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Dreams From God


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Selections From

Midnight In America Dream Diary




Dream of January 6, 2006

I and some others (all women) were on a bus, taken to a war front line.  I was looking at all of us, puzzled.  We were all civilians, wearing civilian clothes and footwear, absolutely unfitting     for warfare.  Most of us were very formally and quite elegantly dressed, including high heel boots.  And most of us had at least one piece of clothes of a very bright color on (a blouse or a turtleneck, etc.).  The rest of the attire was black, as much as I can remember now. 

I was wondering why we had not been given military uniforms and armor to wear, since they were taking us to fight.  I also asked if we would be given any weapons, but no one answered      or gave us any. 

The bus came to a stop at a crossroads.  I saw a truck full of Nazi soldiers right in the middle of the intersection.  (I say, ‘Nazi’, because they were wearing greenish-gray uniforms with a    black cross over it, and looked like the German military of the WW2 times.) An officer from that troop approached our bus (I was hiding, but watching and listening).  He said that all sick      and wounded should surrender, and they would be given a good treatment.  I am not sure what the others did, but I ran and hid myself.

Then I was thinking again that I needed to change into more appropriate clothes.  As I was thinking of one appropriate piece of clothes after another, it seemed to be appearing on me instead of whatever I had been wearing before. Then I looked at my boots and was glad to see that they were good, better than anything else I could think of.  They did not need to be changed.

Suddenly I saw huge black caterpillar tracks of a tank in front of me at a very close distance.  It was coming straight at me.  I was terrified.  Trying to avoid being overrun by the tank and yet hiding from the enemy’s infantry, I got under a narrow wooden counter like they used to have in old market places.  The tank passed so close to me that I was afraid I would be caught between the joints of its caterpillar.  Miraculously, it did not touch me.  It stopped right next to me.  I thought I was trapped there in my hiding place.  But as I looked up I saw that the tank had stopped at an angle, which allowed me enough space to get out and escape.  Then the dream ended.


The first part of the dream depicts the present situation in the Charismatic sector of the Church, which is not ready for the upcoming ‘warfare’, the time of persecutions and trials of the Tribulation. We are inevitably and quickly approaching this time (symbolically shown as going on a bus to the war front line). We are not wearing our full spiritual armor. We continue to live and behave like ‘prosperous businessmen’, not as Jesus spiritual warriors. The way the ladies on the bus were dressed resembles that of some prosperous big-name mass evangelists. The bright detail of attire may depict a spiritual gift or specific task the Lord has given each believer or ministry.

My surprise regarding the absence of any weapons while we were taken to war and the question I asked, when it would be given us, demonstrates the essence of our ministry to the Charismatic Church. We call the Church to wake up from its spiritual slumber and begin getting ready for the soon to come events. We have been trying to reach the leaders of those churches.

Leaders of Charismatic churches preach not the truth to their congregations, but what the latter like and wish to hear – the so called “Prosperity Gospel”. For this reason the believers are not warned and prepared.

In the dream, I never received an answer to my question. (This was fulfilled in the course of the following year, when I tried to reach the Charismatic churches of Ukraine and Russia by mailing them packets with Message to the Charismatic Church and other MM lit. I never received a single response from any of them! Our call and warning to take heed have been ignored.) That is why our brothers and sisters – Charismatic Christians continue their spiritual journey unarmed.

The crossroads symbolizes the turning point in the near future when the Church will realize that the prophesied time of the Great Tribulation has come! The enemy (shown as a Nazi officer) will offer their conditions (to surrender to the mercy of Antichrist, accepting the mark of the Beast – their rules for life and worship) in order to save one’s own life. Those spiritually ‘sick and wounded’ will accept it, to their own destruction. However, those who truly love Jesus will ‘come to their senses’. They will go ‘underground’, but will not betray their Lord. At that time the Lord will be able to change them by the power of His Spirit, giving us the full ‘armor’, which is the spiritual qualities to enable us to persevere and endure in all trials.

The dream also shows that the Lord will miraculously save and deliver some of His faithful servants from death. Just as He promised, He will be with us to the very end!

Dad’s Eye

Dream of January 15, 2006

My dad has a growth as big as a green pea on the eyelid of his left eye.  In this dream, I saw that growth coming off, leaving not even a scar. 


As I was marveling at the latest events, when my dad began offering others MM’s booklets to consider the question of the true Sabbath, it came to my mind that the message of the dream is the opening of my dad’s spiritual eyes.  He has made the first step in the right direction, and the ugly ‘growth’ of the wrong teaching is gone.  I praise the Lord for this miracle!

The morning following the dream, my dad asked me where to find the scripture where Jesus says that He did not come to abolish the law (Mat 5:17-20).  He was going to give it to someone who is an Orthodox Christian to prove the point that we are to keep the Commandments of God! 

The direct physical fulfillment has happened as well. The growth came off.  

2 Dreams of 1.21.06

Dream 1.

A woman and a man were lying in bed together, ‘watching TV’.  There was another, older woman present in the room.  But they did not feel ashamed, and she didn’t seem to disapprove of them, quite on the contrary.  They were naked, barely covered with a sheet.  The man was caressing and arousing the woman and she enjoyed it very much.


The dream depicts the idle and complacent state in the organized churches (both leaders and congregations) and their adulterous attitude toward human leaders, which is betrayal of our Lord. The older woman may represent ‘the mother church’ (“the mother of harlots” of Rev 17:5). It seemed that she had arranged, inspired or at least approved of what was transpiring. They all were shown to be entertaining themselves and being lazy, doing nothing good or useful.

We all must beware, because any one of us may fall into these sins of spiritual laziness, complacency and following man instead of the Holy Spirit.

Dream 2.

It seems that I was looking for a room (or apartment?) to rent.  I was taken to the second floor of a house and shown a room.  It did not have any useful furniture at all.  It was full of toys, like a playroom for kids. At least half of it was taken by big wooden toy soldiers, which were set as a table game, attached to metal rods.  I saw all that useless crap and wondered how I was supposed to live and do anything there! Then a pack of very small dogs ran in, barking loudly and jumping around me, trying to bite my legs. They were such a nuisance.  I could not make a step, for they were underfoot. I was told (in my spirit) to throw a little doll, calling out its name, to the dogs. Then all of them ran after that doll and left me alone. The name of the doll was that of a celebrity or a popular TV show personage.


This is a picture of the Church nowadays. I am shown as a newcomer into the scene. (The work I have been given to translate the message of God through His prophets into Russian.)

“The room” (the Church scene in Ukraine) is not furnished for serious spiritual work, but for playing games like kids. It symbolizes spiritual immaturity of believers in it. They play games instead of truly doing God’s will.  The big puppets of wooden soldiers represent the work of ‘spiritual ministries’ (‘the warfare’) they think they are engaged in. In reality, God shows them being simply puppets manipulated by others, but puffed up, feeling significant. All this is pictured by the dimensions of the wooden soldiers. They were the size of a 2-3 year old child  (really big for a toy, yet little, as a child of that age).

The pack of small dogs (which had to be warded off by means of throwing them a doll with a popular name) represents demonic influences in the Church that make people follow others - ‘renowned persons’- instead of following God.  These are the ‘believers’ that are under the influence of big names and have quite worldly interests. As Malcolm put it – the unconverted in the churches. Such kind always become hostile and attack when their human idols are touched.

Dream about my brother and a pocketknife

January 26, 2006

In this dream, I see my brother S reach into his pocket and take out my pocketknife. I then recall that I looked for it but could not find it for quite some time. I had no idea what had happened to it.

Having caught my glance as I look at the knife, S says very matter-of-factly: “By the way, I borrowed your knife”. I look him straight in the eyes and am quite astonished and baffled, because he feels no remorse or shame.  Having stolen my knife (for that is what he actually did), he doesn’t see anything wrong with what he has done.

I am filled with sadness because S cannot discern between good and bad, seeing no difference between steeling and borrowing. But the saddest of all is the fact that there can be no forgiveness (from God) without repentance. One who cannot distinguish sin cannot repent of committing it.


This was a symbolic picture of spiritual processes going on in my brother’s life, and the events that followed about 5-6 months later (in June – July). As a member of a Charismatic church, S has adopted their false teachings and stopped distinguishing truth from falsity. Sin is transgression of Law (1Jn 3:4). Charismatic church leaders effectively teach believers to transgress God’s Commandments, namely the 4th Commandment. At the same time, mindlessly following their leaders, those believers actually break other Commandments of Decalogue as well. For instance, they violate the 2nd Commandment.  They commit idolatry and worship their human leaders in place of God.

My brother and I had discussed the issue of God’s true Sabbath many a time. He could not prove me wrong or argue the points I brought from the Bible. Yet, he stubbornly kept ignoring them, just because their pastor says it doesn’t matter. One day the Holy Spirit moved him to pray and ask God to clarify this issue to him. He asked for a sign if the Lord wanted him to keep the biblical Sabbath holy. The Lord gave him the requested sign. S admitted this it me himself and said he had promised to begin keeping the Sabbath. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Very soon, he gave up the truth of the Sabbath in order to get more business and make more money.

He broke his promise, given to the Lord! All this took place in June and July of that year, just as the dream had predicted. Having transgressed by not keeping his vow to God, S cannot see it and does not recognize his sin.

Note: The following day (after the dream was given), I received the meaning of the dream. At the same time, the Lord gave me His confirmation of the meaning from the Scripture. He reminded me chapter 33 of Ezekiel. The beginning of that chapter was meant for me as a warning, because I had doubts whether or not I should even mention the dream to my brother. The rest of the chapter was for my brother’s benefit, confirming to him, that the dream was a message for him from God (Ezek 33:12-13).

P.S. My brother simply ignored this message from God!


Dream of January 31, 06.

 I saw a large crowd of well-dressed people in the center of our little town. They were gathered to go on a 'worldwide crusade'. What it meant was walking from place to place, like pilgrims, carrying red flowers and welcoming the coming of Christ. I looked at them and saw that most of them were a very worldly type of nominal Christians, and did not even know what the Bible says about these events. They had no idea what they were about to encounter. I was greatly grieved in the spirit, tears flooded my eyes because of trials they were about to suffer, but  knew nothing about.

At the same time, I and two or three other women were lying on a blanket or a mat right on the roadside. I vaguely recall that one of us was pregnant, and we were told (or given knowledge) that the baby would be born very soon, “much sooner than anybody expects”.


 The crowd represents those who think they are Christians, but have no idea what is coming or what God's plan is. They are preparing to celebrate Jesus' coming because they have no idea about the trials they are about to face to be tested and purified (1Pet. 4:12-14; Rev.12:17; 13:5-10; 14:12; 20:4).

Malcolm added about the second part of the dream:

“Lying on the roadside depicts your lack of ability to take this truth to others at the moment. Others are 'on the road', taking the 'truth' they have to others, but you are 'grounded' at present. That will change when God's time comes to reveal these truths to the Church and the world.

The baby is the new 'church' that will be born out of the work you are doing, translating the truth for your kinsfolk. It's going to happen quite soon, very soon! Sooner than we all think! [It has already begun to happen – M.T. - Mar-09.]

Two years of revival (?), then the Tribulation. Then 3Ѕ years and Jesus' return. (That's the overview, with perhaps a little more time to add to the 2 years of revival?) So, it's all going to happen rather fast, and we have to get ready.

As an indicator, the doorbell rang as clear as ever last week. I jumped out of bed, grabbed a pair of trousers, and hurried to open it (usually it's the postman). But no one was there! Then I realized that it was a spiritual manifestation. It sounded as real as the real thing, but it was a wake-up call, given by the Spirit.

We've had this sort of thing before. So, we know that it's God's way of saying, ‘WAKE UP! Get ready!’”

Dead (aborted) fetus

Dream of 02.07.06

I did not seem to be pregnant, but I knew that I had to deliver.  It was not a usual delivery with birth pangs, etc.  A fetus fell out of me.  And following it, a little womb fell out too. The womb looked small, not the size of a pregnant woman’s womb by the end of a normal period of gestation. It was a size of a large elongate pear.  There was no blood, and I had no pain at all.

The fetus was dead. Its head was huge in comparison with the rest of the body. Its face was also distorted, not exactly a human face.  The rest of the body was perhaps a quarter of the size of the head. Most surprisingly, the head was separated from the body.

I looked at the dead fetus and the womb with some sadness. Then I felt that my time of childbearing was over anyway, so I was not very upset about the womb being out.


This is a warning that the time of comparatively comfortable, warm, secure and nourishing environment (represented by a womb) of spiritual growth for Christian believers in the Western societies (specifically in the USA) is out. Those who have not used the time they had will be aborted – spiritually dead. The reason of this tragic result is in human big-head attitude, in human pride and too much trust in our intellectual knowledge (shown by the size of the head compared to that of the body, and that they were not united, but separate) rather than trusting God to guide us by His Spirit and the pure Word of God.

Jesus will not tolerate such attitude. Such spiritual ‘dead fetuses’ fall out of His grace!

Jesus loves all His children. He is sad about such failures, but He will not force anyone into His will, which brings salvation. It has to be our free will choice. Because the time is over (the Tribulation is coming with its persecution of true believers), the dream shows that the time of ‘normal’ (spiritual) childbearing is over. Whoever will be saved or purified in the Tribulation, will get there through great sufferings.

The dream was given the night before I received a letter from Malcolm where he told me about X’s response to his straightforward question about her acceptance of the truth of the Sabbath. It revealed her proud attitude. Pride blinds us to the truth. The proud heart becomes hardened and cannot perceive or understand what God is saying (Mt 13:15). 

Dream about the Miracle of God


I was not allowed to remember the exact events, but it had to do with the death of a young man, caused by cancer in his stomach.

There were some people around. They were all very sad. Yet I was rejoicing in the spirit and was trying to make them see that something wonderful and miraculous had taken place.  I was saying, “can’t you see that it is God’s doing? You say you believe in the Almighty God, yet you do not believe that He has done this miracle?!”


This dream was given the night after the death of my  classmate’s younger brother S. The brothers came from a big family - 7 or 8 children, 4 of which were sons. The parents are Baptists, but not all the children in the family, although brought up in the knowledge of God, accepted Jesus as their Savior. They grew up at the time when believers were oppressed. Even though their parents remained faithful to the Lord despite all the oppression, the sons did not follow in their footsteps.  3 of the 4 sons are now tragically dead, and only my classmate is still alive.

Their father is rather old. He had been blessed by God with good health all his life, but now he is about 88 y.o., ill and getting weaker with every passing day. He seems to be about to go to be with the Lord. Yet, in his old age, he lived to see the death of his 3rd son, and that one also seemingly unconverted.

The night before the dream, I came home after spending some time with the family of the deceased (at his parents’ house). I prayed, asking God why He had not taken the father before taking the youngest son.  That night I had this dream.

I believe it was His answer to my question. It shows that God performed a miracle by which the man received Jesus and was saved. Hence my rejoicing in the spirit for the miracle I knew had taken place.  The church folks are shown as not knowing about it and being sad for his ‘lost soul’.  They are also shown as unbelieving. Perhaps they think that God will not accept anybody without the symbolic baptism with water. Or perhaps they think that only an appointed ‘pastor’ of their church must baptize a person to be saved. Since this has not taken place, they may not believe that the man has been saved by the Lord. Praise the Lord, He is not so rigid and ritualistic!

After the dream, the Lord gave me confirmation by reminding me about the thief on the cross, who was saved by his last-moment repentance and request to Jesus (which showed that he acknowledged Him as the Messiah). He also reminded me of the miraculous salvation of my father-in-law.

I know I will have to give this news to the grieving family. However, for some reason, I was not moved to do it yet. I was ready to go there yesterday, but I did not feel moved to do so.

Perhaps there are some things that must take place before I tell them about this dream. I am waiting for the signal from the Lord. 

2 Dreams of March 25,06

Dream 1.  Receiving a business letter.

I received a letter-size FedEx or Express Mail packet. I am not sure what was inside, but it surprised me, for I thought that Steve had already received it and was working on the response.  (I think, it had to do with my waiver application and the reply from the office in Moscow Steve had received).

Meaning: About that time Steve received a letter from The DHS rejecting our waiver application.

Dream 2.  Being ignored in a store [Malcolm’s comments in square brackets.]

I was in a very nice-looking, luxurious store. [The charismatic church, part of which you have witnessed to.]  It was divided into a number of small rooms [different segments and ministries which comprise this charismatic movement], so one could not really tell the size of the store. Another specific feature of that place was a complete absence of any windows. [They are not letting the Truth of God in. They've got all they want. They're Laodicean.]

I was standing in line to buy something I needed.  When it was my turn to order, a young man or a teenager [spiritual immaturity of these people including the leaders] came up, stood next to me at the counter and began ordering. I was surprised by such impudence, but decided to be patient and let it go.

 After the teenager had been served, I opened my mouth to give my order. Then another man came up to the counter, stood next to me and began ordering.  The thing that aggravated me most was that the young lady behind the counter saw that it was my turn, yet she did not care. [You, and we, are not part of their 'club'. They have a cult mindset which excludes other Christians who are not quite like them. Their exclusivism is based on pride, and their arrogance is blatant.]

This time I did not wait, but protested. I was saying to the man to wait in line, just like all the others had to do, and that it was my turn to order. However, neither the man, nor the lady behind the counter paid any attention to me. It looked as if to them I was not even there. I got angry and said that if they would not serve me, I would not let them serve the other man. The woman behind the counter, with a fake polite smile, began closing the shelves with some kind of sliding doors.  Now, instead of the shelves, the walls were covered with printed text, like paragraphs of some regulations (or something of the kind). [An apt parody of how they use reasoning and excuses to justify their wrong behaviour which they misguidedly think is biblical.]  I guess the text was supposed to prove that they had the right to do to me as they had done. I could not comprehend the text.  It overwhelmed me.

My aggravation was growing, because they did not care about my needs at all. [They don't act in love. Cults merely care about themselves.] I do not remember very well this part, only that I was protesting and trying to prevent them from serving others before me. I was so angry that I said a dirty Russian expression, which involved the word 'mother'. [Our anger, which is natural, can easily explode in a way that we later regret. So we have to keep the lid on it and accept that they won't listen to our witness.] The lady who did not serve me looked at me surprised and said, 'Does it have to be my mother?" I felt stupid and very sorry for having said those words, especially that it could not help me.

Then I told them that I was leaving and would never set my foot in their store again.  They seemed to be entertained by my threats. [This is typical of how the prophets, throughout history, have been impugned, mocked, ridiculed, disregarded, and rejected.] I turned to go away but could not find the way out. The place was completely changed. Now it looked like a bar, or a night club, but not a store. [The apostasy that God must allow. They have expelled Him by rejecting you, Prov 1, second part of chapter.] And there was no way out. [They cannot be rescued. They must go through the traumas of the Great Tribulation.]

I began demanding to see their owner, whom I seemed to have known. I was trying to climb some stairs in order to see him. [Your determination. But sometimes it's best to just leave people to it after giving them one or two warnings.] But it did not work either. Then a mannequin was set before me (as if, 'ok, you wanted to see him - here you are!'). I began tearing off of him layers of clothes, as well as masks from his face, hoping to find the real person underneath. I tore off  layer after layer and mask after mask, but he was not there. [The falseness of their religion.]

I almost gave up my attempts to find a live person under all that disguise, but something made me persist. And after a while I found a young brunette tied up and hardly alive underneath all that endless pile. [A brunette represents someone unconverted. A 'foolish virgin'.] I knew she was a dear sister of mine. [You care for her.] I asked her how she felt and how she had been treated. She began to cry, saying that she was miserable and wanted to be set free, but they wouldn't let her go. [People are trapped, but there is nothing you can do about it.] I felt very sorry for her. I wept, and wept with her.


The dreams came the night before I heard about the results of Steve’s appointment in Atlanta. After I heard his account of that, I believe that one of the meanings of Dream 2 was forewarning about the indifference and dishonesty of the bureaucratic machine, specifically as it applies to our case.

However, I believe, there is another, spiritual meaning to this dream, having to do with the established churches in Ukraine. They ignore any real need of a believer to be properly nourished by the truth of God. They do not have the Owner – Jesus, but only images and mannequins (substitutes), which are spiritually dead. Also, once a believer gets there, it is hard to get out. They trap you. Their friendliness and righteousness are fake, and they are not designed to serve the true needs of the followers of Christ. That is why there are no windows,  nor is there true light in that place.

The ‘sister’ I found bound underneath all the clothes and masks, I think, symbolizes the Truth, which is hidden and not allowed to freely walk in the Church and reach the believers. To keep their ‘customers’ satisfied, the management of that store easily transfers its rooms from a store (the place where one buys the needed spiritual products) into a place of entertainment (a bar or a night club).

Dream of April 8, 2006

I was in a big establishment or an office. I seemed to be looking for a job there. The office must have been closed for the day. Tables were set in the vestibule for some kind of celebration. I seemed to know that they were going to celebrate a birthday.

Then a lady in charge showed up. She was exquisitely dressed and confident. She looked at me and said: “…In the meantime you may go and help prepare 7 people for 5 business trips”. (There was an inner knowledge that soon I would be going somewhere by ship. That is why she said ‘in the meantime’.) She also made a remark to the effect that she knew that it was my birthday too. There was much more to this dream, but I do not remember the rest of it.


The birthday could mean the day when Steve and I were baptized and thus born of the Spirit of God as His children, which will be the day of Pentecost. This would explain why there was such a big celebration in the dream. The office symbolizes the segment of the Church that recognizes and celebrates the Day of Pentecost. The personnel would portray leaders (men) and believers or congregations (women) of different churches. The lady in charge symbolizes MM.

The job to help prepare 7 people for 5 business trips… 7 is the number of God’s perfection and of His plan for humanity. 5 signifies preparation, grace and humility. This may mean that our main work assigned by the Lord is helping to prepare believers for their spiritual advancement on the road to know God’s truth and to be perfected (through a humbling process) in order to be able to receive His grace. This is what we do reaching out to different churches and persons, as the Spirit prompts, by offering them MM publications (also by translating them into Russian).

PS. (July 2007): This dream was fulfilled throughout the later part of  2006 and onward, when I received positive responses from several believers, who ‘accidentally’ received our packages here in Ukraine. They were mostly true Christians thrown out of the Baptist churches (to which the packages were mailed) for seeking God’s pure truth and following the lead of the Spirit.

Remarrying Many Times
Dream of May 11, 2006

 A woman was marrying and divorcing carelessly repeatedly. Each time she would be abused, divorce and remarry almost immediately. 

 A specific episode of one of her marriages was shown to me. She and her then husband lived in a small place together with his father. The place belonged to her; her husband and father-in-law came to live with
 her. They all slept in one bed. 

 That time they were all sleeping (the husband in the middle, his father on his right and the woman on the left). Suddenly the woman was waked up by a soft kiss. She thought it was her husband and reached out.  

But when she opened her eyes, she found out that it was the father-in-law. His eyes were glowing and his face was distorted by lust. He supernaturally leaped high in the air (from a lying position) and landed 
on the woman. She screamed and began to fight him. When the husband waked up, the wife demanded that he had his father thrown out immediately. But his father said that she was insinuating. Despite all 
the evidence, the man believed his father and began to defend him. However, the woman told him she would not have ‘that man’ live with them another hour. He refused to let his dad go, so she told him he 
could go too. She made them leave at once and shut the door behind them. 

 The very next moment she was thinking about another man she could marry. All the time she seemed to have known that there was a man somewhere who truly loved her and was perfect for her. However 
he was far away, and she did not know when he was coming back. She tried to count how many times she had been married and lost count. Then a thought came: “If I go on remarrying like this, what will 
happen when my Beloved comes back? What will I say to Him? What if I will not be accepted, (or acceptable)?” This is all I can remember of the dream. 

 I believe the dream shows the ease with which Christians follow (and change) any ‘spiritual’ leader, even though all the time they know that only Jesus is our perfect God-given Husband! It is spiritual adultery 
and unfaithfulness to our Lord for us as Christians to follow and commit ourselves to men who take His place in churches.

Visiting a Jewish family

Dream of May 12, 2006

I was staying with a Jewish family (father, mother and two daughters). We all were very close friends and cared for each other. Their place was spacious, with high ceilings, lots of light. The furniture was very good, made of very expensive wood. It was old (perhaps antique), but in perfect shape and very practical, very useful.

It was a Sabbath. We sat down together having a meeting. They were reading some ancient manuscript on a scroll or papyrus. I believe it was written in Hebrew (I could not read the writing).  They must have been translating it for me, because I was gazing at the unfamiliar symbols, listening to them and thinking that despite of the different the languages it’s the same Word of God.

I was also expecting a call from Steve (he has been calling me every Sabbath since I came to Ukraine). Everyone in our company was waiting for the call.

The most wonderful feeling I had in this dream was that of being greatly loved and cared for, especially by the father of the family.


This is a symbolic picture of spiritual closeness and support I have been receiving from the Heap family. Since we communicate with Malcolm mostly, I felt his care and love in the dream more than of the rest of the family. Nevertheless, I know that they all care for us.

I am not sure if this visitation will ever have a physical fulfillment, but the spiritual one is very obvious to me. The big place with high ceilings pictures their ministry, which is full of spiritual freedom (they do not seek to dominate or control). The fact that there was so much light shows that their publications contain the light of God’s truth.

The furniture, which was very precious and ancient, but in perfect shape and useful (functional) symbolizes two things about God’s truth. Firstly, God’s truth is not something newly made. It is as old as the world He has created, and it was given to His people of Israel. And it is priceless. Secondly, it is not the matter of intellectual knowledge. It is useful and functional. We must live by the truth we learn, which means that we must utilize it.

The scroll, the ancient writing is another symbol of God’s Word, which has not changed since the time it was given to Israel in the Hebrew language. The teaching of the New Covenant does not nullify the statutes of the Law and Prophets, but deepens and fills them to the brim with a new spiritual meaning (Mt.5:17-48).

Dream of May 20, 2006

I and my dad were in a big city. We were staying in a hotel suite. 

I was going by public transportation to different places, as if site seeing. I remember one place I visited, which was a monument of magnificent grandeur. I am not sure what my goal was. All the time I was alone and pretty lonely. The places I visited were of great splendor, but I do not recall being impressed or really happy about it. (I do remember this part of the dream vaguely.)

Then I returned to the hotel. I recall looking for the suite in which we were staying. I am not sure why I could not find it. I had to open a few doors before I finally found the right one. It seems to me that in my absence my dad had moved from one suite to another.

When I finally found our suite, I saw my father packing to leave. I asked him and he said he was going back home. I said I still had to stay another day and asked if he would wait for me to go together, but he just said he was leaving at once.

I then thought that I would have a free evening. Somehow I learned that an old friend of mine S was staying in the same hotel. I decided to spend some time with her. However, she said she was busy having some other plans.


S is the woman who asked me why we did not celebrate Christmas any longer (a few years ago), but when I began to explain it to her from the Bible, she interrupted me saying: “Don’t tell me anything! I do not want to know. I do what is good for my family, and I will continue doing what is best for it!” When I was retelling this dream to Steve over the phone, before I even got to the part about Svetlana, he said that a thought had come to his mind that my dad was just like Svetlana, who did not want to know the truth, because it meant inconvenience to her family.


The hotel may symbolize our life in this world. It is not our ‘home’, which is in Heaven, but a temporary dwelling. The city may be a collective picture of Christianity in Eastern Europe, or rather ‘Churchianity’, as many call it. It is beautiful and gorgeous, but ‘cold’ (void of God’s Spirit and love). No wonder I felt so lonely and alone. Most Christians here today are concentrated on gaining physical wealth and prosperity. The Orthodox Church as well as many protestant churches and ministries have become monuments of magnificent grandeur, erected to elevate human power, not to exalt God Almighty. I do feel very lonely in this environment. Not that I am the only one left here who is different, but it is to show that the majority of Christians have become very carnal and physically minded in this day and time.

Perhaps going site seeing symbolizes my attempts to reach different churches with the translations of MM publications, which restore God’s truth to the Church.

Dad leaving the city one day before I would be leaving may symbolize that he will be taken to be with the Lord about a year before I will leave Ukraine.

A Bearded Baby
May 27, 2006

I was in a big place with many other people. I do not know what place it was, but it seems that we were all staying there. I had a baby that I was taking care of. I think it was my own baby, but I am not sure. Curious thing about that baby was that he had a beard and mustache. These were new growths – small and soft, as a teenager would have. But they were obvious. It looked strange on a baby’s face.


The dream symbolically portrays our spiritual status of waiting for the Lord’s return. The bearded baby must be someone placed by the Lord in our care spiritually. He may be not new to the Christian faith (beard and mustache), but spiritually – a mere babe, due to the prevalent wrong teachings in major established churches. We are willing and happy to help those who seek God’s truth and a closer walk with Jesus. And we have these truths available to anyone in the MM books (English and translated).

 June 6, 2006.

It seems that I was given a task of editing a paper. After a very short period, an official was sent to check on my progress. It was a woman. She was very dignified, self-important and 
deliberately strict. She kept herself well at a distance from me to show she was the boss.

 At the first glance at my work she began criticizing it. She said nothing had been done of any worth and that it was all wrong. I think she was trying to  intimidate me. Her judgment was 
unfair and unreasonable. But I kept my cool, did not argue, just quietly asked her to show me exactly what was wrong in my work. 

She said that, for instance, the footnote numbering was incorrect. At that moment, she pointed out a footnote number 19 in the paper I had been editing. In my variantit became number 
18. I explained to her, that there was no mistake. Footnote 18 in the original document was irrelevant to the context, did not explain anything, and made no sense at all. So I omitted it as 
useless and wasteful. As a result, Footnote 19 of the original became #18 in the new edition. To prove my point I asked her  to read the footnote in question herself. She did, and then she
said that it was OK - a perfect example of State thinking. I replied: "It may very well be, but to me it is a complete nonsense." After that the lady seemed to become not so deliberately distant 
and intimidating. She advised me what to do if I wanted to please the big boss who had sent her (I do not remember what it was, but I had no intention of doing it). She did not act hostile 
any longer. (Perhaps it was just a change of tactics because the intimidation attempt had not worked).


The dream was given by God in reply to my prayer. I had doubts about certain points in my work of translating MM books and articles into Russian. I prayed to make sure I had the right to do some editing. This dream showed that I could do it, because my intentions and motives were right and honest. Later Malcolm confirmed it by his letter.

Dream about my son

(June 17, 2006)
My son wanted to buy a gift for his father and asked for my advice. I did not know what the occasion was. I knew it was not a birthday present. I thought of the books and things my ex used to love in his 
younger years, but I knew he already had all those things. So I said, “Knowing your father, I’d say the best gift to please him would be a tarantula”. I am not sure whether I was suggesting it on a serious 
note, or just joking, but Victor took it serious. He replied: “I have thought about it. But it costs only $124.” “Only?!” - said I. I was quite amazed by that reply. To my mind, it was definitely a lot of money. Then 
I asked him, “So how much do you want to spend on a gift?” He didn’t know, but said he wanted something impressive and expensive. I suggested that he’d buy him a smoking      pipe made of precious 
wood or semi-precious stone. 
I felt sad about the whole conversation (and situation), because I realized that my son was ready to lay himself out to please his dad and win his love. The trouble was there was no love in his dad’s heart!

Part of the meaning shows what drives and motivates my son in life. However, there is a symbolism in this dream, which has to do with the way many ‘Christians’, especially the Orthodox Church  goers try to
appease God, by bringing rich gifts and donations to the churches, and by religiously following human tradition, established by that church. They think they do it for God; but in reality, their attempts are vain, 
because they actually worship idols, that have no love in their hearts. These can be idols of human substitutes in persons of their Orthodox priesthood, or idols of dead men they worship as ‘the canonized 
Saints’, (even much worse - their bones). 
Demons are behind all these idols, and they have no love. I think that the symbol of a tarantula as an appropriate gift was given to show the demonic nature behind those human idols. Also, its cost - $124, - 
may  have a symbolic meaning: 124 =  100 + 24 = 10² + (6 x 4), where 10 symbolized human rule or government, 6 is the number of evil related to mankind, and 4 means the world. In essence, it’s a sum 
total of human evil displayed through the rule of the Orthodox (and its twin sister, I am sure) Church in the world.
God’s love, on the contrary, - cannot be bought for gifts or earned by our human works. He loves us all, and He wants to give us His blessings, if we are ready to trust Him and obey His commands. 
Commentary: The Orthodox Christian Churches have established many ‘holidays’, which are unbiblical and actually are the worship of idols. But most people in Ukraine follow these very strictly and religiously. 

Malcolm added: “Just a couple of comments that might add a bit, I don't know. The tarantula may be a symbol of his (the father's) evil nature, and epitomize the sort of thing he would want to be able to terrify others with. The son cannot see how evil the father is. It is in his nature to want to please him because he craves his acceptance. Likewise, you drew the analogy further to include the Orthodox Church –

correctly so.

124 is also 31 (the numeric value of the Hebrew 'El' for God) x 4 (the world). The world's churches think they must placate God in some way, buying His favour. As you pointed out, it is an evil, wrong approach.  God is love and doesn't need placating. I don't know what the pipe means. Perhaps it was a peace pipe?! like the Indians used to make contact with the spirits.

God bless. Malcolm”

 Reunion with my Beloved Jew

July 3, 2006

I was with my Beloved Jew. There were some happy things going on. It was our reunion after a time of separation. I said to someone: “You know, it’s been 25 years since we [my Beloved    and I] met”.


I believe this to be an encouraging message of His reunion with the Church in this current revival, in the form of Elijah’s work of restoration of His Truth. I think I was placed in the position of His Bride, the Church (all true and faithful believers). The symbolism of the 25 years seems to be confirming this fact: 25 = 5 x 5 (where 5 has a meaning of grace, preparation and humility). The Church has been being prepared to receive God’s gift of grace through humbling processes throughout its history. Now the time of His return in full visible glory is very close. It will be such a happy event!

Malcolm’s Comment:
“It could depict the revival, and how Christians who have been 'around' a long time, but without true spiritual union with Jesus, will find that union afresh. It will come about as they accept the truths we promote,
 which many wrongly regard as Jewish. So Jesus reminds us in the dream that He walked the earth as a Jew, and that the Jewish or Hebrew roots of the faith should not be disparaged.”

Doom and Gloom

July 4, 2006

 It was all gloom and doom. We were hunted down like wild animals, had to continue running away to escape. Running and hiding, from one place to another, escaping through a small window and sliding down a 
very steep roof...  

Then I heard a man ordering another man to "get rid" of someone "quietly". I was given and incite to know what it meant. It was horrible. They were killing men right and left. People would just disappear. And, to 
cover up for the blood they shed, each time they would slaughter an animal (sheep or cattle) and feast on its roasted meat. I was disgusted. They did not even bother to hide their murders better. 
Every one seemed to know what was going on. Terror overwhelmed people.

What a dark dream! I think it pictures the near times of the Tribulation, probably in Ukraine or the Eastern Europe. I must say, in the dream there seemed to be some people who were helping the persecuted 
ones (those who had to run away).  
Malcolm’s comment: Dear Mila, Yes, your dream of 4th July is, as you say, about the Tribulation in Russia and Ukraine and other neighboring countries where there is very little moral restraint. Politics is really 
dirty. And so is religion there. (I know that both are dirty in other western nations, but it's not quite so blatant.) Christians are going to be hunted down and killed.

A Vision of a Dragon

August 31, 2006

I was about to go to sleep, but not asleep yet. With my eyes closed, I saw darkness and a full moon. Then a great creature, like a dragon, appeared as if from the earth. It raised its head on a long neck, opened its mouth showing great, sharp teeth, turned around toward the moon, rose up and covered it. Then the scene became completely dark.

It is a symbolic picture of the late hour, and the time of darkness over the earth. I believe the moon represents the Church. The Church of God reflects the spiritual light of God as the moon reflects the light of the sun. And the full moon represents the Church in its fullness, openness, when it is most clearly visible, which is how the Church is in the former Soviet countries now (as compared with its communist past). The full moon can also portray the Church with the fuller truth of God, indicating that those Christians with most truth will be the most persecuted and hunted down.

The dragon is a symbol of Satan raging his attack on the “Woman’s offspring”, God’s saints who remain faithful to the Lord.

2 Dreams of Aug. 9, 2006

Dream 1.

I was telling my mother that they’d better clear up and clean a new part of our cellar and start storing up vegetables for winter.


This is a very important message for all true believers. Winter is the time when nothing can be planted or grown, and no harvest can be gathered. In the same way, spiritual winter is the time when there is no spiritual food freely available to feed us. So it is a symbolism of the upcoming time of the Tribulation.

Cellar is symbolic of the deepest part of our being – the heart. The Lord is calling us all to clean up the depths of our hearts from all kinds of trash and dirt, and start storing the things He wants to give us, including His restored truths; for the time is near when we will not be able to find it so easily. We should use the opportunity of this time of the Revival, when He has made it widely and freely available.

Those who have vegetables stored up in the cellar will not go hungry in winter. Also, they will be able to share with those who don’t have food. In the same way, when we carefully gather and store up in our ‘spiritual cellar’ His Word in its fullness and truth, we will be able to share with others in the times of spiritual famine.

Dream 2.

There was an area where I was taken (forced to go?) to undergo some kind of medical examination and treatment.  The area was being terrorized by a wild beast  (a huge tiger). On the way I was told a story about a man or a group of men who had found a cage where the tiger had its den, and they were all devoured.

When I got to that place, I had to go to an outpatient hospital where they took my blood and other medical tests to prescribe the treatment. I was waiting in line, but my tests showed that everything was fine with me, - I was not ill. So they did not give me any treatment. However, I was not free to leave.

I came to a person in charge of the facility (not a doctor, but a supervisor in the place). He was a young man, quite friendly toward me. There was another man, a friend sitting with him in his office.  I asked them why they were not letting me go.  The supervisor did not answer my question.

They were going somewhere and sort of invited me to join them. (It seems to me that we were going by a small canoe or a tiny boat.) The comments the men were making made me understand that they were going to hunt the tiger. The other man asked me some questions, like a psychological test. I do not remember this part well, but the questions had to do with dangerous situations: if I would be afraid, if I could accept a dangerous assignment, if I would not get scared and betray a friend on such an assignment. I remember vaguely saying that I would not betray a friend, and that I would accept the assignment. 

After that I think they decided to take me with them, and one of them showed me a map. It was brownish-yellow – the color they paint deserts on maps. On that map the tiger’s den was marked by a small picture (an icon) of a lying tiger. The ‘icon’ was in the right part of the map.

There was much more to the dream, but I do not remember the rest of it.


I think part of it portrays my trip to Ukraine and the procedure of testing me by the Department of Homeland Security of the USA. It shows that there is no fault found with me, but I am made to wait being not free to go back to my husband.

The ferocious beast (the huge tiger) may be symbolic of some strong demonic power, which dominates the area. I am not sure what the rest of the dream means. It is important that I was asked certain questions as if to test my faithfulness to God. I guess there is some ‘assignment’ waiting for me.

As I prayed about the dream the following morning, especially concerning this part of the dream (the trip to hunt the tiger), after I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do, a thought was planted into my mind: “Go to Jerusalem when there’s war”. It was very unlikely to be my own thought, for it would be the last thing for me to think of doing at the moment. I prayed for the Lord’s confirmation. It was given to me.

The Voice and Writing

September 8, 2006.

I saw a big river flowing through a beautiful green area. The deep waters of the River were clear, and it was flowing slowly and quietly. Then I saw a writing on a white sheet above the River, which I was trying to read, but somehow could not get beyond the first sentence. I also heard a voice repeating what was written on the sheet. It said:

“What do people think they are doing and where do they think they are going when they do what’s not My will?”

I did not wake up, but suddenly realized that I had had this same dream before. Yet, I had forgotten it completely. After that, through the rest of the night I kept repeating the words I had heard (in order to remember), while simultaneously having some other dreams. 

The meaning:

The River is The River of Live – God’s river of the Holy Spirit. The beautiful area it was flowing through must represent the beauty of God’s Kingdom. There is no room for anything impure or defiled by sins of selfishness or self-will in His Kingdom. The writing was on a white sheet, which may represent righteousness of God as well. And since I could not read through it (human inadequacy to comply with His perfect standards by a merely human effort), His voice was repeating it to me. God is always willing to help us as long as we earnestly seek Him. He makes it possible for us to resist and reject sin. The greatest sin is going against God’s expressed will for selfish ends.

The dream had a personal application. The previous day I was enticed to do something that was not right with God for a selfish reason. I used a trick to receive a benefit I am eligible for, but normally do not get. It was wrong. I should not have done it. I should have claimed my right for the benefit and then go with whatever decision the person in charge would make. It was not such a big deal after all. Instead, I actually played a trick to get what I had a right to. My consciousness had bugged me since that moment till the moment I repented before the Lord. The dream came the following night.

Often times we forget the high standards of God’s righteousness when it comes to something we want or believe we have a right to. The Bible shows that God does not excuse such things. It is NOT right to use trickery to get even what is rightfully ours. Not in His eyes. The account of Jacob getting his father’s blessing by deceit and the consequences he reaped proves this.

The dream is obviously addressed not just to me. This is a very common trait among people. But His chosen people must remember that we are called out of this world to be different, to reflect the light of His righteousness in the world, to show others the right example. So we must guard ourselves against such behaviors and the motives that lead to them. Jesus called us to be wise as snakes, but INNOCENT as doves! He set an example for us to follow. It is not enough to just declare with our lips that we are His. We must live out our faith every day and moment of our earthly life!


On September 12, as I prayed I was moved to pray about my brother. Then I remembered this dream and the following thoughts came: We have the flow of the Holy Spirit, coming from the Throne of God – powerful, pure and clear. All that feeds on It is beautiful. But outside of It are darkness, lies, deceit and doubt.”

Fake Compassion

Dream of September 23, 2006

[Malcolm’s comments in square brackets.]

In the dream, I am in some kind of trouble. [You are put in the position of church folks.] A danger of persecution (or to be prosecuted?) is looming over me. [The wrath of God against sin.]  Some men surround me, trying to help. [They preach the gospel of Jesus to save people from the penalty of sin.] They teach me to do something that would help me avoid this danger. [Basic teaching to accept Jesus, repent, BUT, as the dream shows in a moment, to come under THEIR authority and control.] One of them (a dark-haired [sinful, evil thoughts and motives] man of about 30) is the main ‘helper’.

In the middle of all this ‘trouble-avoiding training’, this man all of a sudden begins to hastily rush everyone out, nearly pushing them out of the door. Then, as only the two of us are left, he totally changes his behavior. He openly reveals his lust and expects me to reciprocate, or at least to give in to his desire. [The dastardly evil in churches where church leaders expect you to submit to them. They subjugate and dominate in order to control people.]

I am disgusted at him. Indignantly I tell him that he declared to be helping me out of compassion, but now he behaves as if he has bought me. [How they regard church members – as their own property!] I slap him on the face, even though the slap is not heavy, but rather I feel physically bound by some force. [Demonic powers are behind church leaders who do this.] I am determined to get away even if it means loosing my freedom or life as a result. [Anyone who wants to get out from under this evil control must be willing to pay the ultimate price of dying to self.]

The meaning:

I believe this dream to show how some ‘shepherds’ who claim to be trying to save the souls in fact do it out of love for power. They want control over believers. We are to resist it, for it is demonic! Dark hair can symbolize demonic influences, while his age may show that he is not very experienced and mature in the faith, but has the strength and energy, characteristic of the prime time of our physical life span. Consider that I felt as if bound by some force. That was probably the sign of his attempted demonic influence on me. His aim was to subdue!

Spiritual ‘Makeup’ Melts

Dream of September 24, 2006.

In this dream, it is very hot outside. I am offered and choose a few pieces of new makeup. All of them are in the form of sticks. A couple of them are lipsticks, the others are masking paste sticks of two different tones. As I open one of the masking sticks to try and see how it works, it is liquidized in the heat, and flops down to the ground.

A dark-haired man (I don’t know who he was, but he acted as if he were my husband or the boss) tells me to ask a certain woman to teach me how to use it. (The woman is shown as a brown-haired pretty woman with long braided hair.) She happens to be on the premises. And she advises me to put it in a mould and refrigerate, so it would retain the form.

The meaning:

Makeup is generally used by females to look attractive, or can be used by any person to disguise themselves. Also, women use masking paste to mask and hide blemishes etc.  Spiritually, the majority of the churches and evangelists use their doctrinal teachings to attract people and draw followers after themselves. They ‘mask their blemishes’ – falsities and errors, behind nice words and ‘convenient’ or ‘good’ things people like to hear.

Today, when God has turned up His spiritual heat by sending the spirit of Elijah to restore His full truth to the Church, all these means to make themselves attractive and to disguise their falsity, used by false teachers or fake believers melt off, showing the true ‘face’ of everyone.

The only right way for true believers is to purify ourselves before our God through complete submission to His Spirit. This way we will be healed and cleansed, able to present ourselves to our Lord “without a wrinkle or blemish, or any such thing”.

The woman shown in the dream however, suggested a different approach – to fight God’s heat, to ‘cool it off’ in a man-made edifice (refrigerator in the dream). They would rather retain their humanly attained form than obey God. We should all remember Jesus’ warning to the church in Thyatira – and specifically to Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess! (Rev.2:22-23.) It is a symbol of a major spiritual influence in the Church – false teachings!

The woman may also symbolize a Charismatic church, which seems attractive to many, but is not completely converted and not free from demonic influences because of false teachings used to attract a big following, and because of pride and arrogance of its leaders. (Interestingly, I was just reminded of an earlier dream God gave me a few years ago about the Charismatic Church, in which there was a dark-haired pretty woman that ‘owned the place’. At that time, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about her meaning: “Jezebel”!) These traits mislead people. As a result, they disobey God, which is a great sin of rebellion. While she saw the heat destroying the makeup (God’s Spirit revealing the falsity of their teachings), she did not want to give it up. She would rather fight the spiritual heat of God. In the same way, charismatic leaders prefer to close their eyes to the revealed truths of God and stick with their erroneous doctrines.

The man who behaved as ‘the boss’ or my ‘husband’ may represent a leader of a Charismatic church who thinks he has the ‘authority’ to spiritually guide and lead me, and tries to persuade me to accept their doctrine.

Malcolm’s comment: “This is to illustrate, as you have perceived, the false front or artificial image of 'the charismatic church'. It is a sham, a mask to make them look better than they actually are.”

Lawlessness Increases

September 25, 2006

I was coming back home from some place. Someone warned me not to go home, because the authorities had determined to arrest me for the son whom they could not find. I knew they did not have legal grounds to arrest me, so I decided to go home.

In the next scene, I have been arrested, and they demand money from me. I do not have any, and so I state. A woman interrogating me makes me eat sand in her attempt to force me to give them money. The whole scene seems to be happening in an abandoned sand quarry. I carefully eat a little sand. I have concerns about how it will pass through my kidneys. I anticipate to be in great pain. I also realize that since they have acted without any legal grounds, there is no limit to what they can do to me now. Then I begin to see that lawlessness in this country (Ukraine) has increased to the extent that even district officials can do whatever they want without any restraint.


Probably the situation that will be coming soon, - not just here in Ukraine, - but all over the world. The beginning of the Tribulation and persecution of the faithful followers of Christ. (Church, depicted as Woman, is going to suffer persecution for the Son of God.)

Feeding  a Hungry Boy

Dream of September 29, 2006.

In the dream, I was a live-in caregiver or a governess. There were a few (three or more) boys that I seemed to be taking care of.

In the next scene, a stranger (a boy) comes to the door and asks for something to eat. The boys decide to play a trick on him. Instead of good food, they give him a mix they were about to give to the pigs – some slops. I see this, but cannot interfere directly. However, I cannot allow their bad joke to go too far either. So I make myself a meal of fresh vegetables and sit down to eat at the same table, next to the stranger-boy.

The boy is trying to eat.  Even though he is starving indeed, he can hardly swallow the disgusting mixture he has been given. (Interestingly, the slops on his plate looked very much like the good food I was eating.) The boys of the house have fun, watching him try to eat the slops.

I ask the boy, “How do you like your food?” He politely says it’s OK. However, it is obvious that he is nearly crying from this humiliation and hunger. I offer to share with him what I am eating. He cautiously asks me what it is. I name the ingredients, and he gratefully accepts my offer. I take away his plate with the slops and give him a good portion of my meal. He enjoys it.

The meaning:

Our spiritual food. Some, who consider themselves ‘spiritual teachers’ in Christendom, are shown to be like silly, cruel children who do not realize how ugly and damaging their ‘innocent’ teachings are. These teachings are portrayed in the dream as being detestable and inedible (in the eyes of the Lord). While to the undiscerning there seems to be little difference (on the surface), false doctrines are like the slops – a bad mix, smelly, defiling and dangerous for our spiritual health.

The dream hints that I am not ‘at home’ and that it is a job, given to me by God - a live-in servant. It has both a physical meaning of my current situation far from my home in the USA, and a spiritual meaning – for we are not at home in this world, but in a temporary dwelling, awaiting our return Home, which is in God’s Kingdom.

This dream points to the MM publications, which I have been translating into Russian, as being good and wholesome spiritual food. Recently God gave me the following words: “The Lord teaches with a gentle hand. Any massage can be received only by those who are ready to receive it.” The dream shows that anyone who is truly hungry for the truth of God will eventually realize that the false doctrines they have been fed in organized churches are detestable and distasteful. Then they will gladly and gratefully accept God’s truths we offer them in this literature.

Witnessing to the Jewish People

Dream of December 23, 2006

In the dream I was taught to witness to the Jewish people about their Messiah. [The night before I read a book sent by Malcolm about this important matter.]

Midnight in America

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