonised letters, warned in coded language about the new commandment (of Sunday observance – without stating it, otherwise he would have been arrested and maybe executed). [See Moved By The Spirit, Vol 2, p 31, Why John Wrote His First Letter.] The rapid doctrinal demise was due to the block by those demonic powers, preventing the anointing on Paul’s ministry continuing its work – that is, until 1988.

In that year, I was going to work in my pick-up one day when I remembered I had not brought with me some necessary tools. So I went back to collect them. While there I thought I would quickly pop in the house and see Helena briefly before returning to work. She ‘happened’ to be watching a news item on the telly which was about Reinhard Bonnke, the German born evangelist who has done much work in Africa. I didn’t know about him back then. He was being interviewed. A dramatic healing had taken place in a meeting of his where a woman who had been severely crippled and in a wheelchair for much of her life, got up totally restored and ran around the auditorium. I think it was Jean Neil. Jean Neil later had her own healing ministry from God. But at that time, the miraculous healing was quite unusual for the UK scene since the time of Smith Wigglesworth.

The church we were in at the time did not accept the healing evangelists like A A Allen, Jack Coe, Kathryn Kuhlman or Reinhard Bonnke et al, simply on the grounds of doctrinal differences. They even taught against such men or women of God as if they were charlatans. When I saw and heard Reinhard being interviewed on national TV, suddenly the anointing of God put in my mind that this was no charlatan; he was a man of God and this was God very much at work demonstrating the power that we learned later He wants all disciples to wield in faith.

That same year [remember I was still in the dead WCG], I began searching more and more for fuller truth. I felt a great void in the area of faith, and I yearned to have that void filled. I know now that it was God’s Spirit that had come upon me and was creating this hunger and thirst. I wanted to know about all the spiritual gifts of 1 Cor 12 that were absent from the church we attended. I was given a paper by Frank Brown, but it didn’t answer the matter satisfactorily. They were lacking understanding and experience in that area.

The matter of church governance came to my attention. I read a short paper written by a church member who was not happy about the very autocratic system of rule in the church. It wasn’t a long paper, and it was far from comprehensive, but it got me thinking. I started to think more deeply and analytically about government in the Church, that was supposed to be the Government of God (according to the misguided WCG), but it didn’t stack up with scripture. God was opening my mind to new things. One thing led to another and line upon line was added. I was being showered with enlightenment from Above. Revelation knowledge came every time I read the Bible and new things emerged, which I began to write down and record in systematic fashion. Later, articles were written based upon these truths that were unfolding little by little.

Looking back, I see now that this was all instigated by God. And now, all these years later, and having heard about what God did with Henry Gruver in 1988, it makes one wonder. Is this the anointing that was specially given to Paul to ‘encode’ the truth, explaining the relationship between the foundational precepts of the Old Covenant and their outworking through the Spirit in the New? His NT letters emphasise the power and influence of the Spirit in Christian practice and conduct. But since Paul’s death they soon became grossly misunderstood and distorted, and have given rise to egregious teachings today that are flagrantly lawless. Our task has been to redress this imbalance and restore in writing an accurate exegesis as a foundation for the whole Church, not that it will accept it! But the job is done. And now it becomes apparent why.

It may have been the following year, 1989, that Helena and I visited a homeopath for the first time, who informed us about various health matters and the phenomenon of Geopathic Stress. I bought from him a book entitled Earth Currents by Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, a German who, in the 1930s, had isolated a large area from this harmful geological electromagnetic influence. We also found out about neutralisers produced by Dulwich Health Society and various others that can counter this geopathic influence. These were significant ‘discoveries’ for the course of our lives from then on. God had led us to the people who informed us about them. Our acceptance of these new bits of information led to our abrupt and illicit dismissal from that former church, whose ‘ministers’ acted as emissaries for the enemy, also described in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 as “the synagogue of Satan”.

That was another unveiling I got one Monday morning when I opened my Bible. God has a way of just taking you where you need to turn, and then pointing out something with a coherent thought flow. Over the years that flow has continued piece by piece, and it is all God’s doing.

Now the outreach abroad, where He has taken us with the MM vans which He told us to buy, and the unprecedented miracles occurring there, are testimony to His guidance upon this Work. It is the Last Restoration. That’s what He has said, not just my words. And He didn’t only say it to me; He told many others also, usually folks in other countries who were receiving MM publications but who were not on the right wavelength but whom He gave a chance to receive enlightenment. Most of them wanted money more than enlightenment, which is why He emphasised to them what God was doing with MM.

What He said to Nicholas Ochieng Odero about me was particularly poignant: “This is the man I have chosen to restore all things to the Church.”

So, now that the writing task is essentially done, we’ve got to get it to the people. And how is God going to do that with a ministry that has no money, no following, no reputation, and little back-up (“little strength”, Rev 3:8)? Well, similar to the way He did with Elijah and Moses.

God does what He plans; He performs the miracles, and we just follow His instructions and directives, because it’s not about us; it’s all about Him and restoring His pure Truth in the world. 15 April 2018. 



The Last Restoration

"Behold, I will send you [an] Elijah the prophet before the coming

of the great and dreadful day of the Lord".

(Malachi 4:5, NKJV)

"To be sure, Elijah comes and will restore all things".

(Matt 17:11)


The above prophecy was partly fulfilled by John the Baptist, prior to Jesus’ first coming. The final fulfilment is occurring right now, and has been for some years. Jesus will be returning soon!

The work of 'Elijah' is a multifaceted work, being fulfilled by many people, as I explain in the booklet Who Is The End-Time Elijah? Yet there is one aspect of it that God commissioned me to do. You have seen allusions to that in chapter 37, but it is fully documented elsewhere.

The booklet MORE THAN A PROPHET provides the background on this matter, along with some revelations, dreams, visions, etc., that God gave to show where this aspect of restoration is taking place. If you want the full proof, I encourage you to read those publications, together with others listed in Imbibing The Truth in Inspired By The Spirit, Volume 2. However, here are a few of the dreams which God gave to correspondents in other countries about my commission from God of restoring a complete doctrinal foundation – making Bible truth plain, and ironing out widely held errors.

I have mentioned already Nicholas Ochieng Odero’s 6th October 2004 dream. He is a minister who had got in touch with us for his own ends. God challenged him with a command besides the revelation God gave him. But he stepped back from doing what God asked of him. So he turned false.

What God said is not affected by him falling way from the truth. Many fall away because they do not truly love God, nor the Truth. What God said presents a great challenge, not just to him, but to the whole of Christendom: "This is the man I have chosen to restore all things to the Church."

God has given Kassahun Ayele in Ethiopia thousands of dreams over the years. Here are just a few from his dream diary:

12 June 2003. Kassahun. Turning the train (Church) around!

I, with a number of others, was on a train with carriages. The carriages were low, I could hardly stand upright in them. They were ill-ventilated, having a smell as though they had not been ventilated for months. [Symbolism depicting the state of the Church, which needs the fresh air of God's Spirit.] The roads (tracks) over which they were passing were very rough and the carriages shook violently, sometimes causing our baggage to fall off and sometimes throwing off some of the passengers.  [The state of the Church.]

We had to keep stopping to get our passengers and baggage, or repair the track. We worked some of the time but made little or no headway. We were indeed a sorry looking set of travellers. [Christianity’s general state.]

14 June 2003. (A continuation of the dream of 12 June above.) All at once we came to a turntable large enough to take on the whole train. Malcolm and Helena were standing there, and as I stepped off the train, they said, "This train is going all wrong. It must be turned square about [right around]."

They both held cranks that moved the machinery turning the table and tugged with their might. I stood and watched till I saw the train beginning to turn. I spoke out and said, "It's moving!" and grabbed hold to help them. I paid little attention to the train, we were so intent upon performing our labour of turning the table.

When we had accomplished the task we looked up and the whole train was transformed. Instead of the low, ill-ventilated carriages on which we had been riding, there were broad, high, well designed carriages, with large, clear windows, the whole trimmed and golden in a most splendid manner, more elegant than any palace or hotel carriage ever seen. The train was filling up with passengers whose faces were cheerful and happy, yet wore an expression of assurance and maturity. Malcolm and Helena were on board this time. Their faces lit up with holy joy.

As the train was starting I was so overjoyed that I awoke. I'm so glad now that I have been here to see the blessing of the Lord accompanying the arduous labours of Malcolm and Helena in setting things in order.

Meaning: The train represents the Church. The carriages are the various parts of it across the world.

MM's writings are a foundation of biblical truth to restore what has been lost, and which loss has caused the Church to be going in the wrong direction to the way God intended. Eventually this truth will be completely accepted (in the Millennium) and the people of God will be going the right way.

8 July 2003. Kassahun. I saw a very beautiful sword. It emitted light. The light coming from it contained many different colours. At the sword's handle I noticed five brilliant gems. Blue, green, yellow, red and amber. I knew that even the gems were there for a functional purpose, though I was not yet sure what that was.

Comment: The sword depicts the Truth of God which is in MM publications. There are many beautiful aspects to God’s truth, which is precious and which is preparing (symbolised numerically by 5) God's people for the soon-coming kingdom of God.

In Ephesians 6:17, Paul stated "the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God."

6 Feb 2004. Kassahun. MM is helping to build the Living Temple.

Many people were working on a huge building on level ground. I went to find out who the man was who owned this building. Suddenly Malcolm appears out of the blue, with a smile on his face. He had a hard hat on his head like builders wear on building sites. He said to me that the building is 'The Living Temple'. I didn't understand what he meant. [That was how God conveyed it in the dream, because He put Kassahun in the place of new people coming to inquire.]

Comment: The Living Temple is comprised of those in whom the Spirit of God lives. The children of God are those who are led by His Spirit (Romans 8:14). Where God's Spirit dwells is His Temple. So, it is a living Temple.

MM publications are not written to try and gain a following for us. They are written to help people accept the Spirit of God and be led by Him. God is no respecter of persons. He loves all who humble themselves to allow Him to live within them.

13 Jan 2004. K. MM Publications Reflect The Light Of The Bible.

I saw the Bible surrounded by the publications of MM. Several bright rays were coming from the Bible and were reflected by the publications.

Comment: God's wonderful light of spiritual truth shines forth from His Word in the Bible. In this dream, this light was reflected by MM's publications.

Kassahun commented that this was another confirmation from God that He approves of MM's literature.

2 June 2003. Kassahun. MM holds the Torch of God’s Truth!

Malcolm was holding a huge torch. From that torch there came meteors like fireworks (it seemed like that in the dream) which spread to various places.

When the scene changed, I saw a multitude of people coming to Malcolm with their torches. The torches they held didn't have light, so they kindled their torches from the burning torch of Malcolm. The more they kindled their torches, the more the huge torch in Malcolm's hand was brightening also. The light was very beautiful.

Comment: As we give the light of God’s truths to others, God blesses us more. They can then take the torch of truth to others also. Thus the fire of God spreads.

10 August 2004. K. MM Literature Likened To The Ark of God.

All the families of MM were gathered together in a large auditorium. We were seated at a rectangular form. In the centre there was a large golden box heated by a flame of fire inside it. We were warming ourselves from it. While we were watching and warming, Helena stood and said that the heat is coming from The Ark of God. Someone asked her, "Are you telling us that the iron box is The Ark of God?"

Helena answered "Certainly!"

Comment: The Ark of The Covenant symbolised the Presence of God. MM literature is written so that people can yield to God and know His Presence in their lives through faith.

5th June 2001. Kassahun.  Malcolm Clothed in White.

I saw Malcolm in the house. He was clothed with gabbi. (Traditional garment of Ethiopia. It is very white. People dress in it in winter to be warm.)

He was writing something very powerful which revolutionised the whole world. I was very encouraged by his commitment.


Imbibing The Truth

It might sound presumptuous to many ears to say that God has restored His truths in these last days to Midnight Ministries. But in the dreams above, He has given His seal of approval to MM publications as a sure foundation of accurate biblical truth. (More is recounted in Revelations From God About MM, What God Said About MM, and MORE THAN A PROPHET, and also in the plethora of statements by the Seven Angels recorded in the volumes detailing exploits abroad in the MM outreach in Mighty Miracles of God.)

We are very close now to Jesus' return. There are only a few years left in this age of evil and terror! This restoration of written biblical truth is a sign of the nearness of the end, just as the coming of John the Baptist was a sign of the nearness of Messiah's first coming back then.

In 1998 God put an anointing upon me to write a series of 50 articles for the benefit of Worldwide members and ex-members. The inspiration was necessary. I couldn't have done it by myself.

Likewise, all the MM publications were compiled similarly. I am only an average mind, and of average ability. These are not my publications, although I wrote them. I had a Ghost Writer. He is the Holy Ghost – God's Spirit, Jesus Himself.

God revealed new information. I had to be given it or led to it.

1. Very occasionally He caused people to contact us in the course of our ministry, and it turned out that these people had a piece of information that I needed to complete a particular subject.

2. Or He would lead me through His Word, causing me to 'stumble' upon scriptures that I would now see in a new light. It was an unfolding panorama.

3. On one occasion, God drew my attention to a book. It was How To Scripturally Study The Scriptures by Adlai Loudy. He caused me to open it at random. On the page where it opened, I saw an exposition of the correct translation of mia ton sabbaton which is found in Matthew 28:1 as well as other places. This was one isolated piece of information, but it radically altered widely misunderstood concepts, chief among which is the day on which Jesus appeared after His resurrection. It was NOT a Sunday. It was a Sabbath!

The WCG, and all the offshoot so-called Churches of God (a misnomer – because they are all cults where members follow men, not Jesus), believe that Jesus died on a Wednesday and arose on a Sabbath. But with this nugget of information about mia ton sabbaton, that I just 'happened' to stumble upon, they were all shown to be in error. Jesus must have died on a Tuesday and arisen on a Friday, perfectly fulfilling the symbolism of the second Adam (1 Cor 15:45). Adam was created on the sixth day of the week.

I appreciate that you will not comprehend this matter fully until you read the full treatise that emerged from this revelation. It is in the booklet The Timing Of Jesus' Death And Resurrection. However, I hope you grasp the magnitude of its implications.

4. In 1992, someone prophesied to me that I was to write a booklet on God's Calendar and that God would reveal to me the truth on that subject. It was not a welcome prophecy! I knew that I didn't have the knowledge to do such a feat! I began with trepidation. But what I didn't know, God did, and He knew that I could do it, or He wouldn't have asked. Amazingly, He revealed piece after piece that was needed to write that booklet, and gave me other information from various sources. I was much relieved when it was finished!

5. God had me compile publication after publication. He put the subject in my mind when each was to be done. Invariably I didn't know what was going to be put on paper until I started, but I found time and time again that once I sat down to write, the thoughts just kept coming of what to include. I was led step by step, line by line, scripture by scripture.

It began in autumn 1991. It has not ceased since. I have stuck at it, and kept writing, for all the years that it took.

As I review this now in October 2014 [and again in 2018], to complete the earlier chapters of this book which were written more than 20 years ago, I look back with amazement at what God has achieved. If someone had given me, 27 years ago, a list of all the MM publications which were to be written, I wouldn't have believed him! It seems bizarre. But then it was bizarre what Isaiah was told to do, and Ezekiel, and Jeremiah, and Elijah, and all the prophets who have gone before. Yet, God had a specific appointment and destiny for each one, and He enabled them to achieve their purpose in life.

God never fails! He knows precisely what He is doing!



The Miraculous Outreach

"Look at the nations and watch – and be utterly amazed.

For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told!"

(Habakkuk 1:5)


David Isaac Ohuoba, an evangelist in Nigeria, through whom God has brought several people back from the dead, was given this vision:

7th August 2008. David. New Heaven and New Earth.

I saw a new heaven and a new earth coming down out of heaven from God. It was prepared and ready like a bride dressed to meet her husband. A very beautiful mansion. The beautiful house was ready. [Compare with Rev 21 and Rev 19:7-8.]

After that the clouds were full of fighter and bomber planes. They started firing. [Warfare in the Great Tribulation.] People were running to the house to escape. When they arrived, the door would not open for them. [cf Matt 25:11.]

I saw Malcolm and many people running to the door. It opened for them and a big room was given to them and keys were given to Malcolm Heap in his hand. [cf Rev 3:7; Matt 16:19.] A man in a white garment told Malcolm: “You have the truth, and God’s priority of purpose hinges upon His Truths, that God requires purity – purity in actions and purity in motive. MM has prepared the way. Take away the stumblingblock out of the way of my people’s deliverance.” [See Isaiah 57:14 and the article Heap It Up! Heap It Up! in Inspired By The Spirit Vol 1. The stumblingblocks are false concepts, errors, heresies, etc. The greatest stumblingblock to God’s people is church government.]

The aeroplane fighters and bombers were firing. Many people were crying, running here and there. Still no hope. While we all are in the room singing and praising God, Vivian and I were blowing the Trumpet; Helena and others were dancing, praising God. We all became white. [Spiritually pure.]

As I woke up it was around 3 a.m. [3 depicts finality.]

In Kenya, in 2013, John Ongoro had this experience:

2nd December 2013

…On the issue of me going into full time evangelism, a prophet prophesied to me that the God of heavens and earth has chosen me and my household to proclaim this truth starting with my village to the rest of Kenya. He went further to quote the words that God told Joshua after the death of Moses in the book of Joshua chapter one… NO ONE WILL STAND BEFORE YOU ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE (Joshua 1:5). MEDITATE UPON THE LAW OF GOD DAY AND NIGHT AND YOU SHALL PROSPER IN HIS WORK.

…The Lord performed a miracle in me; I was killed in the spirit [’slain in the Spirit’] for two hours. In that time I was taken through [what seemed like] permanently built rooms, self-contained with TV sets showing MM channel with sister Helena teaching on the topic: the power of effective prayer in the life of a true Christian.

I was given the keys to all the seven rooms and told to take its full ownership. Then a voice like thunder roared and told me to go back to earth and arrest all the forces fighting MM publications. A star-shaped sword was then put into my hands as I was told to go back to earth.

When I woke up the prophet called immediately to inform me that the heavens have assigned me to spread the true Gospel starting with the SDA church…

I was amazed by all this because just after about one hour elder Denish of Ojunge SDA church brought for me a letter inviting me to their crusade starting on the 6th of this month to go and share on the topic OBEDIENCE TO GOD, TAKING GOD AT HIS WORD… John

Comment: What you saw was our ministry outreach to come shortly, here in the UK. The permanently built rooms, where people are self-satisfied, watching their TVs, and indulging in physical pursuit, are a portrayal of the UK population. They are soon going to see, on their TV sets, the result of what God does by bringing people back from the dead who have been dead FOR YEARS!

Helena speaking to them about the power of prayer is symbolic of the spiritual truth that will be presented to people quite widely. There will be a public witness.

Then in the vision you were put in the place of us, for it is to MM that God has given the keys to open the doors of this outreach (to the UK), which is God’s, depicted by the number 7.

Then God emphasised to you the vital importance of MM publications. These are anointed, and are the MAIN BENEFIT to people whom you reach.


Seven Angels Direct MM Missions

God has assigned 7 powerful angels to oversee the work of MM in Africa and the Middle East. They have come to Rhoda or to Mark in Kenya on hundreds of different occasions, and have also appeared to others engaged with MM’s outreach. Rhoda related one of her experiences:

24th August 2014. 9:52. God is our God. Malcolm this is an account I was given surrounded by 7 angels all with long burning swords. One of them asked me: "Rhoda, do you see what is written in the sky above you?" And when I looked up I saw a hand writing in the space the following:



Mark described one of his early encounters with the 7 angels:

24th August 2014. 11:40. ...I had been in a deep sleep for the past two days. I regained my consciousness today at noon.

The Lord said that I should not eat anything for a period of 40 good days but to feed only on honey and water. [God provided honey in a tree, where wild bees had made a hive. They did not sting Mark whenever he collected the honey.]

MM books must be distributed to the areas the Spirit of the Lord has identified. Masses of people are thirsty for Truth in MM publications, so that should be done as soon as John and Vuga come back...

The Lord also said Helena, you [MBH], and your daughter Tonya, He has received your prayers and the good work you do. Keep it up. The message was delivered by the seven angels of the Lord at Midnight each carrying a double-edged sword.



John related how God came upon him mightily to challenge an evil witchdoctor who had killed his father 14 years earlier:


Witchdoctor Brought To Repentance

25th November 2013

There is this man who has really created terror in our home called Onjonga. He has made us live in fear so that we have stayed away from home now for one year. On Saturday night in a dream a light skinned man and woman gave me a glittering iron rod and instructed me to take it to the witchdoctor, and not fear him. When I awoke yesterday I decided to take a step of faith and visit home. I took only one MM booklet: Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation.

When I arrived I found him at home felling trees uncontrollably in the compound. After chasing away my mother and injuring my younger brother Daniel with a panga, he turned and charged at me with a sharp panga. When he lifted the panga to slash my head I raised the booklet open towards him. He suddenly stopped, the panga fell, and he started to shake violently. I did this six times without saying anything. Then on the 7th time I shouted JESUS IS ALIVE!

At that, he screamed aloud and fell at my feet into a deep sleep. His wife and children started to wail that I have used magic to kill him, but when he woke up after two hours, he invited me inside together with many people who had arrived at the scene, including an SDA pastor.

In his home the witchdoctor said that fire came from the MM booklet into my eyes and then bounced back onto him with great heat. He felt it. It was very painful. It was a frightening heat which made him cry out in pain.

He even narrated how he had used magic to kill my father and how he had planned to kill my mother. After that, I shared with them my faith in God and secrets of home fellowships sharing Bible truths as published in MM booklets.

The witchdoctor requested me to pray for God to cleanse him and accept him. The Holy Spirit led me to open to page 28 of Faith: Raising Our Level Of Expectation: under Miraculous Signs Follow Believers. I placed the open page on his head and called the name JESUS seven times. Then he started to vomit some yellowish substance. [When demons leave, they frequently make a manifestation like this.] Because it was late I left for home.

Surprisingly, this morning the man, his wife and two of his sons came to ask for forgiveness for the wrongs he has done to us at our home.


Comment: The shiny iron rod portrayed the booklet that John held up to the demons. Because it is anointed by God, the contents terrify demonic spirits.


Very Many Astounding Miracles

Many more exceptional miracles of God like the above are dutifully recorded in Mighty Miracles of God volumes. Wherever the two MM vans are told to go, the seven angels lead the way in a cloud of white mist by day or a visible light or fire by night. Khalifa in Tunisia mentioned that “stories had gone around that two people appeared some months ago in Sudan and other countries nearby and that they have a magic car and magic books, which can heal, or destroy enemies instantly.” Gossip certainly spreads tales of miracles!

John and Mark (and Vuga and others with them in the two vans) are given specific instructions from the seven angels. God has chosen to send the angels most times to Rhoda, and she notifies me and John of their instructions. The angels arrange the border crossings, so the vans pass through borders without hindrance, unchecked, without passports or visas.

People can be healed or even converted by contact with MM literature. Holding open an MM Faith booklet against attackers has blinded opponents, immobilised guns and gunmen, or struck them dead, time and again.

In Iraq, a local called Ibrahim reported that when the vans approached they were led by a tall pillar of white smoke or mist. And when they left, the ‘mist’ went with them. It convinced him they were “led by Supernatural Hands.”

Indeed! Without those supernatural hands MM could not achieve what God means to be done.


The Destruction Of Terrorist Training Camps

In 2015, God commanded that the vans go right across Africa from east to west. For attacking MM, God turned His attention towards Muamar Kusi and his training camps for Islamic gunmen. God sent the MM vans to each camp to place a Faith booklet at the gate. At midnight, God blew up each camp, killing all the occupants.

These were terrorist bases or training camps which God destroyed by supernatural firebolts, lightning, thunder, strong wind or earthquake. Each camp got its own massive judgement from God. Gunmen who didn’t flee beforehand were wiped out inside their protective walls when God struck them.

Some perimeter walls were 30 feet high and the same thickness! They were designed to withstand invasion, but they couldn’t defend against God.

The 7 angels identified their locations in 1) Comoros Island, 2) Somalia, 3) Iraq; 4) Kano, Nigeria; 5) Malawi; 6) Musoma, Tanzania; 7) Cape Verde, and 8) Conakry, Guinea. The accounts of God’s massive wipe-out of those Islamic abominations are in MMG6, 7, 8 and 9. (MMG = Mighty Miracles of God.)

Three years later, in 2018, God destroyed other Islamic bases with their fighters, one huge base in Badr, Saudi Arabia, and one near Aleppo in Syria.


These Are Days Of Vengeance

Besides these acts of God’s judgement, huge demonic strongholds of witchcraft in Tanzania and elsewhere in Africa have been targeted. A few witch- doctors accepted us and repented, but most refused and God wiped them out (MMG10 & 12). God’s judgement is spreading over all nations. Isaiah 34 is a now prophecy about that. It is now the time of God’s Vengeance as prophesied by Jesus in Luke 21:22.

Medina and Mecca are places considered ‘sacred’ to Islam, where no Christian is allowed to set foot. So God took John and Vuga there in the MM van. The angels led the way and they visited a number of mosques guided by the cloud of white mist, where they deposited a booklet which God told me to write: The Last Call To All Muslim Nations. God named the title (MMG9 & 12).

Wherever John and Vuga were opposed, God struck opponents dead.


A Message Of Peace To Men & Women Of Goodwill

In 2017, He sent them to Gambia to facilitate a peaceful transition of power in a dictatorship: an unprecedented thing in African politics! God’s Spirit made the difference (MMG11). Some months later when Kenya faced violent elections, John related this dream he had:

26th Oct 2017. "All Kenya must bow to God through MM lits evangelism and accept the truth from God via His prophet servant MALCOLM." In a dream last night I saw those words written on the Kenyan map.

There is much more miraculous activity to come in these days of Elijah! 


The Angels Declare MM Is Preparing The Way

The angels appeared in brilliant light and white purity and spoke to Rhoda on 28th July 2018 with this comforting message:


The message came because we were empty of funds, nor could we even borrow any more. We weren’t even able to scrape together the £450 urgently needed to get them home from Tanzania where God had wiped out 79 gunmen. He blew up the five lorries carrying Jamal Ismael’s 79 Muslim fighters (MMG15). Over the space of two days all we could muster between all our supporters was £405 to send to John, and God enabled them to get home by somehow making the funds ‘stretch’ for the journey.

As for the £ thousands needed to fund the hostel refurbishment work, there wasn’t one penny available! It has waited over a year (written in July 2018) to begin. The hostel was an unfinished students’ accommodation block in Kenya which a Kenyan citizen donated to MM’s outreach team in Kenya in 2017. The angels said that God’s plan is to fund the African outreach through rents from the students attending the university. Ismail, a Somali businessman, arranged the finance of £17,000 to complete the work, but he was murdered by Muslim opponents and his home destroyed, and the plan for refurbishment was dashed.

Besides this and similar setbacks from organised gangs masterminded by Lukas Ogada in Ndhiwa, Kenya, we faced major obstacles in trying to send to John what little money we could find.

MM and John Ongoro were falsely accused of being fraudsters by African enemies trying to wreck what God is doing with MM. They sent malicious lies to Scotland Yard and money movers like Western Union and Moneygram. God revealed to us that two corrupt detectives there chose to believe this false testimony against us in order to try and bring a case for prosecution against us. God revealed in a dream 20 years earlier their evil intent:

17th January 1998. M. In this dream I was being persecuted by the State. The men who were opposing me wanted to break my legs, and they even considered breaking my back. They used a big wooden truncheon like a baseball bat, but much bigger to break people's legs.

Meaning: The opposition against us from the State. Someone used by the devil wants to stop us operating, symbolised by breaking my legs and back.

Obviously God allows such opposition for various reasons. There is no easy journey into the kingdom of God. Acts 14:22 says that the only route is through “many tribulations.” Some of the burdens we have had to bear along the road are related in IBS22 (Inspired By The Spirit, Vol 22). God enabled us to cope through it all with His help, and with spiritual gifts, chief among which was intercession in spiritual warfare, a specialised gift which God gave Helena to wield, enabling evil spirits to be pushed away from a distance through the power of God’s holy Spirit. She harnesses that power by the exercise of her mind which links up to the Spirit, and she feels in her head the various strengths of demonic spirits that are being dislodged, so the Way is prepared.

That is how the rapid and dramatic progress has been achieved in Africa and the Middle East, through Helena’s constant spiritual warfare of 16 hours a day, relentlessly pushing at evil spiritual powers that are in the way. Minds can then be opened to God’s truths, and the people God is calling can start to believe and understand God’s spiritual gems for their salvation. This intercession has been going on for decades!

Most people, especially in the secular West, have no idea the extent to which malign spirits govern human minds and behaviour. They should read Demonic Warfare, a small publication we produce, and the article DEMONS.


Unprecedented Miracles

God is doing a Work of ‘Elijah’ in our time. But Habakkuk prophesied that although God does such an amazing thing, most will not believe it (Hab 1:5). It is unprecedented to have 7 angels lead, protect from gunmen, and give detailed instructions! It is unprecedented to hold up an MM Faith booklet against gunmen and other adversaries, and see them blinded by the sharp bright light that shines out of its open pages! It is unprecedented to have wave after wave of gunmen struck dead for opposing the MM outreach. Yet God has warned. All those who try to oppose and prevent God’s Work going forth with the MM outreach van will be struck dead, so said God. I do believe that is unprecedented.

When the Tunisian believers needed water, God miraculously opened up a new fresh water spring in a place you would never expect to find water (MMG10). Later, when He provided another source for them, they were told to use the water for healing people. God promised them that anyone who drank the water would be healed and have their minds opened to God’s truth so they can be saved. And so it has been happening; it’s unprecedented (MMG12 & 13).

Likewise, in churches across countries of Africa, people have discovered that there is an anointing on MM literature. Power flows where there is belief and acceptance of the lit. People are healed when someone takes MM lit and places it on the sick person who asks for healing. In Paul’s day it was anointed aprons or handkerchiefs (some say prayer shawls); but in our day it’s not something anointed by man, it’s MM lit anointed by God. (MMG7.)

When John and Vuga were attacked in Saudi Arabia by Jamal Ismael’s Muslim fighters, stripped naked and had petrol poured over them to set them alight, the petrol would not ignite! Instead, the assailants fled in terror, taking all John and Vuga’s clothes, money and provisions. John and Vuga were left destitute until we could send them money the next day. They wrapped themselves in a blanket to keep warm in the cold desert night. God later wiped out all those attackers and thousands more! ALL who opposed them God obliterated. His judgement is fierce upon the wicked (Romans 11:22).

Mark, as a prophet, faced much opposition in Kenya. He went through death, was raised back to life by a glorious angel incandescent in light, who said to him: "I protected your life from the enemy for you to spread the only truth from my chosen prophet who has obeyed My words to date, sending to you written truth... "(MMG3).

Vuga also has been dead and raised back to life five times. In his first experience, he was bitten by a huge snake in Zanzibar. Vuga described what he experienced in the spirit realm while dead on that day, 24th August 2014:

Roba Vuga’s testimony: I was received by 7 angelic bodies wearing very very very white and shining white long clothes. Their eyes were shining like the sun's rays and each had a sharp glittering double-edged sword. One of them touched my hands, feet and my mouth saying...



Vuga was previously a fisherman and couldn’t read or write English, but God miraculously gave him that ability so he could do the task assigned to him.

God stated to various MM workers in the field that the only counter to the vicious Islamic movement called ISIS or Daesh is the Truth which we carry in MM’s portfolio. God demonstrated it!


Facing ISIS Head-On With MM Lit


That was what the angels told Rhoda about God’s intentions. And it happened. John and Vuga obeyed the command and confronted ISIS fighters, and God wiped out a number of them. Two fighters got converted! (MMG13.)

When on missions, God sustains John and Vuga without food, merely on milk and water. They don’t sleep, but take a 10 or 15 minute rest each day. God energises them, because money is very short, and time likewise (MMG7).


Why These Unprecedented Miracles?

Why is God doing all these astounding feats with insignificant humans?

Answer: 1) For His Truth’s sake. The Church does not want the full Truth of God. It prefers half truth that does not offend minds and established traditions.

2) Where God is at work He confirms His Word with the miraculous signs which follow (Mark 16:20).

3) It is the end of this age, and this is part of the prophesied work of Elijah at the end, restoring all biblical truth, warning the wayward, and bringing judgement. This was stated in messages from the angels in February 2018:


John and Vuga completed that assignment. God struck dead many evil church leaders (MMG13). In an earlier announcement, the angels said this:




Reports came of churches bolted by lightning and people in them killed. When I inquired about an SDA pastor in South Rwanda, Ndakise Nkurugenza, who was killed, the angels added:



The Angels Predict A Great Revival

A year earlier the angels said that God will bring revival through MM lit:

14th June 2017. 19:33. From Rhoda: Phil 4:6. ...GOD WILL USE MM LITS THROUGH JOHN TO BRING A GREAT REVIVAL. THE MESSAGE WILL BE SIMILAR TO PAUL'S TO THE PHILIPPIANS. 7 Angels have said that to me now.

On 16th November 2017, John and Vuga were arrested at gunpoint in Kinshasa, Congo, by mad police officers. John explained what happened:

“Three mad police officers cornered us while we were sharing out the MM lit When God's Judgement Falls and ordered us to surrender at gunpoint. We followed their orders but I swiftly took out the Faith lit which I pointed at them in Jesus’ name and they begged us to pray for them to get saved instead of leaving them to die in sin. We did so, gave them more MM lits and left. We are still evangelising.”

In the Welsh Revival of 1906, God brought upon many people a consciousness of sin, a sense of intense sinful unworthiness, leading to penitence. Repentance is always the foundation of any revival as it was here.


In Tunisia, God Restores His Holy Days!

The festivals of God are little appreciated among Christ’s followers. That’s ironic, because they depict what Christ has done, and is doing, and will do. They depict the plan He is working out. He is central to it. He is the fulfilment of the Passover; He is the Spirit which transforms us within (Pentecost); He is coming in great power and glory when the 7th Trumpet blast sounds (Feast of Trumpets); to banish and lock up Satan and his demonic hordes in the bottomless pit (Day of Atonement); and inaugurate His 1000-year utopian rule upon earth (Feast of Tabernacles).

For the Tunisians whom Jesus converted in 2016 during the Grand Visit to all Islamic Nations of North Africa, keeping these festivals was a first during 2016. As they approached the Day of Atonement, the most sacred day in the biblical calendar – because it depicts Jesus atonement for all our sins, so He can bring us into God’s presence – God did a most unusual thing. He had angels put up posters advertising that sacred day. Khalifa wrote to me, explaining what occurred.

Angels fixed posters on walls advertising the Day of Atonement. The posters, with bold letters, said that the Festival was a complete fast for a day with prayer, and anybody was free to come. All who would do that fervently, God would forgive all their sins. (MMG10, p 21.) 11 new people came. We do not despise the day of small things (Zech 4:10). They are the work of the Spirit.

The above is a tiny sampling of what God is doing in Tunisia!

In towns and villages in Tunisia visited by MM workers, God completely wiped out the dreadful scourge of jiggers! (MMG10, p 12). In Uganda, people were healed of the deadly Ebola and raised from the dead (MMG3). In Zanzibar, when the MM team visited, God healed ALL cholera! It’s unprecedented!


God Promises To Rout All African Dictators


This angel message was received some hours before the Zimbabwe military started positioning themselves for a military takeover. Later in the day, armoured personnel carriers were seen on the roads, and soldiers stationed at various places. Over the next 24 hours it became clearer that the army was asking Mugabe to step down. Like Gambia, it was another instance of transfer of power in Africa without bloodshed – most unusual! – because it was of God, in answer to many humble prayers. (MMG12, p 57.)


The End Is Nearly Here

All this is because of God. He is fulfilling the words of His prophecies recorded long ago in the Bible. His inexorable judgement is falling like a rock upon those who disregard His words. But for those who fall on that Rock in brokenness, they are restored (Matt 21:44) and lifted up into eternal glories.



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