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My Story


Malcolm B Heap 

Midnight Ministries,

PO Box 29,  Aylesbury, HP17 8TL,  U. K.

(Most of this story was written in 1994.)

Copyright © Midnight Ministries 2018



All quotations from the Bible are taken from the New International Version (NIV), unless otherwise stated.

NKJV indicates the New King James Version.  KJV indicates the King James Version.



They say that truth is stranger than fiction! This book contains just such a strange story. It is bizarre, even outrageous! Yet it is true.

The author and his wife were cast out of a church organization for doing good and for helping others within that church. They were denied basic human rights, falsely accused, and 'framed' by the pastor of the congregation they attended. They were not allowed a fair trial and were excommunicated on ridiculous, trivial charges.

The church claims to be a Christian church and yet, by its actions, it denies the most fundamental aspect of the Christian gospel - love. For the sake of organizational expediency, no-one dared lift a finger to help this persecuted, victimized couple.

All their former friends within that church ostracized them and refused to even communicate with them. The entire church was hoodwinked by the clever lies of men in ministerial capacities who were bent on retaining power and subjugating the members.

Malcolm candidly explains what happened and why, and warns that similar situations can occur in any church which allows human control to replace the love of God. Churches which place doctrine or denominational bias above Christian virtues can also end up falling into the same suicidal trap.

Through his experiences, Malcolm learned that hierarchic governmental structures in church organizations are evil. Such a form of government has its roots in Babylon and is condemned in the Bible. Any church organization which retains such an illicit form of management, holding its members in subjection, will ultimately fall.

The events which transpired in Malcolm's life reveal the invisible Hand of God guiding and directing his every step from an early age. He is just an ordinary man, but given a far from ordinary task. This is not merely a human story, but a divine chapter in the decline of a church, its fate sealed by its own intransigence.

Why did God permit it? Indeed, why did He engineer it?

Contained in these pages is a message for every Christian and for the entire Christian Church!

One message is clear. God still speaks through His prophets today. If the Church refuses to listen to the words of the prophets it will pay dearly for its negligence!




The chapters below can be accessed by simply clicking on the little book to the left of the volume description.  The volumes are linked together and may be read sequentially by simply clicking "Next" to proceed forward or "Previous" to view the previous chapter.  Clicking the "Content" button will return you to this page.



1.   Why This Book Was Written


23. Thrown Out For Speaking Out!


 2.   Where Are The Prophets?


24. Forsaken By All


3.   God Spoke


25. Receiving Revelation


4.   Early Experiences


26. Control Is Satanic


5.   Learning Discipline


27. Judgement Begins At Home


6.   God’s Call

    28. Exposing Exclusivism

7.   Leaving Home


29. Recognising A Synagogue of Satan

    8.   At College    

30. Speaking Out


9.   Making A Clean Break


31. Exposing Satanic Authority


10. Finding A Vocation


32. Government of God?

Or Government of Man?


11. Buying Our First House


33. A Prophet’s Warning To The Church


12. Endless Alterations 


34. A Divine Plan


13. Buying A Field


35. Walking Freely


14. Helena, ‘Bright One’


36. Receiving Instruction About Church Government


15. Learning Through Sickness


37. Restoring Truth


16. Exposing The Yeast Of The     Pharisees


38. Laying A Foundation For Deliverance


17. A Near-Fatal Crash


39. Dreams From God


18. Division In The Local Church


40. Receiving Prophetic Words


19. The Fateful Message


41. ‘Angels Of Light’


20. Addressing The Issues


42. God’s Commission Transferred


21. Campaigning For Justice


43. Paul’s Anointing


22. Letter After Letter


44. The Last Restoration




45. The Miraculous Outreach




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