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Midnight In America Dream Diary




Demonic Influences (Dream of Jan. 24, 07)

In the dream I was shown trying to do something (build or demolish a building), but I cannot remember exactly what it was. There were others involved. They were expected to do the major work, or to be working for me, but they were frustrating all my plans. I did not see any progress.

The entire dream there seemed to be very little light and much dirt and mud around everywhere. I was allowed to remember very little of the dream.   Earlier in the dream I remember a man I knew. He was someone else’s husband. He was flirting with me, and I felt drawn to him, but did not want to give in to this feeling.

Then he disappeared, and I wanted the “work” done, or at least get going. I saw a tractor or a similar piece of heavy machinery. I climbed inside and drove it to some place. That place looked strange – some old building(s), heaps of junk and waste products, surrounded by a fence.

There I got out of the tractor and came into a room. Inside was a man I knew, and a horse. The man was doing nothing, and he said something about what was holding up the work. The horse was standing in an awkward position with his head on the ground, but turned up, looking at me. The horse looked very friendly, and I began to stroke him between his eyes. Then, as I turned around to walk away, the man said, “Look!” I turned back and saw something very ugly. The horse was now sitting on his butt, like a man, and masturbating. Now he looked even more like an ugly human being, or a monster (half man – half animal). His penis looked human too.  He was staring at me with a lustful look in his eyes. I was terrified and ran out.

I went into another building, resembling a Russian “banya” inside, - all finished in wood, and with a long wooden bench along the back wall. On that bench I saw ‘creatures’ of different sizes that resembled human beings in form, but deformed and very ugly. Some of them were bigger, and looked like a balloon, others were smaller, and some as small as a cockroach. They were all naked, sitting or lying on the bench, exposing their intimate parts and masturbating. They did it to seduce me!

As ugly as all that was, I felt that the sexual desire was growing inside of me. I hated it, but it was burning my body and filling my mind with lustful thoughts. It was becoming unbearable. Then a thought came to use the man shown in the beginning of my dream for sex and this way to satisfy the burning fire, getting at least a temporary relief. I also thought I could repent later.

However, I realized that if I gave in to this temptation, there would be no relief at all. Rather, after that first step, it would be very difficult for me to stop, and the desire would drag me deeper and deeper, until I fall  into the abyss.  So I decided to keep on resisting this desire as long as I could.


It was obvious for me that the dream carried a message of warning about heavy demonic influences that have a goal to seduce a person into doing what is wrong and would lead that person to spiritual destruction. However, I could not understand what exactly it could be, and prayed about its meaning. During my prayer, the Lord reminded me of my last visit to N and her mother GN and our talk in the kitchen (took place on the previous day, Tue. 01/23/07). I was reminded of the animosity with which GN takes any mentioning of God. She just cannot stand it. It is offensive to her. This is an obvious sign of demonic influences, for demons hate God and resist any talk about Him.

But then I realized that the dream is not for GN, but for N. I was put in her place to feel the burning fires with which these demonic influences torment her. These fires are, as the apostle John said: “ lusts of flesh, lusts of the eyes, and human pride” (1 Jn.2:16), that is – sexual desires, greed and pride. I saw these ‘things’ shown to me in their true forms of ugly demons. They torment N through pride and insatiable appetites her mother has for material possessions, and some of her own desires, that she has to deal with. They are very difficult for her to resist, even though she does try her best. But she does not ask for the Lord’s help, and that makes her week before them. They are caused by evil spiritual beings, who are stronger than a human being, unless we have the help of God’s Spirit. This latter comes after our complete submission to God, but she is trying to do it by means of her human willpower.

Dream about Dad (01.30.07)

I saw Dad in the kitchen. He staggered, leaned forward in pain, and sat down on a stool. I woke up grieved. 

Meaning: Soon after dad's heart problem intensified and he got very sick for some time. 

Dream about a newborn baby with a healed deformity (February 9, 07).

I was allowed to remember only certain parts of the dream.

I gave birth to a baby boy. He looked healthy and joyful, with intelligent look of his eyes. Somehow I knew that while yet unborn, the baby had had some sort of deformity or defect which had been miraculously healed at his birth. The baby had a large pink mark on the face where the defect had been. The mark had the form of a semi-oval with its base above the upper lip, and covered the entire area between the lips and the nose.  The mark itself  was making his face look rather peculiar, diminishing his otherwise handsome features. However I did not worry, because I knew that it would gradually disappear.

I went outside to the backyard of our house. There I saw a large container (like a barrel) filled to the brim with fresh and pure rainwater. I washed myself with this water. Then the baby was brought out to me, and I washed him in that water as well.

The next episode I remember was about my going back into the house with the baby in my arms. As I was turning around the corner, there was another container with pure fresh rainwater standing under a drain-pipe.  I looked at my bare feet and saw that they were dirty with mud. So I washed my feet. Then I saw a few spots of mud on the baby’s feet, and washed them as well.


As far as I was allowed to understand, it was given to help me see what I should write in my letter to Sergey. It was pointing to me certain matters of the revelation they had received three years ago. However, through it I have received a deeper understanding of my own ‘blemishes’ the Lord has been working with in me; and I believe that it may be helpful to others in their situations.

The woman shown in the dream is the True God’s Church, and the baby is any truly converted believer at their earlier stages of spiritual development. When people get involved in the Christian religion (what you have once called ‘Churchianity’), they are not truly born of the Spirit yet. This requires true conversion, which has not come yet. In this dream God seems to compare such church goers with the prenatal stage of a fetus, which has a deformity. When we are finally converted and sincerely give ourselves to the Lord, that defect is miraculously healed by His power of the Spirit, and we are born of the Spirit then.

The deformity (as its location shows) constitutes wrong teachings, wrong motivations, wrong emphases, and hence wrong / unacceptable ways of worship. When we seek the Lord with pure heart He delivers us from such ugliness. Whatever individual errors or faults remain because of our human limitations and weaknesses, are shown as a pink mark which will gradually disappear, as long as we are willing to ‘live by faith, accept His correction, and change accordingly’.

The pure fresh rainwater symbolizes God’s ‘downpour of the Spirit’, the current Spiritual Revival, and hence His restored biblical teaching which has been given to wash the Church and each true believer born of the Spirit.

Interestingly, just as the Lord told His disciples, the dream depicts that even when we are washed and clean (spiritually), since we continue to get in touch with the evil world in which we still live, we get its mud on us, and need to ‘wash our feet’ before we enter His House. This should be a reminder for us to keep seeking further cleansing in His Spirit. 

People don’t want to have more spiritual freedom! (Dream of 02/10/07)

In the dream I was back to the University for another semester. Moving in a hostel . The room was spacious and light, and had three beds in it. So I was to share it with 2 other students from my group.

I went into a neighboring room to say hello to others from our course. That room surprised me by the number of beds crowded in it. I tried to count them and lost the count, but there were about 10 beds, taking all the space. The beds were very small, about 2ft long. They were baby beds. I was wondering how on earth those grown-up young women were going to sleep in such tiny beds. One of them was just lying in her bed. She did not look upset or uncomfortable.

I felt for the girls in that room and said to them that at least two more normal beds could be placed in our room, and there would still be plenty of space in it, while they seemed to have no place left for anything. I offered two of them who would be willing to move in with us, but they did not care. They wanted to stay together as one group. They cherished their friendship so much they would rather suffer being crowded in that one room and having to sleep in those baby beds.

Then I noticed that there was very little light in their room. The curtains were drawn only half way back, and the window glass was dirty, not letting much daylight in. Also, there was a huge painting in red and white all over the visible part of the window glass. It was a painting of Father Frost (Santa’s Slavic cousin), and a writing in Russian above his red cap, saying: “Happy New Year!”. I began to rub and scrub the window glass, trying to clean it from the dirt and the outdated painting. But the painting wouldn’t come off.


The hostel represents the Church (perhaps in the Eastern Europe?) One room with a lot of space and light portrays the few who move out of church organizations in search of Jesus’ personal guidance, of freedom to follow His Spirit and grow in faith. Because we do not seek to create a human organization, we are not crowded. That represents spiritual freedom. There is much Light of His truth when we follow Him directly.

The other room represents those who set their priority on human relationships (being together as a group). They have neither space to grow spiritually, nor enough of the light of Jesus pure truth. The tiny baby beds represent the limitations set to their spiritual development. They are to remain babes for as long as they remain in that place. But they are deceived to value their human friendships higher than what God wants to give them. They do not care to keep the Light coming in, hence the window glass is half closed with the curtains and dirty (limited, erroneous teachings, polluted by falsity and accepted pagan customs). The paganism has been so strongly ‘engraved’ in their teachings that it cannot be removed! Hence the painting would not come off. 

2nd dream about settling in a hostel (Dream of Feb. 14, 2007)

The room was large and spacious, full of light and freshly painted.  There was some new furniture in it too.  Someone said that other rooms were richly furnished - just gorgeous, and ours looked like nothing in comparison. But I felt content and happy with the one I was assigned to live in. I loved its simplicity, lots of space and much light.

One particular piece of new furniture was a new mirror. It was perfect in its reflecting capacity. The form was highly unusual (I’ve never seen anything like it). Take a large thick book, open it at page 1 and put it on the table, page down.  This will give you an idea of the flowing surface (the curve) of that mirror.  It was large, - the height of an average man, and stood on the floor. Another peculiarity of its form was that the farther part of its surface somehow was considerably larger than the first one. 

I noticed with surprise that an old, ordinary mirror was standing right next to this beautiful new one. I wondered about it.

Of the old furniture, coat racks were left. Each woman living in the room had a separate coat rack, which stood next to her bed.

While straightening up, I recalled having left some books in the storage after the previous semester (some tracts on arts and the theatre). Then I had a vision of the wooden shelves of the storage. There were some dusty suitcases and a few items of no practical worth left there, - nothing useful. Those were not mine. I realized I didn’t need those books anymore, so I was not upset that I had not seen them.

Then we heard news about one of our schoolmates, that she was fatally ill with cancer and wasn’t expected to live much longer. Immediately after that, the woman comes in and says she has been assigned to live in this room.  I welcome her and say that she can choose any location in the room she likes, and we will be happy to move her bed there for her.

Then she says that she likes to have a ham sandwich for dinner on Fridays. I begin to help her make a sandwich.


Hostel represents God’s Church (perhaps in Ukraine or the Eastern Europe). Each room is probably representing a group, a denomination, an organization or a ministry. Our room does not have many persons sharing it (because we do not have a human organization with followers), but it has a lot of freedom to grow spiritually and much light of God’s truth, which is offered to others freely through MM publications.

The new and old furniture, which is not fancy, rich or gorgeous, but useful, - could also represent the lit that we offer. We do not have any lush or richly illustrated publications. What we offer is unpretentious in form but Spirit-inspired in contents. We are happy with what we can do to serve God’s people. The personal coat racks may symbolize the individuality of each believer and the special way the Lord teaches and guides each one of His disciples. We recognize and respect this right of every Christian to be different.

The new mirror, as I understand it, symbolizes the new way of seeing ourselves – not as we once used to when we were part of the world (then we compared ourselves to others), but trying to see as God sees us. I also see this Mirror with a perfect reflecting capacity, two yet One, and the One slightly smaller a bit closer (to us) than the greater One, - as a symbol of Godhead (the Father and the Son - one in the Spirit). 

The things left in the storage room are unnecessary things of our past lives. We do not need them; they are useless for us in our spiritual journey. Therefore, it is for the better that we are freed from them.

The ill woman. I am not sure if she may be a real person, or another symbol of a believer or a church that is deadly sick… The dream shows our sincere desire to help by serving, preparing ‘good spiritual food’, sharing our freedom in Christ and the light of His teaching. 

Two Dreams about being in “India” (February 19, 2007)

[Meaning in square brackets.]

Dream 1:

Traveling somewhere like India [area dominated by a false religion, most probably - Ukraine]. I see crocodiles [demons] everywhere, but people seem to pay no attention to them, being careless.

Coming to a water pool to wash [God’s Spirit in His Word], I am being surrounded by a gang of dark-skinned young lawless men [times of great lawlessness and persecution are coming]. I know that they are half-crocodiles and the children or part of an army of a crocodile [the devil’s instruments among people]. They are also half dressed in sort of a military uniform (I saw jackets with two rows of large metal buttons) [could be a pointer to a military regime], but they were not wearing any pants. These men were coming close to me with intention to do harm, smiling cruelly and mocking me. They enjoyed the feeling of having power over a weaker person. But the dream ended before they did me any harm.

Dream 2: At a swimming pool

I was in a crowd of people gathered there. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. I needed to wash and have some rest.  [The water symbolizes the refreshing power of the Spirit and God’s Word. Every true believer has a need to be refreshed and strengthened by it.]

While there, I was trying on different new pieces of clothes of beautiful colors which seemed to be mine. [Spiritual gifts which God gives us in order to be able to serve His Church. They are beautiful and precious.]The clothes were made of light and expensive fabrics, like silk or crêpe de Chine – perfect for the hot weather around. I even jumped in the pool wearing some of those. [God has been increasing the spiritual ‘heat’, pouring down more of His Spirit in these days of the last Revival. These gifts of the Spirit help us understand the Word of God deeper.]

Then a woman came. I seemed to care very much for her as for a dear sister. She looked old and weather-beaten, but I knew that we were of the same age [her spiritual condition]. I don’t recall what brought up the subject, but she said that she had used to be a real beauty when a young girl before her marriage. “After I got married, - she said, - I became so busy taking care of my husband and children that I completely gave up on myself”.

I tell the woman that she should not give up but should take care of  her own well-being if there is no one else to care for her. (It seemed that she had been used selfishly by everyone and felt no love or care from others in her own family in return.) I felt and tried to show love and compassion for the woman.


This dream was fulfilled in the summer of 2007, when I befriended a lady who comes from a family of true Baptist believers. She is a believer, but has been spiritually sluggish ever since she got involved with her husband. This is compared to a woman giving up on herself and losing her beauty and attractiveness, as well as her strength. She needs to start paying more attention to her spiritual well-being. She needs to find time for reading the Word of God and pray, and meditate on Jesus’ teaching. She needs to learn the new truths, which she has no time to do at the moment. It is sad, and it makes her spiritually and physically weak and worn out. 

Jesus will be with us throughout the persecution that is coming

(March 4, 2007)

In this dream I was somewhere with other people. We were spending some time leisurely.  At first I felt not quite at home, not knowing the others. (There were both men and women in the group.) Then a young fair-haired man took charge of me very decisively. He took me by the hand, led me to a pool room and said he would make me a pro in playing pool. I laughed at the idea, but let him lead. A short while later, I felt attracted to this man and was about to kiss him. But I had a thought that it would be wrong, because I was married.

Then the scene changed drastically. I was going home returning from somewhere.  I lived in a shabby place. It was one of those run-down abandoned buildings which homeless people make their homes.

I came to the door of that place. I was in a hurry, because the time was close to the dusk, and I knew darkness would bring dangers. I knocked on the shabby looking door. Someone from inside (it seems that a community of people shared that dwelling place) peeped through a hole, saw me and opened the door. I hurried in and began to close the door when a man, a stranger, came to the door and tried to force his way in. He was very violent. He had a gun and began to shout threats that he would break the door and shoot us all dead. Together with others, I managed to close and block the door.

Then a man approached me and greeted with affection. He showed me great love and care. I thought  with a degree of amazement that he was my husband.  He offered me to have some hot ‘borsch’ (a red beet soup) which he had cooked for me.

This man (my ‘husband’, but not Steve) was very ordinary in the appearance, yet he obviously was a very good and loving person. His countenance and conduct showed a quiet and complete confidence.  It was very comforting to be around him, and all my worries and fears disappeared.


The majority in the Church live a safe and very relaxed life style today. Most believers live as though the life of a follower of Christ is that of ease and enjoyment. It is most true about the Charismatic sector of the Church.

I think I was put in place of a Charismatic believer. They allow their human leaders control them and take charge. These leaders are shown in the dream as full of energy and self-confidence, but not teaching the flock anything of spiritual worth. (The man in the first part of the dream was going to teach me to become a pro in playing a table game!)  This dream also shows how wrong it is to give our affection and devotion to human leaders of churches instead of to Jesus. He is our heavenly Husband. Any believer who puts a church leader before our Lord commits spiritual adultery.

The time of great lawlessness and persecution on God’s faithful disciples is coming. It is the time when many will lose their possessions and homes, forced to live as homeless people of today do, or even worse. But Jesus – our heavenly Husband will be with us, taking care of all our spiritual and basic physical needs. He will comfort and give peace to His Bride in all trials, even to the end. So there is no need to worry or fear. We just have to get prepared. 

Sick and Naked 

(March 30, 2007)

In this dream I saw a little woman I had known (much shorter than I and skinny). She had been given a sedative of some kind. (It seemed that someone was going to perform a surgery on her.) I did not think she should have taken it, but  she had. When I saw her, she was completely naked and falling asleep as the drug was beginning to work. 

I was worried that the drug would make her sick, and that’s exactly what happened next. She began to be sick to the stomach and vomit.  I had to hold her, to keep her standing so she would not choke on her own vomit. She was completely inert, all of her members being limp.  Her naked body was wet with perspiration, and it was not easy or pleasant to hold and support her. Yet, I had to, or she would fall down and choke.

As she threw up, the woman’s body turned slightly to the right and to the left. A man was lying very close to where we were. He was watching. I asked him to help – to get a bucket or a bowl for the woman. But he wouldn’t get up. He simply covered the floor around himself with a newspaper he had been reading.

After a while, the woman emptied her stomach and stopped vomiting. Then she fell asleep. I thought she would get better when she woke up.

Comment: I was forced into a dispute with a bus driver who is an SDA member the day before the dream. I had given him three books to read to open his eyes to the fallacies their leaders teach them. The books were: God’s Church – Whose Authority?, Apostasy in God’s Church and The Imminent Fall of America.

That day he waited till the bus got full of people and then began to accuse me and the books of being false. He distorted the facts by lies. He also said that because the word ‘Satan’ in these books is spelled with the capital ‘S’, both I and the author worship Satan.

He made up some other equally ridiculous accusations, one of which was that I had lied about him in the book Our Sabbath Rest. I had used his testimony for the Translator’s Personal Witness. The fact of the matter is that when I was moved to write that piece in the end of the book, I was using the man’s story without his permission. So I called him by a fictitious name and stated so in parentheses. The man had received this booklet from me and read it at least half a year ago, yet only now he complained about the fact, and used it to accuse me of falsifying facts.

At first I didn’t want to get into any discussion on the bus. There were many people whom he was forcing to be the audience. I could see why he was doing that. However, the fact is that most of the population in the area dislike him, for they are Orthodox Christians, and he is rather pushy in bringing them the truth about the Sabbath while he is at work, driving them to town or back home. So I did not want to say things in front of those people that would make them have a wrong feeling of having been ‘avenged’, or enjoying to see him defeated. Yet his false accusations needed to be addressed, and he would not accept my invitation of getting together at his convenience for a serious discussion.

After he had forced this ‘dispute’ on me, he started to ask questions but not giving me a chance to answer him. I had to mention this to him, tactfully asking to be good enough to listen to my answers. I gave him the answers and proved by examples that he was not seeking truth, but nit-picking in order to find a ‘reason’ to reject it.

There was something I had been moved to tell that man by the Spirit, which had been put in my spirit a couple of weeks earlier. It was this:

In the past, when he was an Orthodox Christian, at one point of time he began to seek the truth about God’s true Sabbath, and the Lord revealed the truth to him. It was no human being, nor any church organization that did it, but God. Having learned this new truth, he began to look for a church to join, and he became an SDA member. And now he stopped looking to God or worshipping Him who had blessed him with that revelation to begin with. The result is that his mind has been deluded and he has believed some errors and lies. He has to do just what he did in the past – seek the truth, not man-made teachings.

To illustrate about  the fallacies of the SDA’s teachings, the Lord made me bring up the question of their teaching that Jesus didn’t drink wine, but grape juice. I made a few points that clearly show this teaching to be at variance with the clear facts of the Bible. Then, since he declared all the prophecies in The Imminent Fall of America to be false, I asked him to name at least a few names of modern day prophets who are not SDA members and whom their church accepts. He couldn’t name anyone but Ellen White, who is long dead and the founder of the SDAs. So he proved their wrong position by his own words, which I pointed out to him. I also told him that to call Ellen White ‘the spirit of prophecy’ as they do is an outrageous blasphemy, because only Jesus’ Holy Spirit can be called so. They have effectively made her their goddess whom they worship; and their leaders are other idols they have been bowing down to.


This dream portrays the SDA membership as a sick naked woman. The man lying close symbolizes the SDA leadership. The woman was made to take some sedative - wrong teaching that puts them to sleep and makes them spiritually sick. And the nakedness is also a symbol of spiritual shame and poverty. The shame of committing adultery with the human leaders of the church, instead of loving and worshiping our Lord, is great.

The sickness made her vomit. To get well (spiritually) the SDA members must vomit out all the wrong teachings they have been fed, and wake up. And the truth we bring to them in the MM lit would help them, if they were to accept it.

Two Dreams of April 4, 2007

1).  Dirt in the Churches

I saw an apartment house in the center of our little town – a two-storey building. [A few years ago I was shown the same building, and all the ‘Jews’ were called to gather there for protection. A friend met us at the entrance and silently led us through some rooms down underground.]

The house seemed to have been turned into a hostel of some kind, and I was taking a delegation there. We were coming in a taxi. I don’t know how it was possible, for there were 100 people in that delegation.

I had to arrange their accommodations and later take them to the next-door sauna to wash themselves. I was concerned that it would take a whole day for all of them to wash in that sauna, which was rather small. I wondered if it could hold 10 persons at a time, and whether it had two separate departments for male and female customers.  I thought each person would need at least an hour to get washed.

As the taxi driver was taking us to the ‘hostel’ he didn’t stop on the road in front of it, but passed it, and turned left to go around the building. The territory in front of the building and on either side was cleaned up and swept neat. However, as we got behind the house, we found all the trash heaped up and left there. The pile was so high, it was higher than the building itself. And it was so huge that it took up all the backyard area, leaving us no space to go by.

The driver tried to go up the heap, but it was so steep that he got only half way up and then the car took a nosedive. Amazingly, we didn’t crash. I was not hurt at all, but I am not sure about the passengers in the back of the car.


The house definitely depicts the Church in Ukraine. It contains many different confessions and denominations, just as a hostel houses many different people. To outsiders it looks good, but there’s a lot of dirt and trash hidden round the back. It has been piled up there, not thrown away, or dealt with. So now it reaches higher than the building of the organized Church itself.

I am not sure why I was taking this delegation there. If it has any relevance to the dream given a few years ago, it may mean that they are those whom God wants to give a chance to be protected during the Tribulation, if they manage to get washed on time by the waters of God’s truth and by His Holy Spirit

All Christian believers need to get washed (spiritually), but churches don’t provide such a possibility. A sauna is a luxury thing, built for spending leisure time, enjoying oneself. It’s not good for providing masses of people with an opportunity to get washed quickly. So is the Church today. It helps people enjoy themselves, but doesn’t help them get spiritually cleansed. My concern in the dream was that they would not have enough time for it, because it would take the entire day for all the 100 to get washed in that sauna.

 I was not allowed to know what the occasion was for them all gathering together, but I believe the sense of urgency I had signifies the events of the Tribulation closing up on us.

Also, there were 100 people in that delegation. It can be regarded as 50 x 2, or 25 x 4.

50 x 2 means the certainty (2) of release (50) from Death and Sin through God’s plan of Salvation that is coming to its completion.

25 x 4  (5 x 5 x 4) would have the meaning of the whole world being offered God’s grace (5) through the preparation (5) by humbling in the Tribulation.

2). Woman-molester

It was a very graphic dream. A woman was molesting two 2-year-old boys.  One of them was her own son. Another seemed to be his friend. The woman was doing it ‘professionally’, shall I say, in order to teach them sexual pleasures. She didn’t worry about her behavior being shameful, for she thought they did not understand such things, and by the time they would know right from wrong they would not remember what she had done.


This symbolizes one of the daughter-harlots (the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Protestant churches) that causes (teaches) the little ones of God to sin by the established pagan traditions. The Eastern Orthodox Pascha and the Catholic and Protestant Easter is at the door. These are abominable things in the eyes of God. Yet the churches impose this perversion on their members to do these detestable things and enjoy them. Those who do this have no shame! They are compared to a harlot molesting two innocent babes (her own little son and his friend).

You can read more about the origin of the festivals the majority of Christian churches celebrate today as opposed to the holy days ordained by God and commanded us by our Lord, in the following MM publications:

  • Time Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
  • Why Keep Christmas?
  • The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints
  • Festivals of God
  • The Truth About Easter.

Wailing and weeping  (Dream of April 7, 2007)

In this dream I was wailing and weeping in great anguish. The sweat was rolling off my body, as if every pore of my skin was shedding tears.  


One fulfillment of the dream came on the following day - Sunday, April the 8th.  It was Easter Sunday, and I felt an unusual sadness in my spirit. Every time I tried to pray I had no words, but instead I would begin to weep and wail. There was no obvious reason for such a heavy sadness.

It was coming from God’s Spirit, expressing His sadness about His people fooled into believing that by celebrating a pagan festival they honor the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. 

Evil Despotic Regime (Dream of April 10, 2007)

This was a very long dream with lots of details. I was allowed to remember only the most important parts of it.

Some others and I are abroad in one of the Eastern European countries, either Romania or maybe Poland. I am traveling to a certain place where I am supposed to meet with my Beloved Jew. [Our spiritual journey as a result of Jesus calling us to come to Him.] On the way, someone tries to persuade me to give my pad with addresses and phone numbers to someone else who needs it. They say that I have all the information I may need (including the numbers to reach my Beloved) on my mobile phone. I don’t like to part with it, but finally agree, out of compassion for the one in need.

All of a sudden, a drastic change takes place. As if overnight, a new despotic regime comes to power in all countries (at least in Europe). [What is coming on the world stage. Crisis, followed by Tribulation, will come suddenly, and the accompanying political upheavals in its wake.]  I am concerned that I will not make it in time and meet with my Beloved. I try to reach Him. [This is an echo of what is in Song of Solomon. Likewise, this is depicting the Church's difficulties and feeling of being cut off from Him, although we are never cut off from Him.] At this point, I find out that the memory of my mobile phone does not contain any of the important information previously stored there. It’s all mysteriously gone! I am very distressed by it. [The emotional impact upon us all will be great.] 

The situation becomes life threatening [Christians' lives will be threatened by the new political and social order], and the question arises what to do. Some choose to remain in that country, albeit illegally. Others decide to continue traveling on to Western Europe. I decide to try to go back to Ukraine. I say, ‘at least, there I will be a lawful citizen, not an illegal alien’. [Is God showing you that you should stay in Ukraine during the Tribulation? Very possibly.]

The regime that has come to power is very evil, and I know it. However, they take great pains to look good on the outside. They pretend to be ‘humane’, protect the rights of ordinary people, and improve standards of life.

 In order to leave for Ukraine I go to a certain Establishment. The place looks magnificent, built with grandeur. The ceilings are so high - a three-storey house could easily fit in (it seems to have been built by the new government in just a few days). Everything is finished in marble and other expensive materials. [How human government exalts itself and wants people to hold it in the highest esteem, despite the hidden corruption.]

I look around for the information how to get back to Ukraine. However, the information displays are set so high up the walls (close to the ceiling) that I cannot read it. [Human government and administration is invariably impractical and doesn't really help the people. It doesn't give them what they really need.] Then some low rank official or employee of the Establishment looks at me and makes a disparaging remark. [The approach of many in human government. The are those who behave like little ‘hitlers’ towards others.] In his estimation, I am of no significance, obviously having neither money nor a position of authority. Therefore, he allows himself a degrading joke about me.  I reply by saying that no one likes to be put down. A higher rank official overhears my words and is quick to respond and ‘take measures’. A thought enters my mind that now my abuser will lose his job and have a firsthand experience of what it feels like to be despised and put down.

[These paragraphs contain imagery that is a reflection of totalitarian rule.]

In the next scene, we are forced to watch a demonstration of the new government’s ‘achievements’. It is called ‘Reformed people’. In the beginning, four young girls are on the stage being introduced to the audience. The first one is a fair-haired girl, somewhat older than the other three. The others are triplets of a very young age. After a short introduction, they all are leaving the stage, each carrying a baby in their hands.  The commentator says that they have been reformed into good, loving mothers.

I am greatly surprised by such an evaluation. To me, it is obvious that some tragic or rather dramatic events have happened resulting in these young girls having babies.  Then I learn their story.

The father of the triplets is a monk or a priest, notorious as a sexual abuser of little girls. After he had molested the fair-haired girl (one of his many victims) he was transferred to a new area to be a priest. There he was put under house arrest between the times of performing his duty. Having uncontrollable sexual desires, he raped his own three daughters (illegitimate children from another relationship).

When I hear the story I am terrified by the horrible crimes of the man who is supposed to be a spiritual shepherd of the flock, and disgusted by the hypocrisy of this evil government.

[This hints at a union of Church (false Church – Catholic and Orthodox) and State; a co-operation for the sake of dominating and controlling the populace. The priest is a symbol of the Catholic / Orthodox and mainline Church leadership. His behaviour is a physical analogy of the spiritual perversity that such a system imposes upon its hapless victims, who are meant to be God's children. The dream shows that the State tolerates and justifies the perversity of the Church in its practices.]


[This is a dream depicting some of the awful situation that will exist during the imminent Great Tribulation to come upon all nations, but specifically the dream relates to Ukraine and her neighbours, as well as Eastern Europe.] 

Unfaithful Bride

Dream of May 9, 2007

[Malcolm’s comments in square brackets.]

I met my Beloved in town. I was happy to see Him, yet at the same time broken in my heart, because I had not been faithful to my Beloved, and He knew it. His eyes were sad, even though He still loved me. I was filled with remorse, and I knew that I was not fit to be His Bride. [Mila was put in the place of the Church.] So, I thought He would not consider marrying me now. Even still, I hoped that I could be given another chance in our relationship.  I was hoping to have another meeting with my beloved.

In the next scene, which I remember from that dream, I was at work (an office in a large building). I seemed to be a secretary in that office.  Then my friend came. She told me that I could take a coffee brake and she would stay and fill in for me while I am out. So I went out.

As I was leaving, a telephone rang. I heard my friend answering it, talking cheerfully to someone. Then she called me through an open window and handed me the receiver. I was hopeful that it was a call from my Beloved. However, when I answered, I heard someone I did not know saying things that made no sense to me. I think it was a solicitor trying to sell us something we did not need. I felt very disappointed.  Yet, I hoped to meet my Beloved again.


In the first part of the dream, I was put in place of any true believer (or ministry) who had been misled by false teachings and the established practices into spiritual adultery – following church leaders and giving allegiance to religious organizations instead of Jesus. Any true believer, who accepts the lost truths the Lord is restoring today, will see their unfaithfulness to the Lord and will be humbled (just as Peter was humbled when he realized how he had denied his Lord). They will want to be cleansed from their spiritual adultery and to be restored to Jesus. Christ is saddened by the unfaithfulness of His Church, bought by His own blood, yet He is faithful in His love, which endures forever. Even though we are not deserving, He has the love and mercy to forgive and the power of His Spirit to purify those who will humble themselves and turn back to following Him wholly in everything.

The part in the office seems to have two levels. On a more general level it shows that many Christians serve in human edifices, called ‘churches’ where they hope to hear from the Lord, but instead, some ‘strangers’ (false ministers, false apostles and false prophets) call. His true followers do not recognize their voices, nor do those messages make sense to Jesus’ true followers (Jn.10:5).

On a personal level, this part may show our ministry of helpers (helping others is the main work and responsibility of a secretary), and how we eagerly await to meet with our Lord. It also showed the nature of a message I had received via e-mail from someone new on the previous day. That message did not make a whole lot of spiritual sense to me, - him being a false minister and bringing something out of selfish motivation. It may also indicate that some time soon I will have a short brake from my work.

(The last two personal meanings have been fulfilled.)

Going up the Hill (Dream of May 11, 2007)

I was one of a company of four friends – two women and two men. We were walking, going some place. In the course of our walk the other woman and one of the two men separated and went forward ahead of me and  the other man, even though we seemed to be going to the same destination.

My companion was a tall, lean, strong man in his 30s. He seemed to be taking care of me, doing it tactfully and very amiably. The walk was not so easy, for we had to climb up some rocky crags. It required a good degree of physical fitness. However, we both seemed to enjoy it, and were not exhausted.

At some point I saw a hill in the distance, which we were approaching. On the very top of the hill I saw a huge canopy in bright white and red colors. My companion seemed to have been there before, and he said it was a restaurant. I am not sure, but I think it was our destination from the very beginning.

The area we were traversing was generally beautiful, despite the crags we had to climb. When already not far from the hill, I suddenly felt that all of the artificial teeth in my mouth crumbled to dust and little pieces. They were completely ruined. I had a mouthful of little bits. Spitting them secretly into my hand and hiding in my pocket, I wondered how I was going to manage in the restaurant without the teeth, and what I would look like. Even though I did my best to keep my problem a secret, my companion knew all about it. He quietly said to me: “Don’t worry, I’ll make (or give?) you new teeth”.  I didn’t say anything but wondered how he was going to do that.

We finally got to the hilltop and entered the restaurant. I saw a vast neat area with many tables. The tables were laid with fresh white-and-red table cloths. The place seemed to be ready to receive and serve many people. However, I don’t remember seeing any visitors there except for us. And there was no food in sight.

My companion said there was another level above. At once we went up to that level. A strange ladder made of metal rods (like a fire escape) led to the upper level. We climbed it, and entered another vast hall through a round hole in the floor. That one, too, was protected by a bright canopy of the same two colors. Everything looked very similar to what we saw on the ground floor. Similar tables with fresh bright table cloths, the same feeling of everything being ready, yet no visitors but us, and no food in sight.

We did not see the two friends that had gone on ahead of us. Perhaps there was yet another level above that one, and they went up there. Or perhaps I just did not see them in that hall. The dream ended there.


As I prayed about the meaning, a scripture came to my mind from Paul’s epistle: “…first for the Jew, then for the Gentile” (Rom.1:16).  This may mean that my woman friend represented Jewish believers, while I represented the Gentile Church. The men then should be representing God’s angels who guide and protect both ‘flocks’ (or God’s guidance of His holy people through His angels). The whole dream may show that the banquet is ready in God’s Kingdom for the wedding of Jesus and His Bride. But we have yet to reach His holy hill. I believe this to be a sign that the last part of God’s plan of salvation is about to begin (the pick of the spiritual Revival with all the miracles of resurrection of people long gone, and the following Tribulation and persecution of His true disciples).

Our walk is not easy, but the Lord does not require of us anything that is beyond what we can do. And He makes us fit for the difficulties by His power. The colors of the canopy and the table cloths may be symbolic of: white - purity (righteousness); and red – Jesus atoning blood, and the past and future martyrdom of many of His followers. 

Hosting a cook-out (Dream of May 12, 2007)

Steve and I were hosting a cook-out party in a place one could call a summer hut. It was a small place in a picturesque country area.  As the guests were leaving, we came to know that at 2 o-clock the water would be cut off. I was concerned about being able to wash the dishes and clean up after the party. So I went to look for a bucket and fill it with water.

Walking around looking for a bucket I came to the area behind a little barn or shed. There was a dirt road behind the barn, leading somewhere. I walked a little further following that road, and very soon found myself standing on a river bank. The river was quite big, not just a small creek.  I was very happy about it, for now I didn’t have to worry about the water in the pipes being cut off.

I went back to tell Steve about my discovery, but he already knew about the river and had been looking for me to tell me about it too.


I believe this cook-out party at a small summer hut to be a representation of our ministry (which is small and simple) and its present work. The believers the Lord sends our way to receive the truths they seek (which is in the MM literature we promote and distribute) were shown as the guests. We share the ‘good spiritual food’ with them.

The party (the time of the restoration of God’s Truth) will be soon over. Then the ‘water’ of the Holy Spirit and of His Word, which comes to many believers through the man-made systems (shown here as water pipes) will be cut off. The number 2 (2 o’clock – the time it was to be cut off) may have the following meanings:

  1. The end of the last 2-year Revival, after which the Tribulation will bring great persecution and the churches will be closed down or destroyed.
  2. God’s certainty that this course of events will happen, and humanly built structure of the Church shall be completely destroyed. This will mean a complete cut off for those who seek religious organizations (churches) for their supply of His Truth and His Holy Spirit. There will be a famine and a drought for the Word of God!

The Holy Spirit and the Word wash and cleanse us spiritually, as we accept and share them. We must put them to use. However, the Lord is telling those who are truly His followers that there is no need to worry about the destruction of the churches. Their supply of Water will be coming from Him directly (from the River of His Spirit). Those who realize this fact and are ready to walk closer to God are happy and do not worry about these upcoming troubles and trials. Our happiness and our hope is in the Lord, not in any man or manmade organization!

Flood and snakes

Dream of May 21, 2007

I was in a car with a family, it seems. I distinctly remember a man who was driving the car, and a girl about 7-8 y.o. I think there was a woman (the girl’s mother) there, but I am not sure. I believe I was working for that family, but no clue in what capacity. Also, there was a black cat in the car (the family’s pet). We were returning home from somewhere.

As we drove along the street, suddenly a flash flood came. The streets turned into rivers of rushing water. It looked very threatening. Very soon the car was flooded, and we were all sitting knee-deep in water. Yet, we managed to continue driving on.  (This part of the dream was repeated at least two or three times during the night.)

There were snakes in the water. Some of them were swimming around us in the car. At first, I didn’t see them in the muddy water. But when the man exclaimed, ‘aaaahhh’, and said he had just been bit by something, I looked and saw a narrow body swim past me to the back of the car.

At first, I was frightened. Then a thought came that it is wrong for us to be afraid, for Jesus has given us the power over ‘serpents’ and ‘scorpions’. So, I prayed to Jesus to protect and keep me safe. I wanted to pray about the man, but then I realized that I did not know God’s will for him. I was sure that God would no doubt protect the man if his heart was right with Him. However, if the man had any unrepented sin on his conscience, he had better repented at once.

In the next scene, we were at home, in a huge, rich house.  Walking along the hallway, I came to the door of the girl’s room. There was cat’s poop on the floor right in the middle of the room. The girl didn’t pay any attention to it. I saw another pile of poop not far from the first one. I told the girl to clean up the mess after her pets. However, she said that it didn’t bother her and she was not going to do it.

It upset me, but I decided to clean it up myself. It was not my job or responsibility, but I just couldn’t imagine living in such filth.  I went to get the cleaning stuff and passed another open door. In that room, I saw a big green snake curled up on the floor in the middle of the room. I wondered how dangerous that snake could be.


The flood waters and the snakes mean the devil’s attacks on God’s people that are coming. The time of trials and tribulation will come like a flash flood. (God highlighted the certainty of such trials coming by repeating this part of the dream two or three times.) However, those who are led by God’s Spirit and remain faithful to the Lord should not be afraid, for His word is sure. He will protect His own from the demons.

I think the man who drove the car was not a true Christian, for he was bit by a snake. He symbolizes human leadership in a hierarchic structure of a church (false teachers, apostles, prophets and shepherds of the flock). The woman symbolizes the membership, and the girl – immature believers. The house represents a structure of their church organization (perhaps The Orthodox Church in Ukraine, or the Charismatic, the SDA and other churches). A cat symbolizes a stubborn person who resists God’s Holy Spirit and rejects the new truths that have been restored today.

As the dream shows, the ‘family’ (that organization) is full of demons and demonic influences. Moreover, they do not wish to clean up the spiritual filth, which exists in their church because of such influences. They are spiritually lazy and put up with sin, wrong teachings and practices. It does not bother them.

When adults don’t teach their children to keep God’s moral precepts and to work, the children grow up to be lazy and without scruples. Similarly, if ‘shepherds’ of the flock and the ‘mature’ brethren don’t care about the spiritual purity of their doctrine and their personal lives, the immature converts cannot learn these good qualities in such a ‘home’.

Another Dream about Dad (7.17.07)

My dad was sitting on a stool. I was telling him something. Suddenly I looked and saw how his mouth gradually filled with blood. His face looked lifeless. I screamed in despair. 


God is good. He always warns and prepares us in advance for the trials we are to face. It is up to us to take the warning. My dad's days will not be long. 

Two Men Fighting For Me

Dream of July 18, 2007

Two men were fighting for me. At first one of them was winning and I had a hard time to persuade him to let the other one go unharmed. Then the other one regained his strength and came back. He overcame by deceit. Together with his kinsmen and friends, he tied the first man’s hands and was going to kill him.

I pleaded for the second man’s life. But they only laughed at me. So I said I would not keep silent about their murder. I said, ‘I am not a liar, and even if my lips would be silent, my eyes and my whole body (or appearance?) will speak up the truth’.

I am not sure what happened, but there is a vague memory that they did not kill the man.

Meaning given by Malcolm Heap:

“The dream figuratively represents how church leaders / ministry leaders are vying with one another to get a following. In the dream you represent believers. The church leaders are using deceit to try and win supporters / followers. It reveals their basically selfish motivation. They are competing, not co-operating.

You will probably see the dream played out in a specific situation in your region, but it also illustrates a general problem with large-scale evangelists.”

A Rich Boyfriend

Dream of July 23, 2007 (Mila)

[Possible meaning by Malcolm Heap in square brackets.]

In the dream, I am a young virgin. [You are put in the place of true believers.] A young man from a very rich family [Jesus] is passionately in love with me [this illustrates His great love for His people]. His family [His family includes other people on earth who claim His name, even though some of them are not pure and true as they should be] have chosen another bride for him, but he openly ignores her, and continues courting me. (Some events in the dream I do not remember.)

Next, he invites me to a café or a bar and orders two rounds of champagne and coffee. I ask him jokingly if he intends to get me drunk. After that, we are in his apartment. He kisses me, and I feel that we both get rather excited. [As in Song of Solomon, this portrays Jesus' great love for us, and our love for Him, illustrated by sexual imagery which may be the closest 'thing' to liken it to in the physical.] Then I say (or think?) that we must be cautious and control our emotions, as we are not married yet. [The consciences of true believers are governed by moral constraints; we know that our behaviour must comply with all God's commandments that outline basic moral conduct.]

At this point, the doorbell rings. It’s his mother. [The older church – established religion.] She comes in and, ignoring my presence [typical], tells him that he is being late for an important social function. (I think it had to be a charity concert, because a man, a relative, was mentioned who was going to play a piano concerto. For some reason, I remembered his name the following morning, but now, three days later, I can only say it was of Spanish or Latin origin.) [The recital depicts the formal performance of the established church in its so-called 'worship'. Its origins are Latin – i.e. Romanism.]

My boyfriend asks his mother about me, ‘Is she invited? If she is not going, I am not going either’. [Jesus is not interested in formalism of church tradition. He is interested in people who want a pure relationship with Him, and obedience in the Spirit. So, Jesus is absent from this antiquated church.] The mother replies that this is out of question [she is not about to change], because last time that man played the piano I fell asleep [I'm not surprised!!], and it offended him greatly. (This comment reminds me that indeed I once was invited. I was bored to death the whole time. In addition, this man with a Latin name was a terrible piano player and had chosen a difficult piece, which he could not even play decently. So, naturally, I fell asleep!) She adds that if her son does not show up at the social, it will mean open confrontation with the family. She advises him to think twice and leaves. [The arrogance and implacable nature of orthodox leaders.]

I am grateful to my boyfriend for trying to protect me before his whole clan who despise and ignore me. [The wording now introduces other people – the Jews – who are part of Jesus' physical clan. Like orthodox 'Christianity', they are equally against the truth and true believers, which and whom they ignore.] Nevertheless, I am not sure he loves me truly and deeply. [True believers often need their level of faith raising. They need to trust Jesus more, and know His intense and complete love for them.] I tell him I would not go even if invited, but I don’t mind if he honors his mother’s request and goes. [We are not against other believers who don't subscribe to all the truth which we uphold. We are not prejudiced against them like they are against us.] He says he is not going. [Jesus is absent most of the time from the old established churches. He only stays where His Spirit is welcome, and where people are humble and willing to accept further truth.]

I ask him if he is serious about marrying me, and his answer is positive. [Jesus never changes His mind on such a thing.] Then I ask him another question: “If I am arrested and put in jail [this is what the true Church faces in the times we are entering], will you still be willing to marry me?” He makes a joking comment in reply, but I don’t believe he takes my words seriously. [He does, but He is not worried or overly concerned about any restrictions, like prison, upon us. He is with believers in prison, and can do great works through such people in those trying circumstances. Many examples of this are to be seen in Danyun's accounts written in Lilies Amongst Thorns.]

Filth in the Old Russian Church (Dream of August 20)

A small company of us went to some remote village for a festival, it seems. We had a country house to stay in, while there. Since the house had no conveniences, builders had erected an outhouse for us. However, they dug a very shallow hole for it.  After just a couple of days, it was overfilled; and it became impossible to use it. It was disgusting. I was indignant about such an irresponsible approach of the builders.


Just before the dream was given, I had visited a small village in our region, which is a center and a ‘holy land’ for the members of the Old Russian Church. I went there with my friend’s mother at her request, to help her with some manual work on a piece of property she had purchased there.

The small village has more dead and empty houses than the ones lived in. Young people have left for bigger towns and cities, where they can get jobs. So, the village is mostly populated by old people. According to a neighbor, all males living in that location (including her own husband and son) are lazy drunkards. She could not name a single man we might hire to clean a well or do some other manual work men usually do in the countryside. It was very sad to hear.

Nevertheless, there were three old churches standing one next to another and one more grandeur than another in the center of the village. My friend’s mother told me that when they have their festivals, believers of ‘old faith’ gather there from all over the world and celebrate for a decade!

A tablet with the same inscription was displayed at the entrance to each of the three churches. It had the rules of conduct, ‘the No-No-s’ for women and men who enter the temple area. Those rules are very strict. This strongly contrasts with the indifference the ‘shepherds’ show to the facts of moral degradation of the population living in the holy center of their Church.


I believe the meaning of the dream has to do with the Old Church of Russia. The priests and leadership of that church care a lot about their religious rules and regulations, their symbols and tradition. But this church does not have the depth of spiritual teaching we need to come close to our Lord in order to be purified by His Spirit. Once again, the ‘builders’ reject the Stone, which IS the Cornerstone of God’s Church. They reject Him by rejecting His teaching, His pure truth and the works of His Spirit.

This approach is shameful. Filth has been accumulating in this church, as in most of the established churches. They have turned it into a center of a dead religion.

Dream about Malcolm

(September 9, 2007)

In this dream, I saw Malcolm speaking to me. He was adamant and stern, saying: “But you, your place is with us. You should have demanded it from me!” It woke me up, making me think in fear what it was that I had missed. Half asleep, I began praying.


I wrote to Malcolm, asking him to explain the message of the dream: "...Perhaps you have a message for me from God. I have been feeling rather miserable and inadequate about my attempts to serve Him lately. I am not satisfied at all with my spiritual life, or my work.

Note: Some days ago, I had a dream in which I saw a wild plant with a panicle (like a blooming wormwood), full of tiny little seeds. In the dream, I thought it was the proverbial ‘mustard seed’. Now I am not so sure. Perhaps that dream had some connection to this dream…"

Answer from Malcolm:

About your dream, no, you haven't screwed up too badly! Don't worry overly. It puzzled me for a while, but I think I know now what God is getting at. I'll have a go at giving you the meaning or implication.

The clue as to what is being driven at, is in the words "your place is with  us". Who are we? Or more appropriately, what is our function? You know. So, you are a prophet, too. "Your place is with us." You may not have realized that God has called you to act as a prophet(ess) in the  situations  and circumstances you find yourself in. You are to give God's authoritative word to the people, as if God were giving it to them Himself. You act on  His behalf. This is not just the authority of the believer (to heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead, preach the Gospel, etc. -- Luke 9); you have an added authority to call down fire from heaven. I think you know what I  mean  by that, after the incidents that occurred in Kenya recently.

As a  prophet, God brings you into a situation to judge some. He does that by giving people  truth, and an opportunity to accept it, knowing that they won't. After you have done the necessary, confronting them on their wrongdoing, He does the rest. And people are struck dead, or conversely delivered - in those cases where they accept the truth. But in the context of the dream, I think the former is indicated - judgment or condemnation, with often a visible outcome, sometimes dramatic.

"You should have demanded it from me," implies that this authority is not being used or taken advantage of. Confrontation is unavoidable for a prophet. It is actually the main part of his or her brief, as you know from Is 58:1.

After this, my thoughts then went back to the incident you related recently of your meeting with the 'Nun' who arrogantly said that God has two peoples for Himself: Hebrews and Slavs. That woman was so full of pride, prejudice, and rank exclusivism that she hated anyone who dared to stand up against her superior status. In her 'superiority' there was no humility at all. I know you know that. You could see it all. The spirit in her is evil, not the Holy Spirit. She is not a sister; rather she is a false believer. When I read how you made peace with her, I was disturbed at first, and thought of how my anger against her vile prejudice and arrogance was not satisfied. I was going to comment to you. However, I checked myself, in case I was reacting wrongly. Since you had parted peacefully (and we are to be peacemakers, and to live in peace with all people as much as is possible), I dismissed it and said nothing. I thought I should learn from you on this one. I thought it was admirable how you could find common ground and part amicably. And I still do, humanly. But I think God is pointing out that it wasn't ideal after all.

It's not easy knowing how best to respond. It's easier for me than for you, because generally I don't personally meet people. I write, and that gives me more time to think, and one is not swayed by the emotion of the occasion or the personality of the other person. But when you are face to face with someone, you don't want to offend  them (even though she was offending both you and God with her responses), so it's natural to try to placate them. But, with hindsight, I think the best reaction would have been to give her the correction she deserved and needed - to tell her that she is a bigot, prejudiced, etc., and that prejudice is hatred of those excluded - to tell her of her pride that keeps God well away from her, and distorts her grasp of God's Word, and pollutes her understanding.

In short, she  needs a good old shaking, being taken by the scruff of the neck and shaken till her brains rattle - figuratively speaking, of course. I realize that she wouldn't accept the correction. But that's her problem, not ours. Ours is to tell it "straight up"; let them have it, so they can see (if there's any light of truth in them) that they are in gross sin and need to repent.

Confrontation is the prophet's briefcase that he must take with him wherever he goes, otherwise God will get another to do the job. Perhaps God set up that incident as a little training exercise, so you are more circumspect in future episodes. I have learned from it just as you have.

About the other dream of the panicle on the wild plant, perhaps it means  that there will be fruit (seed) from some new believers whom God will bring across your path - presently unconverted folks. The day that God gave you that dream, was there anyone you had contact with? It might apply to them in the future. I always take note of things that happen just after, or just before, the dream comes, or take note of people who get in touch then. Invariably the dream refers to them.

Comment: I did have a few meetings with a friend from back in my university years. We talked about God. She believes in a God, but as an agnostic. However, she was very interested to hear about my spiritual experiences and how the Lord had revealed Himself to me. (This took place in August. The last time we saw each other was on August 31. After that she was going back to Italy until next summer.)

To help her find the true God, I first gave her SA 2 (a compilation of 5 MM publications translated into Russian). After that I asked God to move her to bring up the subject. I was prepared to give her “God’s Church – Whose Authority?” next. (Like many others, she confuses faith in Jesus with religion of Christianity and a human organization called ‘church’, which is so obviously hypocritical that it repulses her, just as it used to do me.) However, I did not want to push her. Therefore, I was going to let God show me if and when I should hand her that book.

It came as a pleasant surprise when she began to speak about SA 2. She said she had liked it more than any other Christian book she had ever read, because it was not bigoted and the author did not try to avoid or ignore difficult issues. I took the hint from God and said that she could keep it as my gift to her.  I also said that I had another book I wanted to give her. She gladly accepted it. And I thanked the Lord. 

Whirlpool and a sign from God.

Dream of September 14, 2007 (Feast of Trumpets).

I was standing in the middle of a rushing river (the river Proot in the Western Ukraine). Then I noticed that I was standing very close to a powerful whirlpool (not farter than 1 meter from its center).  It amazed me to realize that I was unaffected by its power.  At such a close distance, the whirlpool should have sucked me in long ago. Nevertheless, it had no effect on me!

I was standing there, immovable. I began to understand that by this, God was giving a confirmation to others that I have been doing His will. 

For a moment, a deceitful thought came to my mind (planted by Satan) to dive into the whirlpool and measure the distance to its bottom in order to give people a miraculous sign from God. Then another thought came – not to test the Lord our God.  After I had rejected the first wrong thought, I realized that God had already given His miraculous sign (by keeping me immovable and unharmed while standing next to that dangerous whirlpool), and I did not need another one!

Then I knew that I had to warn the people in the area about that whirlpool. For many people (including children) go to swim and splash there in summer.


There are a number of very wrong teachings that prevail in Christian churches of Ukraine and Russia, especially in the Orthodox Church. They are dangerous (spiritually), for they deceive. They drag and suck in undiscerning believers, resulting in their spiritual death. The whirlpool is symbolic of spiritual death here. The dream shows in symbolism that both spiritual ‘adults’ and ‘children’ are equally deceived and in grave danger to perish through false teachings.

We have the truths from God in MM literature, which I have been translating into Russian, so that believers from Slavic nations could read and benefit from them. These truths can save them from the mortal danger, which resides in every false doctrine. The dream shows that I have a responsibility to warn people about these false and erroneous teachings.

God confirmed that He had given me this work (by His miraculous sign in the dream). I do not need to try and prove to others that I have this authority from Him. The Lord will show (supernaturally) to those who desire to know His truth that what we promote and make available (in MM literature) comes from Him. If I tried to prove it by any human attempts, that would be wrong, coming from pride.  

Blessed is he who hears the word of the Lord and obeys it!

Dream of September 15, 2007.

A lot was going on in this dream, but I was allowed to remember only one moment from it.

 A boy suffering from some kind of incurable disease was coming to me while I was proclaiming in a loud voice: “Blessed is he who hears the word of the Lord and obeys it. Adult or child – he shall be healed!”

I knew that the boy was going to be healed because he had believed (that’s why he was coming to me).


Jesus is our Savior, our Deliverer and Healer. We do not need to run about looking for any man or ‘sacred thing’ in order to receive healing. All we need to do is listen to the Lord and wholeheartedly obey His every word. This requires faith - trusting God to know and desire what is best for us. 

It is not easy to live by faith, but for the proud and self-willed – it is impossible. Jesus warned His disciples for a good reason that not one of us will enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless we accept it like a little child (humbly and with complete trust). It is significant that in this dream I saw only one person coming to receive healing. That one was a child!

In the dream, not a single ‘adult’ (symbolic of a strong, self-willed and self-confident person, often depicting church leadership) came to receive what God offers His people today through MM publications, which our family ministry promotes. Church leaders and Christian ‘luminaries’ are too proud to ‘come and receive’. Their pride is a stumbling block to them. For too many Christians it becomes an insuperable obstacle between them and the healing power of God’s truth (which heals both physical and spiritual problems).

2 Dreams of November 24, 2007.

Dream 1:

I was in the woods with my dog Naida. She was hunting ‘birds’ for me to have something to eat… That hunt was very unusual (supernatural). There was a river rushing through the woods. The dog went under water and was running and leaping there, hunting birds, which looked like hens. I do not recall whether those hens were also under water or just in the water. The water was very clear, and I could see every move of my doggy. I do not remember whether she actually caught any game for me.

One other detail. As the dog was running under the water, her hair color began to gradually change from her natural dark gray with a few lighter spots to yellowish sandy with darker stripes, like a white tiger.

Meaning: Not sure. All that comes to mind is the biblical story of how Elijah was miraculously fed by ravens at God’s command during the first year of the famine. I believe this to be a symbolic picture of God’s supernatural provision for His faithful servants during the time of ‘fiery trials’ that are nearing us.

Dream 2:

Steve, I, and a few others were in an apartment. I don’t remember if I knew what the others were doing. I was doing some translations for a ‘customer’. The man wanted me to translate something; then he came back with another piece, and then again with some more things to translate.  I seemed to have known from the get-go that he would want those extra jobs done, but he had not ordered them all at once.

Steve was in another room. Then he came to ‘my room’, looking and moving as if extremely tired or drunk, or sleepwalking.  I mean, he was staggering and didn’t seem to be quite aware of what he was doing. I did not  know what was happening to him, but I came up and put his right arm around my shoulder to help and support him. Together we went out of ‘my room’ and came to the entrance door. I thought he wanted to go out for a walk and asked him about it. But he just was not aware of his own actions. Then he turned around and we went back to ‘his room’.

By the time we got back to ‘his room’, he came to, and began talking to me quite soberly.

Meaning: The job the Lord has assigned to me is basically translating the truths laid down in MM publications for the Church. The ‘customer’ may represent this assignment – His ‘order’. Perhaps there will be new prompts in the Spirit about the next translation to do… Even though I know from the very beginning about some of them that they need to be translated.

The others in the apartment could represent the other believers who support the spread of His truths in the Church (represented by the building, in which the apartment was). Steve was in another room, doing something there. This shows our current situation, when we are separated by distance.

The part about him being exhausted or sleepwalking is not quite clear to me at this time. But I think we will be reunited by the Lord; and I will help him regain his strength, providing moral and spiritual support. 

Dream of December 3, 2007.

I was back in the USA and came to the house of one of our customers to clean. The house seemed emptied of all or most of the things and furniture. The walls were very dirty with cobwebs and something that looked like soot.  I swept the cobwebs off the wall corners, then took my mop, drenched it in water and began washing the wall, starting with the corners.  I anticipated a day of hard work, which I was only beginning to do. Especially tough would be to wash the higher parts and upper corners.

Meaning: The house may represent the Church. Since it was taking place in the USA, it may represent the Church in that country. I may represent our small family ministry. The soot and cobwebs may symbolize the ill effects of laziness, drowsiness and the wrong teachings (the works of the devil) in the Church.

Perhaps the dream symbolizes a humble, non-prestigious, yet very important work of cleansing the Church, which the Lord has made us a part of. The Church surely needs a good washing and cleansing of all the dirt of evil influences it has allowed because of the wrong motivations and the spiritually dormant state. The dream also indicates that the work has just started!

One more suggestion. It points to the fact that it is much easier to ‘wash’ the base parts (believers of humble standing) than it is to clean the elevated and lofty leaders. They are hard to reach and work on.

Comment made in March, 2014: Now I am beginning to think that I in this dream was put in place of Steve who will return back to life during the last spiritual Revival (when God will bring back to life over 50 persons who have been dead for a long time) with a task from God to do the work of cleaning the 'spiritual dirt' in the Church of the USA. 

One of my houseplants withered

Dream of December 7, 2007.

I saw a young, beautiful houseplant in a pot. Its tender (bright green) stalks and shoots withered, as if overnight (as if killed by frost). They were lying limp and lifeless on the soil in the pot.  The reason was not clear.

It made me very sad. I wondered if the plat could be revived if I watered it again. (Not that I had neglected it. I take a good care, feeding and watering my plants regularly.)


This dream could portray the sorry spiritual state of my brother (a Charismatic church member) who has been showing signs of spiritual degradation because he has chosen to follow his church's teachings rather than what Jesus had revealed to him in direct response to his prayer. 

2 Dreams of December 8, 2007.

Dream 1:

In the beginning of this dream, I am in my parents’ apartment (half of a simple country house), taking care of a little boy, who is a son of mine (not Victor, but another little son).  Then, through a living room window, I see a man I used to know many years ago, Volodia.  (This man died about 27 years ago, having committed a suicide.) He is trying to look inside.

Suddenly his head shows through a small hinged ventilation window-pane in the upper part of the window. He smiles and says hello. I wonder how he managed to do that, for the distance to it from the ground is more than 7 ft! I feel that he would like to hear how I have lived and what has been happening in my life. So, I invite him to come in (through the door) and have a talk.

He would have to go to the back of the house to get to the door to our apartment. I take a peep at my little son, who is sleeping in the bedroom, and decide to go and meet Volodia at the door.  I go out of the apartment. From this moment on it turns to be a suite in a hotel, not my parents’ apartment any longer. I have to go down a long march of stairs to the entrance hall to meet my friend.

Downstairs I see Volodia and make a few steps toward him, with greetings.  At this point, I notice a woman standing near him. She is dark-haired, a little heavy. She looks very unfriendly, even annoyed, and begins to rudely interrupt us. Her voice reveals impatience, as she demands that he does this and that, and does it all immediately. Finally, she says that he should stop thinking about another’s children and start ‘doing something for his own ones’.

It is obvious that Volodia feels very uncomfortable about the whole situation. He would love to talk with me, but he doesn’t want to irritate and anger the woman. He tries to be nice and pacify her. I understand her to be his wife. She is obviously very jealous of me and wants me to go. She is not interested in getting to know me or visiting me together with her husband. She just wants me out of their life. So I say to my old friend something to the effect that he is welcome to stop by whenever he is free, and leave.

Meaning: Not sure.

Comment: The man has been dead since 1980 (the year I got married and my son Victor was born). He was obsessed with a feeling for a woman, who did not love him.  Some time after she had rejected him, he nearly died of some internal bleeding. It happened on a business trip to another city. A woman found him lying unconscious in the street and called ambulance. She continued to visit him in hospital until he was released. He did not love her, but married her out of gratitude. I heard they had a child. A year or so later, he ran into his ‘first love’, who had married another man, got depressed and committed a suicide.

Dream 2:

Going upstairs, back to my suite, I suddenly find myself in a crowd of people. [Probably my current situation. The situation becomes ‘crowded’ with unpleasant events.] Facing me, there stands a young good-looking man. He looks very well groomed, educated, and charismatic. [My son Victor, as explained below.] However, I see two evil characters whispering advice in his ears. These two look like gypsy thieves. [Evil spirits that influence him.] He is listening attentively to what they are saying. From that, I assume that he is a young Gypsy king. [The evil, lawless nature, self-will, vanity, pride, desire to be ‘the boss’ and to show off could not have been expressed more appropriately.]

The crowd gets thicker on all sides. It becomes impossible to move in any direction or to get out of it. We are stalled, and people are touching and pressing me. For a moment, I feel a touch of panic. [Not sure. It is true that I hate and avoid crowds. But perhaps this has a meaning of feeling the pressure of the events. Perhaps it also shows that I cannot go back home to my husband at the moment.]

At this juncture, I have a small cart with me, in which I carry some luggage and important documents (my international passport, some permits, other papers needed for a trip abroad) and $700.  I become aware of the presence of gypsies in the crowd, who may use this opportunity to pickpocket and steel.

Suddenly the Gypsy king is gone, and the crowd has dispersed.  I am left all by myself in the hallway. I hastily check my luggage. Surely enough, my documents and money are all gone. Then, while I am still in a shock, the documents and papers re-appear in my cart (as if put back stealthily), but the money is gone.

I consider an option of going to the Gypsy king and talking to him about the importance of my trip, for which the money was to be used. I hope to persuade him to give me back what was stolen by his ‘agents’. A thought comes that, to show my good will, I could offer to clean his place for a week if he agrees to return my money.

Meaning: After the news I received this morning (Dec. 9, 07) I believe the young Gypsy king to portray the evil changes and influences to which my son has given up. He is a good-looking and very charismatic young man. But he is under a strong influence of evil spirits, because he has wanted success (deceived by the Prosperity Gospel).

This morning, my brother told me the latest news he had recently found out about my son. It appears that in summer, Victor took an advance payment from a businessman here in Chernovtsy for a job (to make and install shelves and counters for a store). It is obvious now that he had had no intention of doing the work, because he did not say a word about the job to my brother with whom he had been in that business. Soon after, he left for Kiev, ‘to look for a job’, as he told everyone.

In addition, before leaving he bought himself a new Notebook (also rather expensive). He bought it on credit; yet, he has not been paying any monthly payments all this time (my brother received calls from them too).

Through Victor (my son), I may be robbed of about $700, having to pay back some of his debts. Each month since September, I have been paying towards one of his debts to a bank, which is about $350 (the equivalent in the national currency). Then lately, when he was already in Kiev, he called and asked me to borrow $450 from my parents for him, promising to return it in full within two months. The due date is Dec. 18, but the last I heard from him, he didn’t have the money to pay yet. This means that I will have to pay what he owes my parents.

I am not upset because of the money (though it is not easy on Steve and me). I am grieved about his spiritual state. Now he avoids any contact with me, of course! 

The dream has been fulfilled througout the years 2009-2011. 

2 Dreams of December 17, 2007.

Dream 1:

It seems that I was pregnant. For some reason, I was then put in care of my x-husband Irv (it was not clear who put me in his care or why, for the baby I was carrying was not his).   In the next scene, we were getting up in the morning. He was ready to go to work. I thought about some things I needed to do and to buy, and that I would need money for that. I wanted to ask him to give me a debit card. However, I remembered all too well how greedy he used to be and how he hated to give me money, so I didn’t dare to say a word. Nevertheless, he himself pulled out a brand new debit/credit card and gave me.  (There was a vague thought of a huge amount of $225000 available on it.) 

I was greatly surprised by his good-will gesture.  Then I was thinking that I should be very careful about spending money wisely, so he wouldn’t feel being used or cheated. I also remembered that I still had my own debit card. But the amount on my account was so insignificant that it wouldn’t be nearly enough, and I would still have to use Irv’s card.  So I was grateful.


Perhaps it has to do with the future, after the miracles of resurrections have happened, when the time comes for MIA to work hard and bear fruit (pregnancy) for the Lord. It may show someone who was (or is now) oppressed by the demonic powers, being greedy and anxious for material things (like Irv was), having been delivered and taking care of us. He may feel moved by God to provide a shelter (if necessary) and finances for the work we will have to do.

Dream 2:

I met with my Beloved Jew. We seemed to be at a public place, like an airport building or a waiting room of a railway station, with rows of seats. An old woman was sitting a few rows away in front of me. He took me to her, to introduce us. I felt a bit shy, for I took her to be his mother. However, while introducing her to me, he said: “Meet Lenochka So-and-so”. (‘Lenochka’ is a short and endearing variant for the names Lena, Helena, Ellen, etc.)

At that moment, I recalled that I had met the woman before, many years ago, - as one of his good friends. Then, she had been a real beauty, but now she turned into an old woman with a wrinkled face and lacking teeth. However, she smiled at me very amicably, and I felt we were going to become good friends. There was a feeling that we were introduced to each other on purpose (as if she was to take care of me, or help me in some way).


Not sure, but the name may refer to Helena. Good friends of Jesus are very dear to Him, and it is shown by the endearing name He used for her in the dream. She was shown old, perhaps to signify her much greater maturity in the faith in comparison with ours. Yet, she was beautiful, especially in her sincere love and friendliness. The Lord may be showing that Helena takes care of us in a special, spiritual way. It may also show that we may meet in person in the future. 

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